Saturday, February 19, 2011

Design Dilemma FUN!

Happy day! I hope everyone is enjoying a tease of Spring right now ... I know *we* are!  After having been down with the *cruds* for the last 9 days, I'm more than ready for warm weather, sun and health!

Something else (besides this gorgeous weather) that is bringing a smile to my face is courtesy of the super sweet and talented Carrie at Dittle Dattle.  Recently, she was approached by one of her readers seeking help with a decorating dilemma.  Carrie thought it might be fun to enlist the help of three other decorating divas in order to give Jessica options for her problem area.  Imagine my surprise when Carrie asked me to be part of the first ever "Dittle Design Dilemma" team!  I'm truly flattered to be in such great company with her, along with two other super talented ladies ... Liz from Savvy Seasons and Kara from Elements Interiors

Carrie hopes to make this a regular feature ... so, be sure to check out the fun next week at Dittle Dattle.

I'm off to catch up on some projects that I missed out on while I was sick. 
Have a great weekend!