Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Is It ...

So, one of the items on my "to do" list this year is to go through my bazillion pictures and either delete them or save them to a thumb drive so that I'm not suffocating my "C" drive anymore!

As I was doing so, I came across this picture of our dry bar from Fall 2010 ... notice the warm and darker colors splashed around ... the "tuscan" feel ... the "wine" vignette ... the warm, maple cabinets.  Back then, I could've never imagined wanting a lighter color palette.

Especially using almost ALL lighter pieces ... such as this:

or, this:

nor, could I have *ever* imagined picking up a paint brush and using these on my cabinets!

Or, removing glass cabinets to expose open shelves:

And, adding a cute, little "moo":

And, this:

All, to achieve ... this!

One thing that won't ever change is my love for adding feathers:

Nor, creating fun vignettes (and using my cheese knives from PB whenever I can):

Quite a change, isn't it, from this:

To this:

What is it in our brains that causes our decorating tastes to change?!  If you come up with the answer, please don't let me know because I kinda like the color palette my brain is enjoying right now!  :)

PS: While you are thinking about the answer, I'd love it if you'd look over on my right sidebar and "follow" me through the "Linky Follower" option that I just added ... I'm sad that I may lose some of you once once Google Friend Connect does its thing next month.

Happy Saturday, friends!