Monday, June 27, 2011

Do You Suffer from DJS ...

otherwise known as "Decorating Justification Sydrome" ??  Well, I do (another self-prescribed condition).  Symptoms include: diverting from your list as you venture into noted danger zones such as HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby, Kirkland's, etc.; often using shameful mental tactics (e.g., saying, "it's the only one left" ... "it was meant to be" ... "you'll be so mad with yourself if you don't get it now" ...); and, developing a glazed over stare in the middle of the aisle as you picture how said unexpected items would look in your space.

Case in point ... on a recent trip to HomeGoods, to purchase a simple item on my list, which was ONE $3.99 white plate (to replace one I broke), I spotted a beautiful $13.99 coral throw.  And, that's when the voice of DJS kicked in ... telling myself that since I added coral to the neighboring dining room, I really NEED to add coral to the sitting room for balance ... that if I don't, I'd really regret it ... it was the ONLY one left ... that's it's such a great price ... and, bad things will happen if I don't get it!  That's when my now-clammy hands quickly placed it in my squeaky-wheeled cart.

Of course, then, I had to find a couple more coral items to add to the sitting room to add balance in there, right?  DJS forced my hand to purchase this lil' cutie ($4.99):

And, this lush lovely ($14.99):

The drive home after a DJS attack can be mixed with feelings of jubulation, as well as guilt because you caved.  However, when you get your new UNexpected and UNnecessary "pretties" home, your DJS reassures you how lovely it all looks ... and that the rapid heart rate, self-argument and moment of weakness was all worth it!

And, okay, while we're in here, I might as well share two more recent DJS purchases.  This lovely wooden bowl from Target (purchased because the sky was blue that day):

And, this beautiful blinged up tray (purchased because I reminded myself of the ancient non-existent DJS Chinese proverb, which says, "she who buy white bling bling tray and place on ottoman in sitting room have years of good luck!"):

Just please don't ask to see the white plate ... the ONLY item on my list because, well, I forgot to buy it (yet aNOTHER symptom of DJS).  Gee, I guess this means that I'll have go back (insert *sheepishly wicked grin*).  Better yet ... I think I'll just stay away for awhile and enjoy my new DJS purchases!

Thanks for stopping by ... and, if you want to go ahead and confess that you also suffer from DJS, you'll feel a lot better ... that, and you'll make ME feel a lot better, knowing that I'm not alone!  LOL

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