Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodbye to a Phenomenal Woman

Yesterday, my family lost a woman who was like a Mom to me for many years.  She fought a brave battle against cancer and is now finally at peace.  Her daughter, Ashley, and I were best buds for years (in fact, Ashley and I set up my sister and her brother, who eventually married and have three beautiful children).

She passed away much too young.

She was one of the classiest, kindest, most loving and well-respected women.

She had the most sincere and infectious laugh.

She loved unconditionally.

She had the most genuine smile.

She was there for so many pivotal moments in my life.

She was a true Matriarch of a wonderful family, which includes four awesome children, two beautiful daughters-in-law and nine dynamic grandkids.

She was a fabulous cook who loved to entertain ... her 7-layer dip becoming my favorite appetizer to serve.

She loved to hear Ashley and I recall our crazy high school and college adventures.

She loved the holidays and would decorate their stunning home to the nines!

She was always dressed beautfully.  In fact, in the 25+ years I've known her, I don't think I ever saw her in a t-shirt or without makeup! 

She wore her gorgeous "baubles" all the time, even when sitting on the beach, covered in sand.

She and her husband were married over 40 years and did almost EVERYthing together.

She loved their trips to Pigeon Forge in the Fall.

She loved to have movie nights at home with her husband and whoever wanted to join them.

She always offered sound and comforting advice when listening to my "young love" drama.

She made their kitchen table a favorite spot for anyone to sit and chat for hours.

She nurtured an incredible mother/daughter bond with Ashley ... they were best friends.

She should still be here.

*   *   *

Please, if you don't mind, say a prayer for the Farleigh family, who is going to need support starting this next chapter in their lives without their wife, mother, grandmom, mentor and best friend. 

I love you, Mrs. Farleigh ... you will be sorely missed, but forever in our hearts.