Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Means No More Proscratinating!

See this?  This is a picture of what this light switch in our master bedroom has looked like for the last YEAR folks ... with this little paintstrip from Benjamin Moore (Ballet White and White Sand) tucked up under it and a sample of the paint thrown on to the right of the switch.  I've seen it EVERY DAY when I turn the lights on/off.  My husband has teased me enough!  LOL 

What's holding me, Miss "ADD," back?  Well, I'll tell, no show, you!

There are a BAZILLION nail holes to cover from where we had trim added to the trey ...

a GABILLION nail holes just like these to be filled on every single wall that Miss "I don't like to measure, just put holes in the wall until you get it just right!" added ...

Annnnnnd, our big ol' trey will have to be primed before painting:

Oh, and let's not forget moving bedroom furniture is NOT fun, nor is cleaning the baseboards and dust that is living behind everything!  This room hasn't been painted since we moved in almost 6 years ago!  And, I'm running out of excuses.  I know I'm going to love the result!  So, that's it ... since it appears that it's not going to paint itself, it's time to put my big girl painting pants on and just do it!  The walls will be BM White Sand, the trey will be BM Ballet White, and the ceiling will be Ballet White cut at 75%.

Wish me luck ... see you in a year!  LOL