Monday, September 13, 2021

Fall is in the Air ...

Hi friends! 

How is it already September?!  

I've been adding Fall decor to our humble abode, and, while I tried to keep our seasonal palette pretty neutral this year, I ended up adding more and more color as I went along. 

Like here in our foyer, where pops of burnt orange and cranberry were added in ...

and in our family room, colorful tall autumnal stems have taken over.  I love to bring the outdoors in!

Isn't it fun how pumpkins, Fall branches and pillows can transform your space so easily?

As can simple, inexpensive seasonal landscape art! 

I'll be back in the coming days to share more of our Fall decor!  Have you started your Fall decorating?


Friday, March 26, 2021

Our Kitchen Spring Decor ...

Friday and a new weekend greets us!  Do you have fun plans?

While I was decorating our kitchen for Spring, I got the urge to pick up my paint brush and add a little color!  Soooo, here is our refreshed island, hopefully enjoying its new shade of Pewter Green.

Green has always been one of my "go to" paint colors; however, I usually lean towards brighter "avacado/fresh herby" greens.  I haven't tried this darker color before, and, I must say, I'm so happy that I took a chance on it.  We love it!  

While green, it has a bit of a sophisticated gray undertone.  And, after staring at it for a couple of days, I then decided to change the hardware (which used to be clear, acrylic knobs).  I picked up these gold pulls and knobs from Lowe's ... really like the contrast!

They now tie in with the knobs and pulls on our perimeter white cabinets and drawers, which I spray painted gold last week (they used to be black).  Isn't it fun how a few sweeps of spray paint can give your hardware a brand new look?

Back on the island, I styled this simple vignette to welcome the new season ... bunnies are a fun and easy decorating staple this time of year, wouldn't ya' say?

Do you see what else got a fresh coat of gold spray paint?  Yep, our lights, did, too!  I got a little trigger happy, what can I say.

I also brought in green/white towels to add visual softness and color to this wall, as well.

A refurbished landscape canvas (cut down to fit in this frame) also adds a bit of color above the cooktop.  I also like how the darker greens in the print tie in with the newly painted island!

Over on this side of the kitchen, little bunny plates help to add a bit of seasonal whimsy, as do these blush and white striped bowls that I found on clearance at At Home!

Not surprisingly, the malted eggs in our glass canister are slowly disappearing.  Do you think I should hot glue the lid shut, lol?

At our kitchen table, I brought in the settee that used to be in our foyer for a bit of unexpected seating.  I then added a cute (yet wrinkled, oops) French bunny runner and faux greenery scattered with Easter eggs to finish off the Spring look.

Lastly, our little bunny pitchers made their way to the wall rack ... such a great piece to decorate for any season!

I hope you'll pop back on over to my Facebook page and let me know what you think of our Spring kitchen!

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Have a great weekend,

Friday, March 19, 2021

Our Spring Foyer and Great Room ...

W E L C O M E to our foyer, where the bunnies have hopped in ... eggs have landed on branches ... and a bit of blush, green and white have set the tone for, hopefully, a Spring welcome! 

This console table is one of my favorite pieces to style.  It's wide enough to add lots of decor ...

and the shelf below is a great place for these baskets that I recently purchased (love their texture).

Over on this side of our foyer are two of my favorite wicker chairs that we purchased several years ago.  They replaced a settee that was here for quite some time because, well, musical furniture is one of my favorite games to play!

I've never had this round table in our foyer, either.  I purchased it not too long ago, and, to keep it budget-friendly, I ordered it unfinished and then stained it with Minwax stain I had on hand.  I then painted the base with leftover Bistro White paint.

And, speaking of paint ... this vintage secretary is one of the first pieces that I painted what feels like a "bazillion" years ago.  In fact, it was after I painted this piece, that I knew I was going to have a long standing "love affair" with my paint brush!  Ha!  

Now, let's walk on into our great room, where I've continued the blush, green and white Spring theme.  Of course, a pillow refresh was in order for the new season, too.  

AND, what do you think of our new rug?!  It's the Rockfall from Boutique Rugs and is available in several sizes.  It's absolutely beautiful ... such a fabulous neutral rug ... and the perfect (and great quality) focal point!  As part of my collaboration with Boutique Rugs, you can use my code ADVENTURE60 for 60% off their entire website!  Just click HERE for the link to the rug or HERE for the link to their website.

Yes, even though we're in mid-March, it's chilly and rainy today, so a cozy fire is almost necessary!  As for my Spring mantel styling ... I was so excited to add this gorgeous mirror as the anchor piece!  Then, I framed it with "whispy" blush floral bunches ...

and then added my sweet "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" bunnies that I've had for years.

A couple more bunnies hopped on over to our bookcases, too.

Lastly, to add to my Spring refresh, I also ended up "scooching" this cabinet (and its twin) in here from our sunroom. Isn't it fun how moving your furniture or accent pieces from one room to another can make your spaces feel fresh and new?  Of course, I had to add colorful, faux greenery for a finishing touch.

I'll be back next week to share more of my Spring decorating!  In the meantime, if you'd like to SHOP MY HOME, simply scroll through the items below ... if you see something you like, just click on it ... that will take you to a direct, shoppable link (aflink).  If I don't have an exact match to share, I try to include similar items, when possible.

Have a great day!

Friday, March 12, 2021

Sneak Peeks of Spring ...

It's F R I D A Y !!  And, not only have the bunnies arrived, but we're so excited to turn the clocks ahead tomorrow.

So, what does Spring decor mean to you?  Perhaps, it means bringing out cute bunny accents (new  purchases or old favorites) ...

or maybe seasonal florals.

It can be as easy as displaying colorful bowls and dish towels ...

or even your favorite patterened napkins!

As you can see, in our house, it means all of the above, annnnd perhaps moving furniture around for a few room refreshes!

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing a closer look into the rooms that I've decorated for Spring. I 
hope you'll join me!

Have a great day,

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Friday, February 26, 2021

Last Little Bit of "Pre-Spring" ...

Happy Friday!

Can you believe that March is next week?  We're ready for it (and hopefully, lots of warmer weather)!  Before the new month and refreshed seasonal decor arrives, here's a few more captures of "pre-Spring" around here.

In our foyer, I added gray, textured pillows, along with the grey/white throw, to tie in with the pretty prints above.  Faux tulips are the perfect "go to" to remind us that Spring is on the way!  

Long, lush green stems are an easy "pre-Spring" addition, don't you think?  I also did a little basket switch-a-roo and brought in these pretties ... love their texture.

Our dining room is staying simple for the moment, with just a tiny hint of pink.  You'll be seeing more of that color soon!  

Lastly, this monochromatic vibe in our sitting room is just patiently waiting for more hints of Spring to take over!

Next, I'll be bringing out bunnies, color and whimsy and look forward to sharing lots more with you in the coming weeks.  Are you bringing out your bunnies, too?

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Friday, February 19, 2021

The Not Yet Spring Decorating ...

So here we are ... Valentine's Day is over and Spring has yet to arrive.  That might leave some of us wondering how to decorate our homes for the "in between."  As tempted as I am to get out our bunnies and seasonal colors, I'm going to try to hold off a little longer.  

In the meantime, I decided to go for a simple, hopefully cozy, look.  To achieve that, I shopped our house.  Like here in our great room, where I borrowed an ottoman from our bedroom and *scooched* it up against one end of our sofa so that it resembles a comfy chaise.  Of course, I strategically placed a throw to cover up the fact that they are two separate pieces.  

I also brought in this little round coffee table, which has been hiding in our downstairs storage room for months.  I like how the black frame ties in with the (now) black windows, and how the glass top gives it an airy, less heavy feel.

Of course, there has to be pillows ... the more, the better, right?  And over on the wall, I finally said goodbye to our Winter scenes and replaced them with botanical prints (from our foyer ... frames were in our bedroom).

To tie in with the black/white striped pillow covers, I added these throws to our accent chairs.  Annnnd, on our mantel, I brought this mirror in from our dining room to tie in with the wood accents that are scattered around.  The tulips are sticking around as a promise that Spring is on the way!

Oh and to finish off this room, I finally found the perfect faux olive tree.  I should go ahead and add wheels to the bottom of the basket I put it in because I know it's going to be traveling all over our house!

Over in the kitchen, the Valentine red has been replaced with a bit of monochromatic black and white plates and towels.  

And on our island, it's classic white tulips for the win.  Admittedly, I look forward to mixing in colorful ones soon.

A simple dough bowl filled with faux eucalyptus, along with newly added black chairs (borrowed from another room), give our breakfast area a little refresh.  Do you have a "go to" dough bowl?  

Lastly, in the neighboring sunroom, I duplicated both the black/white plates and tulips to tie both rooms together.

I'll be back next week to share a little more of the "in between" decorating I've done around here.  I hope you're having fun playing in your homes, too!

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