Friday, February 26, 2021

Last Little Bit of "Pre-Spring" ...

Happy Friday!

Can you believe that March is next week?  We're ready for it (and hopefully, lots of warmer weather)!  Before the new month and refreshed seasonal decor arrives, here's a few more captures of "pre-Spring" around here.

In our foyer, I added gray, textured pillows, along with the grey/white throw, to tie in with the pretty prints above.  Faux tulips are the perfect "go to" to remind us that Spring is on the way!  

Long, lush green stems are an easy "pre-Spring" addition, don't you think?  I also did a little basket switch-a-roo and brought in these pretties ... love their texture.

Our dining room is staying simple for the moment, with just a tiny hint of pink.  You'll be seeing more of that color soon!  

Lastly, this monochromatic vibe in our sitting room is just patiently waiting for more hints of Spring to take over!

Next, I'll be bringing out bunnies, color and whimsy and look forward to sharing lots more with you in the coming weeks.  Are you bringing out your bunnies, too?

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Friday, February 19, 2021

The Not Yet Spring Decorating ...

So here we are ... Valentine's Day is over and Spring has yet to arrive.  That might leave some of us wondering how to decorate our homes for the "in between."  As tempted as I am to get out our bunnies and seasonal colors, I'm going to try to hold off a little longer.  

In the meantime, I decided to go for a simple, hopefully cozy, look.  To achieve that, I shopped our house.  Like here in our great room, where I borrowed an ottoman from our bedroom and *scooched* it up against one end of our sofa so that it resembles a comfy chaise.  Of course, I strategically placed a throw to cover up the fact that they are two separate pieces.  

I also brought in this little round coffee table, which has been hiding in our downstairs storage room for months.  I like how the black frame ties in with the (now) black windows, and how the glass top gives it an airy, less heavy feel.

Of course, there has to be pillows ... the more, the better, right?  And over on the wall, I finally said goodbye to our Winter scenes and replaced them with botanical prints (from our foyer ... frames were in our bedroom).

To tie in with the black/white striped pillow covers, I added these throws to our accent chairs.  Annnnd, on our mantel, I brought this mirror in from our dining room to tie in with the wood accents that are scattered around.  The tulips are sticking around as a promise that Spring is on the way!

Oh and to finish off this room, I finally found the perfect faux olive tree.  I should go ahead and add wheels to the bottom of the basket I put it in because I know it's going to be traveling all over our house!

Over in the kitchen, the Valentine red has been replaced with a bit of monochromatic black and white plates and towels.  

And on our island, it's classic white tulips for the win.  Admittedly, I look forward to mixing in colorful ones soon.

A simple dough bowl filled with faux eucalyptus, along with newly added black chairs (borrowed from another room), give our breakfast area a little refresh.  Do you have a "go to" dough bowl?  

Lastly, in the neighboring sunroom, I duplicated both the black/white plates and tulips to tie both rooms together.

I'll be back next week to share a little more of the "in between" decorating I've done around here.  I hope you're having fun playing in your homes, too!

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Friday, February 12, 2021

More Valentine Decor in our Humble Abode ...

F R I D A Y ... we meet again!

Can you believe Valentine's Day is this weekend?  Well, before it comes and goes, I'm sharing a few more touches of "l.o.v.e." around our home.  (In case you missed my Valentine decor in our kitchen post, I've included a link HERE.)

Welcome to our foyer, where this console table is my absolute favorite to style!  This year, I added faux tulips, heart garland and a whimsical wreath to celebrate the holiday.

And to tie in with the colorful tulips, I added more of them to the settee that is in our foyer, as well.  Sometimes, just a little pop of color to acknowledge the holiday or season is all you need!

In our little neighboring sitting room, I decided to go with touches of blush for a softer look that still celebrates the season of love.  

These blush roses are not only pretty for Valentine's Day, they're perfect to keep around for Spring!

Over in our great room, we're back to more pops of red, with a duplicate whimsical wreath like in our foyer.  The dainty heart garland is such a sweet accent, too.

And to tie in with the heart garland (and spread a little more red to this side of the room), I added these cute hearts to random branches.  The Winter prints on the wall are sticking around for a bit, too.  I mean, the red barn does tie in with the red hearts ... yes?

Over in our sunroom, I went with the "less is more" decorating mentality.  One simple, colorful bunch of faux flowers, heart plates and red/white patterned plates are all I used to give this room a nod to Valentine's Day.  

Lastly, in our dining room, I went with blush, yet again, whether it was with throws, or a faux wild floral bunch. 

And our table got a little love, as well, thanks to these cute heart bowls!

I can't believe that we're almost through February!  Once Valentine's Day is over, it will be all things Spring around here!  I look forward to sharing with you all that I do to welcome the new season!  

Thanks for visiting,

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Friday, February 5, 2021

Valentine's Decor in the Kitchen ...

Welcome F E B R U A R Y!  

While I was tempted to get out our Spring decor, I decided to make a little decorating "pit stop" and add a bit of Valentine's Decor, instead.  Here are a few, easy ways I added it to our kitchen.

Since our island is the focal point, I like to style vignettes on it to suit the season or holiday ...

Here I added a pitcher full of faux tulips ... a cloche covered ceramic cupcake ... and stacked heart bowls.  I hope they add just the right amount of Valentine whimsy.

If you're limited on counter space, adding cute *Valentine-ish* towels (to hooks, if you have them or even draped over your sink) is all you need! 

HomeGoods and/or TJMaxx always have a great variety!

Of course, I had to spread a little bit of "l.o.v.e." to this side of our kitchen, too.  

Now, if you're not a fan of decorating with hearts, maybe you have red/white dishes hidden away that you can get out and display this month!

Or maybe even a basket you can set on your counter and fill with a few fun, functional (even tempting) items!  This glass lamp is hollow on the bottom, making it the perfect place for me to add whimsical items to it that tie in with everything.

Valentine theme mugs are another cute way to add a bit of whimsy to your kitchen.  So glad I recently scooped up this mug tree so I could display these cuties that I recently found at Michael's.

Speaking of mugs ... here's another way I like to display them.  And, since I didn't have extra Valentine-themed mugs on hand, I hung these blush pink ones, instead.  

These are just a few, easy ways to bring a bit of Valentine's decor to your kitchen!  Have you been adding it, too?

I'll be back next week to share more nods to Valentine's Day around our home!  Thanks so much for stopping by,


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Friday, January 29, 2021

Winter Decor in the Living Room ...


After we take down our holiday decor, our homes can feel a bit empty, right?  I know so many enjoy a simple January "reset," and some like to keep the cozy holiday vibes going by creating a Winter look.

So, what exactly "is" a Winter vibe?  For me, it boils down to layers and ambiance for a cozy feel.  Did I achieve that?  Not sure, lol, but this is what I came up with in our great room.  Textured cable knit pillows mixed with plaid ones have taken over our sofa (and yes, they usually end up on the floor).  I also added a matching cable knit throw to tie in with the pillows.  

Over on the wall, the prints that I added before Christmas are able to stick around awhile longer since they include beautiful snowy scenes. 

And ornaments that once hung from a Christmas tree now fill a ceramic bowl ... to keep with the Winter look, I tucked in a few flocked stems that I had on hand.

On the mantel, the Wintry styling continues ... the deer canvas was in another room over the holidays (but a bit hidden), so I thought it deserved to be front and center in here this month.  I then flanked it with flocked pencil trees, brought in the sled and added a "snowball" garland to complete the snowy look.

On our bookcase, this cute house and bottle brush trees fill a simple canister.  

annnd wintry greens fill this fun, woven basket.  

See how easy it is to add a bit of cozy vibe for the month of January!  Hopefully, you had things on hand that helped you achieve a warm and inviting feel, too!

As January has now come to an end, I'll be packing away our Winter decor and bringing out a little bit of Valentine goodies.  Will you be doing that, too?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Winter Decor 2021

Happy New Year, friends!

I'm blowing the dust off of my blog and trying to revive it a bit! Admittedly, Facebook and Instagram are a bit easier to interact with, so my engagement has been over on those platforms.  However, I've missed my little blog, so ....

"Welcome" back to our home, where Winter decor is hanging on a bit longer, like here in our foyer.

After having lots of vibrant red fill our home over the holidays, I really like to "reset" our spaces and have more of a calm palette.  (I shared our full Christmas home video tour on my Facebook page, if you'd like to take a peek.  My Facebook link can be found in the upper right hand corner of this page ... just select the Facebook symbol).  

Over on this side of our foyer, the neutral look continues!  

Don't you just love these cute birch trees?  I thought they'd be a nice way to bring the Winter outdoors in (even if they're faux)!  They're really pretty lit up at night, too.

In our neighboring little sitting room, it's light and bright ...

Of course, I had to add one too many pillows for lots of seasonal, cozy comfort.  Annnnd the large woven basket adds a little bit of texture, too.  

In our sunroom, Winter white continues.  On a whim, the other week, I brought these two chairs and pedestal table in, which had been in our kitchen.  In fact, this view had been our breakfast area for most of last year!  Don't you just love when the "itch to switch" sets in?  

Over the Summer, I painted our windows black ... we're really enjoying the contrast they add with the white walls!  I saved a tutorial to my highlight reel on my Instagram page, in case you're interested in seeing the process.

I'll be back next week, sharing more of our Winter decor! 

Have a great day,



Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Our 2019 Christmas Home Tour ...

Greetings, friends! 

Oh my goodness, can you believe that Christmas is one week from today?!  I can't ... time is going by too quickly!  Well, before the season ends, I wanted to share our holiday home tour!

Welcome to our foyer, where the star of the show is this fabulous sign from Ginger at Teal Barn Signs.  After I hung it, I knew that I wanted to play off of its vintage feel ... so I added our carolers, snow, deer and music notes down below.  

(**If you are viewing this on a smart phone, and the photos appear grainy, simply tap on each picture ... it will enlarge and the quality will improve.**)

Then, I added lots of red, green and white ornaments to the tree, along with both "vintage-y" and plaid ribbon to tie it all together.  On the wall, I hung picture frames that I lined with plaid wrapping paper and nostalgic Christmas carols. 

As we leave the foyer and step on into the great room, I attempted a cozy, lodgey look!  To make our little flocked trees seem a bit "bigger," we added mirrors behind them ... love the reflection of the Christmas lights!

And would ya' look at this beautiful tree from King of Christmas!  It's the 8' King Flock Pre-lit Christmas tree, and we love it!  It's so realistic looking ... nice and full ... and the height is perfect!  I hope I did it justice!

And as to not take away from the tree too much, I tried to keep it simple over on the fireplace!

Let's walk on over to the kitchen, where it's all things gingerbread whimsy!

On the island, I brought out a couple of glass canisters and a cloche and  then added these cute gingerbread houses and trees to them.  

Now, since it's highly doubtful that we'll have a White Christmas, I decided to create one here in our little sunroom.  The "blue hour" night sky is always the perfect backdrop, too!

Our dining room got a bit of a fancier look than the other rooms and is dressed in all things silver, gold and white ... with a *side* of faux greens. 

Of course, we have to have a nativity to acknowledge the true meaning of the season.

Our simple tablescape is ready for a holiday meal.  I snuck in a little bit of whimsy in here, too, by adding a bit of tinsel.  Remember the days of trees covered in it?! 

Lastly, in our living room, lots of red, green and gold have taken over. 

And on our fireplace, our nutcrackers are standing guard until the big day!

Well, friends, that's the end of our little tour.  I hope you enjoyed it and that you  have a very Merry Christmas!