Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Home Tour continued ...

Thanks for joining me for Part 2 of my holiday home tour (For those who have asked, Part 1 is hiding under this post ... just scroll down after the last picture (the reindeer sitting out front) and you'll see the first part of the tour).  Please make yourselves at home !!  (You can click on any picture to enlarge them.)  Off we go ....

So, here's where all the action takes place (lol ... kidding!). The "12 days of Christmas" tree lights up our master bedroom.  I thoroughly enjoyed almost breaking my neck trying to hang the garland above the bed.

Love the cascading red, sequined "doohickeys" hanging down (they remind me of curled ribbons):

This humble tree is made out of prelit branches, along with live branches, berry stems, gold snowflakes and words of Joy, Love and Peace.

And, this is where I cry over my wrinkles, apply gobs just a dash of makeup and destroy my mane with lots of teasing and loads of hairspray each day. LOL. I love the feather trees (from Michaels).

And, what bath is complete without rose petals floating by? (Okay, I promise I only did that the day our home was on the local Christmas Tour of Homes.)

Let's go visit Jax's little "suite" now ...

Here's his cozy, little playroom, where he spends a lot of time reading, creating and destroying.  His tree was so easy and fun to do (since Jax helped me decorate it) ... handmade ornaments, snowflakes, snowmen and ornaments of his favorite TV characters are scattered throughout.  Jax loves the snowflakes surrounding his tree as they fall from the *sky*. 


And a little peek into his room where I decorated his tree all things sports, to keep with the theme of his room.  I love the big wreath above his bed where Santa is nestled, keeping watch over my little man.

I decorated the wall tree in his bathroom in purples, reds, golds and greens to match the shower curtain. The topper is done in palm branches in greens and reds spraying out (matching the palms in the shower curtain as well).

Next, let's peek into my husband's office:

The Santa elf is says "hello":

I think that this is most FAVORITE tree. I decided to make this our FAMILY tree ... to remind me and my family of what the holidays are truly about. I added black and white pictures of days gone by, along with familial sayings and chocolate *gold* coins (a/k/a treasure ... as in *treasure* your family). I find myself going in there to stare at the pictures of family who are no longer with us ... this tree makes me feel as though they are truly a part of our holiday.

There sits a picture of Jax, John and me front and center (can you spot us?)

And, the guest bath in greens and browns:

We're beebopping out to our little porch ... done in all things rustic.  The slimline tree features all simple, natural ornaments and the large rustic Santa warms up by the fire.  Please have a seat in one of the rockers and visit awhile.

And, before our last stop in my husband's favorite room, we'll pass through the mudroom, decorated with all things Santa.

I love the picture from last year where Jax took a quiet walk with Santa:

Finally, let's visit my husband's "man cave" (a/k/a, the garage).  He's a HUGE NY Yankees fan, so, only fitting that it be in a NY theme.  His tree has his Yankee ornaments scattered about.  We love having the multiple TVs in there ... Jax can watch cartoons; John can watch sports: and I can watch HGTV, Lifetime or Real Housewives of *any* county (lol); although, John prefers it if there are sports on all three !!  Since we don't get out much (having a 3 year old), we love entertaining our friends here ... stop by if you're ever in our neck of the woods !!

Thanks again for spending some time with me ... hope you enjoyed !!  Ronny the Reindeer will be sitting here on the bench for awhile if you'd like to stop back by (oops, the tops of my presents blew off).

Best wishes,