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Greetings and welcome to our humble abode!  Feel free to take a peek at our 2013 Summer home!

One of the first rooms you see when you enter our home is the great room.  And, during these Summer months, it's dressed in soothing colors of blue, white and tan (hard to believe this space was once covered in all things red, gold and green)!

A natural seagrass rug anchors it all.

Because we live here at the beach, a coastal themed Summer mantel seemed like a natural choice!  

A nautical theme vignette fills our "Pure White" chalk painted sofa table:

Over in our sitting room, the soft color palette continues, including splashes of grey that I've been adding in here lately ... from our new curtains to the grey and white French fabric that I lined the back of our bookcase with:

A few more splashes of coastal accents made their way to our duck egg blue accent chest, including our *feathered friend* from my favorite, Home Goods

Across from the sitting room is our dining room.  This poor space has seen so many different wall colors in the 7 years we've lived here that I'm shocked the walls haven't caved in!

Walls aren't the only thing I've enjoyed painting ... in fact, this buffet was the first piece of furniture I painted and is what launched my furniture painting frenzy, including the the table and chairs.  My paint brush even made its way to the lamps, as well as the mirror, which got a shiny coat of gold!  

A simple table vignette, filled with white and silver pieces, is being enjoyed during these Summer months:

Speaking of paint, you might as well know (if you can't already tell) that I'm *addicted* to it, especially chalk paint, and have transformed SEVERAL pieces in our home with it ... our kitchen island being no exception.  What was once a "builder grade" maple island was transformed with face panels, a few coats of AS Old White and Chateaux Grey (along with a butcher block top and farm legs).  A silver bucket sits perched on top, filled with *Summer-y* branches:

The three wall mounted shelves which I built a few years ago (and am shocked haven't come crashing down) are covered with AS "Pure White" and filled with simple white and glass pieces:

It's hard to believe our cabinets were once maple stained.  A couple of years ago, I painted them white and have never looked back!  Yup, chalk paint ... again (not only on the cabinets, but, also on the Chateaux Grey napoleon bar stools we added last year).  A cheery, vintage *Summer-y* print sits front and center above our cabinets (thanks, World Market):

Our breakfast area also got a dose of chalk paint when I painted our dry bar AS Old White, followed by Chateaux Grey.  And, yes, before you even ask ... the apron/legs of the farmhouse table and chairs are painted with chalk paint, too (AS Pure White) ... see, I told you I'm addicted!  A simple, Summer vignette fills the table.

Right off of our kitchen is our master bedroom (how convenient is *that* for my hubby's midnight snacks).  This room also got a mini-makeover when we painted it in a softer color palette (including painting the side tables AS Old White):

Our master bath then followed suit when I painted our cabinets AS Old White and our mirrors AS Duck Egg Blue.  A simple vase filled with pink hydrangeas reminds me of the Summer months we're enjoying!

Now, when it came to revamping our 7 year old son's room, I wanted to keep the colors "alive," so, primary colors were the obvious choice:

I have to enjoy this while I can because I know he'll want more of a say in his decor someday ... soon (ugh)!

His bathroom was recently redone in blue, tan and white ... nautical prints seemed to be an easy choice in here.

Even when Summer is over, this cute whale will remind me that the ocean is right down the street and the lazy days of Summer will soon return:

During the Summer months, our kiddo loves having his own "hang out" space where his friends and he love playing video games ... having "Beywheelz" battles ... and, rockin' out to Kidz Bop tunes:

And, as I wasn't quite ready to give this space a big, BIG boy look when I recently gave it a makeover, I chose a simple, yet colorful, nautical theme:

You know little boys means lots of dirty clothes ... so, let's head on over to the mudroom!  White cabinets (painted AS Pure White), bead board and Ben Moore's Wythe Blue help this space feel "fresh." 

While enduring the not-so fun task of folding laundry (okay, actually, my sweet hubs does most of it), I can't think of anything I'd rather look at than pics of my family ... it was only natural that this wall became our gallery wall:

Before you go, let's take a quick peek outside ... here's our screened porch, (which we are currently expanding), where we love to linger!

Of course, a simple bowl of shells is in order, along with colorful *Summer-y* pillows:

This picture of our patio is from a few years ago because we're currently expanding our screened in area by enclosing it!  As much as we loved the pergola and openness, we tired of the constant mosquito attacks, visits from snakes and lizard invasions we constantly endured when trying to sit out here!  I'll soon be sharing pics of the "new" space!

Okay, so, who's ready for a glass of Pinot and some fake grapes?

Thanks so much for taking the time to tour our Summer home!  Here's hoping the remainder of the season goes by s-l-o-w-l-y, because, before long, I'll be decorating like *this* !!

Thanks for visiting,

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Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Becca, I love looking at your beautiful home! I see something new every time, the details are amazing!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Becca, your home is lovely. It is so bright and light. I am so ready for a change. The time is nearing and I am excited for what lies ahead. Make it a great weekend.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

This looks just like you Becca! All so beautiful. I love your kitchen and the fresh look it has! What a great mix of white and Chateaux Grey! So so pretty!

Carole Yeager said...

Lovely Simple Lovely. I always love the light & airy. When it comes to my home in the summer we have to close up and its dark .We have to be able to ward off the heart and the sun from the west. In winter you close up to ward off the extreme cold. Love looking and will try to incorporate into my home soon. By the way I live in Kansas . Thank you for sharing your Home with us.

Raven said...

Becca, Those are the exact curtains I have been looking for. Where can I find them?

Raven said...

Becca, Those are the exact curtains I have been looking for. Where can I find them?

Becca said...

Raven, I found the fabric at Fabric Showcase. Their number is 843.449.6728 ... just ask for the "Celtic fabric from Becca's blog" ... they'll be happy to send some your way!

~~ Rayne ~~ said...

Becca, I am a transplanted 'Carolina Girl' now living in CANADA! :-) I am so in love with your decorating style. We recently built our first home and currently are "enjoying" builder's white walls. Can you please share with me what colors you have used on the walls in your home and on your kitchen cabinets? :-) Thanks so much!

simply selman said...

What a beautiful home! Exactly my style-comfortable, beachy, and classy! What color did you use in your living room? I need to lighten mine up and yours looks perfect!

Kate said...

Thanks for this beautiful tour, Becca! I found your site through Southern Hospitality, and had to come see it for myself. What a wonderful job you've done, decorating your home! One room is more stunning than the next. One question: In your sitting room photo, you have what looks like two blown up envelopes hanging to the right of the hutch. Could you tell us a little about them? Thank you!

Krista said...

Hi Becca! I love your dining room chairs that you mentioned you found at World Market. I've been looking all over for those exact chairs!! Do you know the specific name of them or how long ago you purchased them?


Krista said...

Hi Becca! I love your dining room chairs that you mentioned you found at World Market. I've been looking all over for those exact chairs!! Do you know the specific name of them or how long ago you purchased them?


Misty Van Staaveren said...

I love your house! I especially love your porch and that blue cabinet in your bathroom!

Jaclyn Marie said...

Your home is picture perfect! I moved into my house in November and have been having such trouble finding curtains! Where are your curtains from? I love the pattern. I want to use pattern in my curtains and keep my rug a solid... It is not easy to find a pretty curtain these days.

Thanks for the help :)

Becca said...

Hi Jaclyn!

Thanks so much. The fabric is from Fabric Showcase (843.449.6728). They'll be happy to ship some your way ... just ask for the "Celtic fabric from Becca's blog."

Jaclyn Marie said...

Thank you so much :)

Barbara Phillips said...

I stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest and now Im addicted to your adventures. I love the paint color in your laundry room. It looks like a sea foam you mind sharing the color? Thanks in advance.

Becca said...

Hi Barbara ... thanks so very much! The paint color in our mudroom is Ben Moore's "Wythe Blue."

Mrsemilymiller said...

Hi Becca! My husband and I just recently bought an old farm house and I've been trying to figure out how I want my kitchen to look. My mother gave my her old kitchen table and it's similar to the color of your butcher block. Long story short do you remember the name of the paint on your walls in the kitchen, it would go just perfectly!

Becca said...

Hi Emily ... congrats on your "new" old farmhouse! The paint color in our kitchen (as well as the other main rooms) is Benjamin Moore's Manchester Tan. :)

heather moyssiadis said...

Hi! love it all! Can you share where you find your wall d├ęcor? I love the hot bath sign and the gather sign!

Linzi Cross said...

Love the eat in kitchen window look! Are those roller bamboo blinds or just roman shades? It looks like theres no valance on them. Where would one find them??

Nicki Chang said...

Where did you get your wingback slipcovers? They look great!

s newman said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful! I love your style. I am in love with the seascape painting over the fireplace - do you happen to know the artist?

Tarah Clark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tarah Clark said...

What color are your walls in the kitchen? This is very similar to my cabinet colors and I'm having a problem finding a wall color that works :)

Leona said...

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Alexis and Derek said...

I love the curtains in the breakfast area. Where did you get those? What's that pattern called?

Jennifer Hobson said...

is your outdoor fireplace a heated, working outdoor fireplace? where did you get it?

Raymen Davis said...

If you really desire to get such type of information, visit this blog quickly.

Marie Tayler said...

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