Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Buffet ....

As IF I haven't shared our buffet with you enough, I'm sharing it a-GAIN (sorry).  Gone are the reds that were splashed around for Winter and in are more soft colors for Spring!

I added a few, inexpensive "newbies" here, too ... can you spot them?

Of course, I kept my fleur-de-lis vase from Willow Tree.  I love that it can work with any season and is large enough to hold nice, fat bunches of faux florals!

And, what did we do before glass cloches?  My little bird's nest, robins eggs and shredded paper feel quite fancy being showcased like this:

Goodbye pinecones and hello seashells, cream orbs and beach wood:

I thought it'd be fun to layer a touch of black in the mix ... this whimsical Subway art (Home Goods ... surprise, surprise) is just the ticket!

And, unfortunately, my paintbrush skipped on over to my birdhouse and gave it a coat of Old White.

To balance the robins eggs on the right side (under the cloche), my OCD-self had to add a splash of blue on the left side, as well.  Although, I did break my cardinal odd rule by not adding a third pop of blue.  Ugh ... might have to fix that before I convince myself that bad things will happen if I don't!

And, to finish it off, I added a new lamp (yes, *hangs head low* ... Home Goods):

And, there ya' have it ... simple and welcoming Spring (annnnd, now that I look at this again, I'm surprised I haven't painted the frame yet.  Hmmmmm ...)

I love seeing how all of you are *Springifying,* too!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by,