Tuesday, August 2, 2022

My 2022 Summer Home Tour

WELCOME, friends!  It's been a long time!  Before Fall arrives, I'm sharing my Summer Home Tour over on my Youtube channel!

If you'd like to watch, come on in!  And, I'd love for you to consider subscribing to my channel!

Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

A Little Valentine Decor

Happy Thursday, friends!

How are we already into February ... this year is flying by!  Before Valentine's Day comes and goes, I wanted to share a few captures from our home decorated for the holiday.

I love adding little hints of red and scattering a few hearts here and there this time of year.  Like here in our foyer.  A simple runner and festive hearts (hopefully) make this space welcoming!

Admittedly, our sunroom is my favorite spot in the morning ... on sunny days, anyway.  There's nothing like soaking up a little bit of Vitamin C to chase the Winter blues away!  A Valentine display of faux tulips doesn't hurt, either.

Here in our family room, more pops of red continue.  That cute banner has made an appearance somewhere in our home over the last several years.  More tulips, along with faux eucalyptus, fill the mantel, along with a reminder that "LOVE is all you need!"

Finally, I had to add a bit of Valentine whimsy in our kitchen!  After all, it's the heart of our home and where we spend a lot of time.  The faux cupcakes and whimsical tea towels are just what this room needed!

I hope you'll join me tomorrow as I share an evening Valentine home tour!

Have a great day,

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Our 2022 Winter Home

Greetings, friends!

Can you believe we're halfway through January?  Time is flying by!

While I know you've probably packed up all of your Christmas, I kept a few pieces around, to give our home a cozy, Winter look!

Like here in the foyer.  I did a little rearranging after the holidays, moving this console table back to its original spot.  I then added a few "snowy" trees and wreath.  The cute galvanized houses were spared, as well, from my bins.

I then pushed this cabinet on over from where I just relocated the console table.  And because it's not exactly the right size for this wall, I then scooted these matching chairs to each side to give the "illusion" of a larger piece!  A little frosted wreath adds just a little hint of the cozy season.

In our great room, the love seats that I had in here were relocated to our living room and the sofa made its way back in here.  I added "snowy" trees and plaid pillows to help with a Wintery look.  

The deer print is just what our mantel needed!

In our kitchen, I kept it pretty simple, only adding a few Winter greens.  

Lastly, in our little sunroom, I decided to keep our "snowy" rug for awhile longer.  I also added wall peg racks to hang cozy throws and brought in this settee from the foyer for a fun change. 

Have you kept a few pieces from the holidays, too, to give your home a cozy, Winter look?

I'll be back soon to share our Winter home video tour!

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Have a great day,


Monday, December 20, 2021

Our 2021 Christmas Home Photo Tour

Happy Monday, friends!  Can you believe Christmas is only days away?

Before the holiday comes and goes, I wanted to share a few pictures of our holiday home.  

Here in our foyer, traditional holiday colors greet you as you walk in.  I decided to go with a musical theme this year, so I framed Christmas carols and added a few musical instruments.

And on the neighboring wall, I added matching trees and this beautiful sign from Between You and Me Signs.  To continue the music theme, our sweet caroler family is ready to belt out songs of the holiday season!  I also added a few musical notes to our trees and garland.

In the living room, which is right next to our foyer, traditional colors continue, as does an appearance by Santa himself.  

Lots of color then leads to barely any at all, lol.  Here in our family room, a Winter Wonderland has taken over!  Is it obvious that I'm slightly obsessed with symmetry?

The wonderland theme made its way to our sunroom, too.  I'm pretty sure that our sweet kitties are deciding who is going to nose dive into the tree first, lol!

From our sunroom, it's into our kitchen, where a bit of whimsy has taken over.  I love adding gingerbread men and cute little houses.

From our kitchen, let's cruise on over to the dining room.  This year, I decorated the tree in  green, shades of blue, white and a bit of gold to tie in with the wallpaper that I added earlier this year.  

Lastly, let's go on up to our master bedroom.  While we normally add a tree in here, our little kitties encouraged us not to, lol.  So, a simple look this year, it is!  

Well, friends, that's it for our holiday home!  Thank you so much for visiting!  I hope that you have a wonderful week and a Merry Christmas! 🎄


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Our 2021 Christmas Home Tour

Happy Holidays!

Can you even believe Christmas is almost here?!  I'm excited to be sharing my 2021 Christmas Home Tour with you today. 🎄

Hope you enjoy!

I'll be back soon to share a few "still" photos from around our holiday home.

Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Home for the Holidays Christmas Tree Challenge

Let the C H R I S T M A S decorating begin!  

Thanks to an amazing opportunity to partner with Decorator's Warehouse (the largest Christmas decor store in Texas!) for a "Home for the Holidays Christmas Tree Challenge," our sunroom is now ready for Christmas!  Together with eleven blogging friends, we're each sharing a themed Christmas tree, thanks to Decorator's Warehouse!

Now, if you've been a reader of my blog for awhile, you know that not only do I love decorating for the holidays, but I love to theme my trees.  It was an easy decision to go with a "Winter Wonderland" look for this challenge, because I love the cozy feeling that it brings.  And, even though I don't live in Texas and couldn't personally shop in Decorator's Warehouse 60,000 square foot space, I was able to order all of my fabulous trimmings from their website!

When decorating my tree, the first thing I added were these incredible cluster lights.  They're tiny (but mighty) and sure do make your tree sparkle, especially thanks to the multi-flash patterns. I  added them deep inside of the tree to give it lots of dimension.

Next, I added my topper full of Christmas sprays.  I do that first because it usually involves placing several branches down into the tree.  By adding them first, I don't disturb any ornaments or ribbon.  

I then added these incredible bells!  I mean ... talk about a statement!  You can add them separately or join them together, which is what I did.  I then gave them a little finishing touch, thanks to this beautiful plaid Christmas ribbon.

Then, it was time to add the Christmas ornaments!

Silver balls reflect the lights ... oversized pearl ornaments make for great fillers ... and these reindeer ornaments add whimsy, with a little bit of sparkle, too!

I then added more beautiful sprays throughout, like these fabulous red pomegranates for a little hint of festive color.

Of course, it's always fun to add the unexpected, like these oversized houses that light up!

And what Winter Wonderland tree would be complete without icicles ...

and oversized snowflakes.  The beautiful orbs add lots of texture, too!

After all the ornaments are added, that's when I wove these gorgeous ribbons in and out of the tree.

I love it "all aglow" in the evening!

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration to create your own Winter Wonderland tree!  If you're interested in any items I've included, feel free to take a peek at my WISH LIST!  Also, you may use my code "adventuresindecorating" to receive 10% off full priced purchase (excludes trees and resin pieces).

And I hope you'll visit my friends shown below ... their gorgeous trees are sure to get you in the holiday spirit!


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Friday, November 12, 2021

DREAM Come True!

G R E E T I N G S, friends!

As the Fall bins have been packed away and Christmas boxes are taking over, I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the holiday season than by sharing my fun news!

I’m beyond excited to see our home featured in The Cottage Journal’s 2021 Christmas Cottage magazine.  Having my love for holiday decorating shared over ten pages in a national publication is a dream come true, and something that I will never forget.  I’m forever grateful to Cindy Cooper (Editorial Director) for inviting me to be a part of this experience ... to Hannah Nance (Assistant Editor) for writing such a thoughtful article … and to my husband and son for putting up with me last year as I nervously played the role of stylist and photographer for the article.  I hope you’ll grab a copy (in print or online)!

Okay, back to decking the halls ... are you decorating for Christmas this weekend, too?

Have a great day,