Thursday, July 28, 2011

*Moooo*cho Bene!

What a great weekend(!) ... my son and I joined my husband for a business trip back to our old stomping grounds in Northern Virginia, where we once lived before my husband retired from the Marine Corps ... beautiful area, except for the traffic!  We miss our friends dearly who still live there and were happy to see a few who we haven't seen in years ... what a blast we all had!  The screams and laughter from our kiddos playing was a riot ... Jax loves his new buds!

While there, I also got to go to IKEA ... yippee!!  I'd go there quite a bit when we lived in NoVA.  Their prices are more than reasonable, and they have such fun and unique goodies.  A few things managed to come home with me (imagine that) ... the best being a cowhide rug!  You may remember that I've been looking for one for awhile now to add to our dining room. 

Well, the wait is *ova* ... meet "Elsie" (as affectionately named by my husband).  Elsie needs a larger sisal rug underneath of her, but that's not a priority right now:

Love her shades of caramel and cream:

And, how she ties in with the tops of the table and buffet.  Annnnd, yes (*hangs head low*) ... I changed out my pillows:

Hope she enjoys it here!

Still looking for the perfect *bling bling* chandelier!


As an aside ... what fun it was to go back to DC as a tourist.  I worked there for six years and, while I did NOT enjoy the commute, it was pretty neat working at our nation's capital.  One of the law firms where I worked was right across the street from the White House ... talk about an incredible view!  Here's another amazing view ... amazingly *scary,* that is!  Jax and I are about to become a dino snack!  LOL

Hmmm ... think Santa might leave one of these baubles for me under the Christmas tree this year?  Um, yeah, I highly doubt it, too!

Looking forward to a tour of the White House next time we travel that way!

I'll share my other little IKEA goodies next time ... thanks for stopping by!