Monday, January 24, 2011

My Happy Place!

Welcome to little man's play room a/k/a my "happy place!"  At any time when Jax isn't at pre-school, you can find him in here creating, playing games, watching Nick, Jr., singing karaoke, jamming on his light up drums, *reading* books and knocking out puzzle after puzzle. 

And, while I LURVE this room ... I want to update it just a bit as my kiddo is turning 5 next month! ((*Heavy sigh*)) It doesn't really have a theme in here ... sports mixed in with beachy scenes ... mixed in with superheroes, etc. SOOO, I'm going to be making a few simple changes in here ... make it a bit more big boy-ish?? But, before I do, I thought I'd show you around a bit (click on pics to enlarge):

Above the sofa is a red bookshelf and honey stained shelf (both from PB Kids) and my most FAVORITE piece of art *ever* is sandwiched in between. I created and ordered Jax's "Warhol-like" print from a few years ago. He was about 1 1/2 when this picture was taken.  I'm going to be very sad when it comes time to *retire* it from this spot ... however, I'll find another place for it.

Like in our great room, I recently added a shag rug in here, too!  It's so soft on little piggies (and, not to mention ... hides all kinds of crumbled up cheez-its, goldfish, play-doh, etc., quite well)!  lol.

His bookcases are from Land of Nod.  They've taken a lot of wear and tear over the past few years, but have held up wonderfully.  I'd really like to wall mount a larger TV in here for him.  We'll see.

Spiderman got his backpack on and is trying to escape, leaving all of the other superheros behind in their designated blue bin:

Behind every sports lamp is the green Hulk, don'tcha know?:

Scribbled on part of the molding around the closet is a chart of Jax's growth ... he sure did "sprout" from October to January, wow!  I'm almost 5'3", and he comes up to my chest already.  Yikes ... he's going to be taller than me before he's 7:

A leggo creation:

Oversized wall pencil from PB Kids: 

And, while the changes I plan on making are quite minimal, there is one thing that not be removed as it will apply to him for years to come.  LOL:

Before you go, it's only fair that I share a funny picture of Jax ... he found the wig from my husband's Halloween costume ("The Situation" from Jersey Shore) and loved dancing around in it!  LOL.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm off to mingle.  Come on over to these talented and fabulous blogs!

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