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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Softer Look in the Sitting Room ...

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Good morning, friends!

When I last shared our sitting room, it looked like this ...

I loved the black and white curtains when I added them last Fall, but, since the warmer months are now upon us (yay!), I decided to soften the look in here just a bit by making a few changes.

The best news is that I didn't have to spend a dime!  We're all about "free decorating" around here!

First, I traded the black and white curtains for beige and white ones in the same pattern.  But, instead of having two panels like before, I decided to hang two more to add to the "softness."  I also added these pillows that were hiding in the storage room.

A faux floral bunch, lantern and orbs dress up our glass coffee table ... 

Of course, I had to add one of my favorite faux plants from IKEA ... they have the best selection that is super reasonable!

Over on our mantel, I gave our mirror a new look with a bit of leftover duck egg chalk paint.

I painted the lamp, too!  Yes, my paint brush got a little unexpected workout.

Soon, I'll give it a coastal look by bringing in more shells, birds and seagrass ...

Now, if I could just actually GO to the coast!  Time for a road trip!

Thanks for visiting!
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Bit of Spring in our Home ...

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Greetings, friends!

How can it be Easter already?!  

I wanted to share a few snippets of Spring around our home ... like here in our great room.

Pretty topiaries from IKEA helped frame our simple Easter mantel, along with a cute wreath from Home Goods that I had on hand.

Of course, I had to bring back our little "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" bunnies.

In our kitchen, another set of bunnies hopped up onto our island.

Their friends found an open spot on our foyer accent chest.

They're sharing space with this cute bunny family who landed on the buffet that we recently added here in the foyer.

In our sitting room, our black/white colors, mixed with navy blue, still allow for a bit of Spring, too! 

I should've layered a cute wreath over our mirror, but time got away from me ... this little inexpensive "flat" bunny will have to do!  I'll soon be trading out the black/white panels in here for taupe/white ones and making it a bit more coastal for the upcoming warmer months!

I'll let our bunnies hang out for a bit after this weekend since our temps are finally starting to feel like Spring!  I hope yours are, too!

And, I especially hope you all have a wonderful Easter with family/friends!

Thanks so much for visiting!

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cold Weather Outside Means Many Projects Inside ...

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Happy Thursday, friends!

I don't know if it's the dawn of the new year or the cold weather keeping us inside that puts my decorating mind into overdrive ... I have a feeling some of you can relate.

Like here in our foyer, where I'm playing around with a new vignette on top of the buffet that we recently moved here from our great room.  I also brought up a silver mirror from the basement rec room to add above the buffet since that was all I had on hand.  

Our coffee table in the great room can't escape my experimenting, either, where I'm hoping our faux tulips will bring us a bit of Spring!

The new year has given me a new love for wire baskets ...

annnnnd getting sucked in by the arrow craze!

Of course, it wouldn't be our house if I didn't have a painting project or two going on, like in our kitchen where I painted our table top white and then dry brushed a bit of a soft almond on over that.  It was time to do *some*thing since the original poly was rubbing off and chipping in places over the original darker stain.

I also said goodbye to Annie Sloane's "Chateau Grey" on our island and hello to Ben Moore's White Dove (which is on the rest of our cabinets).  I'm sure I'll end up dry brushing another color over the white since I love it when islands are a different color than the perimeter cabinets; but for now, I'm enjoying the crisp white.

Even our wicker love seat, which I recently moved into the sitting room, couldn't escape my paint brush.  Although, once it warms up outside, I'll have to take it out there and give it a good coat of spray paint since *thoroughly* painting wicker with a little paint brush is pretty much imposssible!

I think the biggest project so far was recently painting our dining room Manchester Tan (like the rest of our main rooms) and adding shadow box molding below the chair rail (a work in progress).  It "was" painted Perfect Greige, which I love, but its sometime plum undertones just weren't working anymore.


AFTER:  Still need to finish the shadow box molding, but I really like the new lighter look in here.

That's it ... for now.  I know that there are several more projects that will make their way onto my "to do" list!  I hope you have fun projects on your list, too!

Thanks so much for stopping by,

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our Sitting Room Valentine Mantel

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Happy February, friends!  

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I wanted to share our sitting room mantel ... 

dedicated to "L O V E!"

With our sitting room now having a black and white backdrop, red Valentine accents were fun to add in here to dedicate it to the upcoming holiday.

Two inexpensive heart garlands (Michael's) hang from the mantel, along with a simple strand of silver beads to give it a little "somethin'."

And, while I love "real" flowers, sadly, I do NOT have a green thumb ... thankfully, Michael's came to the rescue with these cute silk tulips in red, pink and white.

I hope you're adding a little bit of "L O V E" to your mantel, too!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our Great Room Bookcase Project ...

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Happy Thursday, friends!

I wanted to share a little bit more about a project we did in our great room before Christmas ....

For several years (whether in this house or our last), we've had this buffet under our TV.  While it worked really well in the niche in our last home, I just felt like it was a bit lost on the wall in this house.

In an effort to fill up the wall a bit better, we wanted to add custom built bookcases, but they would've cost more than we wanted to spend on this project.  That's when we turned to Plan B.


And AFTER!  Thank you, IKEA ... once again, its selection and affordable prices helped us bring our vision to fruition!

We purchased four of their Billy bookcases (2 tall and 2 short), along with two of their extenders.  We also purchased doors to go on the bottom half of the tall ones and to cover the entire bookcase on the shorter ones (photos from 
While we love the look of the Billy bookcases just as they are once you put them together, we decided to "beef them up" a little bit to give them more of a custom look.

We did that by adding crown molding to the top (thanks to our neighbor, Colt, for cutting our molding for us), along with picture lights (IKEA).  I then added lattice molding to the fronts and frames of the shelves so that they appeared a bit thicker.  I then finished them off by adding black knobs to the cabinet doors in place of the white ones that came with them.

You "know" I enjoy having more shelves to play with where I can add little goodies such as ceramic horse bookends ... pretty faux greenery ...

or cute arrow art and metal orbs.

I just had to have this cute wire basket (TJMaxx) ... hoping I can find one more just like it!

At night, the picture lights help illuminate that side of the room, which used to be a bit dark.

On the weekend evenings, when not with friends or watching sports in the "man cave," you can find us right here.

One more time ... 

And, AFTER!  

The new bookcases join the two other projects we did in here ... beefing up the fireplace and adding a new chandie.  Oh how I like affordable home improvement!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by,

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