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Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Fabric and Prints in the Sunroom ...

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Thanks a bunch for your kind words about the new look in our front sitting room!  As I mentioned in that post, I somewhat "stole" a few items from our sunroom to complete the sitting room.  Sooo, of course that meant I had to do a bit of tweaking in our little sunroom.

BEFORE: See my favorite fabric on the windows?  Well, since it's now in the sitting room, I couldn't leave my windows bare in here, now could I?

AFTER:  Having an open floor plan, I decided to try the same Berta Rupta fabric (IKEA) that is in our neighboring great room.  It helps to "pull" those two rooms together.

And, since I moved the silver-framed coastal prints to the front sitting room, too, that made way for these cute shoreline bird prints (Home Goods) to fly in here! 

I like how the dark frame gives them a bit of prominence.

Annnd, while I was at it, I brought in some shells ...

and added them to this oversized shell bowl from Target.  Our little coastal sunroom is now complete!

It's hard to believe that in a few short weeks, the shells will be replaced with leaves!  Yes, I've had enough of our 90+ temps and am ready for FALL!  Are you ready for Fall, too?

Thanks so much for visiting!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The New Look in our Sitting Room

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Greeting, friends!

Recently, my husband and I did a little DIY project in our sitting room that I wanted to share!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love decorating mantels.  And, while we have a fireplace in our great room that I love to decorate, I have wanted to create the "illusion" of one in our sitting room, too ... giving me another spot to have fun with for the seasons and/or holidays.

After weeks of scouring Craigslist, this gem came home with us!

Admittedly, we were pretty clueless how to "properly" attach this heavy surround to the wall.  But, after getting a $400 estimate from a contractor to do it for us (um, no thanks), we decided we needed to learn and turned to good ol' Youtube, finding a super easy tutorial.  

That's when my husband got to work.  He first used his Dremel to cut out the base molding on the back wall so that the surround would sit flush against it.  I then placed a thin piece of birch wood on the floor to resemble a hearth. 

I then nailed a piece of faux brick panel to the wall, and then my husband mounted three 1" x 36" pieces of wood (or mounting strips) to the wall.  He then screwed the surround into the mounting strips ... and voila!

After he was finished, I then painted the faux brick panel with Annie Sloane's "Pure White" chalk paint and added 4" trim panels beside and below the legs and header.

Here is the result!  Well the "almost" end result.

I couldn't wait to decorate it ... naturally, a coastal-themed *mantelscape* was in order.

I was happy to dust off our boat for its "maiden voyage" onto our new mantel!

Silver candlesticks from IKEA paired with natural branches finished it off.

And, for the crowning touch above the mirror, I made a little sign ... 

encouraging you to "relax" a bit in here.

Over on the left, I placed our duck egg accent chest in front of the window and framed it with my favorite curtains that used to hang in our sunroom.

Another ship came floating in to complete this little vignette:

Over on the right (where the blue accent chest used to sit), I pushed our antique "chalk painted" secretary in from the foyer to balance the weight of the windows on the left side.

After my pieces were all in place, I realized the room needed *something* else ... that's when the bright coral pillows appeared.

I then layered summery floral pillows over them just for fun.  

You might have noticed that I brought the seascape prints in from our sunroom, too!  Of course, this means that changes had to be made in that room now that I had left it bare ... oops.  I'll share those changes soon.

I can't thank my sweet husband enough for helping my vision come to life and, admittedly, can't wait to splash Fall on it and add cozy candles on the hearth ... is that bad?!

So, if you've wanted to add a "fireplace," you can always add the illusion of one by mounting a surround to your wall ... Youtube will teach you how to do it!  ;)

Thanks for stopping by ...
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Feeling "Blue" in our Summer Great Room

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Isn't it funny how our tastes change?  Admittedly, I feel as though mine changes more than the average gal.  One minute, I love red, the next ... not so much.  One day, I tell myself I'll never use navy blue in our main rooms again, and then ... this.

I'm just going to blame it on our white sofa.  It just calls out to play with different colors since it's such the perfect backdrop ... for me, anyway.

I'm also going to blame it on Home Goods.  It seems as though they've been overloaded this season (or year) with blue, blue, blue.  And, I found myself drawn to it.

Like this pillow ... how could I resist it (?) since the blue ties in with the solid blue pillows; the burlap ties in with our white with burlap trimmed pillows; and the black lettering ties in with our black frames ... and, most importantly, the price tied in with my budget!

And, then there was pretty vase calling out to me on "aisle 9" of Home Goods ... of course, I was bummed it didn't have a twin because you must "know" how addicted to symmetry I am.  I decided to scoop it up, anyway and am glad I did!

How have I forgotten how pretty and crisp blue and white are mixed together?!

Of course, I have to always dress our mantel up for the season, and, somehow, a little blue and white found its way over there, too.

Wanna guess where I found the cute matching vases?

I'll give you a hint ... it's the "same" place I found this awesome blanket!

Feel free to come "GATHER" with me while you figure out the answer!

Shame on you Home Goods ... shaaaame!  

I love how these colors all play so well together and can't believe it took me almost 15 years to incorporate navy back into our great room decor!  I might have to keep around for awhile ...

and figure out where "else" can I add it?  Just please don't let me go back to Home Goods for awhile!

Thanks for stopping by,
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A New Shade for the Sunroom

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Yay, one project down ... 1,000 to go!  

Sometimes, I feel like "on a whim" should be my middle name!  As I was staring at our little sunroom last week, I decided that I wanted it to feel a bit "coastal-y" and serene ... that's when I turned to Sherwin Williams' Palladian Blue (and our tall, scary ladder) and got to work!  

And, when it was time to put the room back together, more changes were in order ...

I brought in our seagrass rug from the sitting room as the room's anchor.  Then, in came the "wicker-y" love seat from our deck ... I like the natural texture it adds, and how it ties in with the bamboo shades.

I then brought in a pair of coastal prints from Home Goods.

When I spied this cute "Shore Thing" pillow at Home Goods, I knew it would be a fun addition ... I really like it paired with the blue/white stripe pillow (cover from Pottery Barn).

Since the new wall art has silver frames, I added in silver candle holders on our coffee table to pull it all together ...

along with this silver-framed nautical print (which is magically *floating,* thanks to Command Hooks and fishing line).

Back on the coffee table, a sweet orchid (from Target) adds a bit of softness ...

Of course, with this being our little "coastal" spot to relax, a few issues of "Coastal Magazine" are a must,

and this little faux furry foot stool (try saying that fast 5 times!) seemed to be the perfect spot to display them and to pull around and rest your feet on while you enjoy them.

We plan on adding a new chandie in here, too ... just waiting for the one I want to go on sale!

I'll also add a few more coastal accents in here, I'm sure ... for now, onto the next project! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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