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Friday, January 20, 2017

A Bit of a Winter Look ...

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Happy Friday, friends!

Welp, it's been a month since I last blogged ... eek!  Every year, I promise myself I'm going to do better ... and, every year, I don't!  LOL

Anyway, before I start to transition our home to welcome Spring, I wanted to share a few snaps from our Winter decor.

In our great room, the mantel it ready to welcome snow! I gave our vintage wooden sled a little makeover by treating it to a nice coat of white paint so that it would "tie in" better! (The things we do in the name of decorating, right?)  Hopefully, we'll be treated to lots of snowflakes soon!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE pillows ... lots and LOTS of pillows, especially in the Winter when we're trying to make our homes nice and cozy!  Who cares if there isn't any room to sit down, right?!  ;)

In this house, we have no problem just tossing them off of the furniture to make room for lots of lounging!  Speaking of that, this is a favorite place of mine in this room ... by the fire, with a cup o' something warm and curled up with a good decorating book!

In our sunroom, I went for a true Winter white look!  I know that many folks aren't into this color palette (or lack thereof) since it can be considered a bit stark, but since this room gets so much sunlight, the more white, the better!  Our paper stars from IKEA are still in the window ... wish I could just keep them up all year!

In our neighboring kitchen, I kept these *Wintery,* glittery branches out for a bit and paired them with a simple apothecary jar, filled with wine corks from bottles I never enjoyed!  (Admittedly, I'm more of a beer gal, but I just don't think that beer bottle tops would look "quite" as pretty!)

Over in our foyer, faux shed antlers came on over to hang out with more *Wintery* branches.  They'll soon be replaced with welcoming pineapples.  With snow not in the forecast, I'm ready for Spring!

And, lastly, in our dining room, I've kept it a bit neutral ... added more slipcovered chairs from IKEA, along with their wicker chairs, which I placed below our shelves.  Not exactly a Winter look, buuuut ....

I hope your homes are Winter cozy, depending where your live.  Although, I'm jealous of those of you who live in warmer climates right about now!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our 2016 Christmas Tour, Part Two ...

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Happy Tuesday!  Can you believe we're now only FIVE days away from Christmas?!  Yep, my holiday stress is in full swing as I have yet to finish wrapping, much less shopping!  Help!

Before I get "too" crazy, I wanted to share part two of our Christmas tour (if you missed part one (full of traditional holiday colors), and would like to see it, feel free to click HERE)!   

Come on into our dining room ... our "Winter Wonderland."  I decorated this room with lots of silver, white, gold and soft blue accents. 

And, rather than fill this post with lots of words, I'm loading you up with lots of pictures, instead.

Here in our great room, I kept the wintery theme going a bit with more white, gray and silver, but also added a few "natural" pieces, along with little peeks of red.

Oh, how I love the lights as the sun goes down.

If you turn around, you'll see our kitchen, where classic holiday red has returned. 

Anyone care for a fake cookie or two?  They're easy on the hips, I promise!

For a little change, I recently turned our kitchen table to line up with our island ... I think I just might keep it this way for awhile.

Who's ready for a cup of hot cocoa? 

Finally, up here in our bedroom, I think I'd like to just crawl back into bed, when I "should" be getting ready for Sunday!  Is that okay?

Well, friends, thank you so much for visiting our holiday home ... I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Our 2016 Christmas Tour, Part One ...

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Welcome to our holiday home here in Virginia ... come on in!

When you step into our foyer, our tree is waiting to greet you.  This year, I decorated it in shades of red, white and green, with a bit of whimsy!

Beside it on our buffet, I brought back our "BELIEVE" blocks that have made the rounds over the years from mantels ... to windows ... to shelves ... to right here!  A pair of lanterns from Kirkland's got fancied up a bit with greenery, ribbon and fairy lights ... hope they approve of their holiday attire!

If you look past our tree, you'll see our *friend* bundled up in a festive red scarf.

He joins us singing "We Say Merry Christmas!"

To the left of our foyer is the sitting room ... 

where I continued the same red, white and green color scheme.  While I toned down a lot of the holiday red in the other rooms, my hubby almost insisted we keep lots of the festive color in here.  Of course, I was happy to oblige.

This year, instead of having a full-sized tree, we opted for this cute 4 ft. tree (Wal-Mart).  While I miss having a larger tree in here, I won't miss taking it down after the holidays!

Here on our mantel, Santa is keeping watch over everything, and everyone, especially our 10 year old! ;)

Speaking of the jolly man himself ... he just pulled up in his cute, little red truck to step outside onto the fresh *snow* and check his list ... again!

I recently removed the glass panes from our antique secretary and then filled it with little metal houses and cute nutcrackers, who now have an easy escape!  

Annnnd, just in case we do have a "white christmas," I'm ready to toss the greenery and skates off of our vintage sled and go for a cruise in the snow!

Let's take a stroll to our sunroom, but please shut your eyes as we pass through the dining room, great room and kitchen (I'll share those next time)!  ;)

Here in our back hallway, you'll pass by this cute accent table I recently found at Kirkland's.  I moved this pretty mirror (also from Kirkland's) from the great room mantel right here, and think I really like them together.  I'll probably make their pairing *official* and hang the mirror here after the holidays.

Our sweet caroling family will serenade you with "Silent Night" as you walk by.

Here in our sunroom, this is the first Christmas with the "somewhat" newly shiplapped walls ... I can't say it enough how much we love them!  They're the perfect backdrop for a bit o' holiday cheer (or "peace")!

While I had first brought in grey holiday accents, I ended up replacing them with red instead ... there's just something about crisp red and white this time of year!

Admittedly, I'm going to hate taking down these fun stars from IKEA ... sooooo, maybe I'll just keep them up a bit longer after Christmas!  I love how they softly illuminate the window at night ... they help make this little room pretty cozy! 

The sunroom really earns its name in the morning ...

love when the morning light streams in and "highlights" our holiday pieces.

Well, I won't keep you any longer, but truly hope you'll stop back by to see more of our holiday home!

Thanks so much for visiting!

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