Sunday, February 5, 2012

Something Simple

Happy Superbowl Sunday, everyone ("Let's Go, Giants!")!  Being married to the biggest NY Giants fan *evah,* our kitchen is a mess right about now, as I prepare goodies for tonight's festivities!  So, I thought I'd step away from it for a moment and share our great room buffet that has a few splashes of red added for Valentine's Day.

I started by adding a red shawl of mine as a runner.  I then filled a glass hurricane with red and clear beads and added a candle.  Of course, I then simply *had* to add shed antlers because they are *ohso* romantic, right?  LOL

And, who says you can't mix pinecones, seashells, orbs and "faux" rose petals together?

I loved the little glittery chapels that I found at Wal-Mart for Christmas so much that I just *had* to incorporate one into our little Valentine theme:

Doesn't it just look so cute, romantic (and, okay, goofy) nestled on more rose petals ... go ahead and sing it with me now "going to the Chapel, and we're gonna get mar-air-air-reed!"  (and, yes, that song will now be in your head all day long ... you're welcome!)

Lastly, I brought back my cream fleur-de-lis vase and added a few *Springy* florals to it.

One last shot:

Okay ... back in the kitchen I go to finish up chicken chili, yummy sausage dip, pigs in a blanket, and more calorie *infested* Superbowl treats (afterall, folks, they say that today is second only to Thanksgiving as far as most calories consumed)!  Please pass the TUMS ... and, again, "Let's Go, Giants!"

Thanks for stopping by!