Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Coastal Obsession Continues ...

You know me ... always spreadin' the love (or my obsession)! 

Yes, friends ... along with doing some painting in our humble abode, I've also been having fun here, too!  This is my sweet parents' beautiful home ... well, it *was* until they asked me to help them redecorate!  LOL

Actually, I was super flattered when my sweet Mama recently asked if I'd help them transition their already gorgeous home from reds/golds/greens to a softer palette.  And, considering that THIS is in their backyard, it seemed only natural to introduce blues/browns/creams to their spaces ... giving it more of a "coastal" feel.

Of course, the first thing I did was to create a "Beach House" board on Pinterest, pinning pictures here and there of elements I'd love to see in their "new" spaces.  Yes, folks, the pressure is on because, obviously, I don't want to disappoint! 

Soooo, I chose Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue (source) for their sunroom:

And, Benjamin Moore White Sand (source) for their accompanying great room and entry:

Naturally, Pottery Barn became a huge source of inspiration.  Casual panels ...

Glass lamps (from Pottery Barn):

Coral splashed around (from Pottery Barn):

How about some lanterns (from Pottery Barn):

A family gallery wall (from Pottery Barn):

Gorgeous glass cloche with nautical rope (from Pottery Barn):

Baskets and more baskets (from Pottery Barn):

Fun, textured pillows (from Pottery Barn):

A beautiful jute rug or two (from Pottery Barn):

And, maybe even a HUGE vintage sailboat (source):

Along with new furniture in their great room, I was also hoping they'd agree to new chairs (somewhat like this from Capri Furniture) in their sunroom, as I have a fun furniture arrangement I'd like to try:

With an ottoman (from Pottery Barn) serving as a coffee table:

And, because they love to entertain on their back deck, we simply "have" to retire the red out there and bring the blue outside too!  (Adding a couple of these fun blue and white striped pillows, also from Pottery Barn):

Needless to say, Pottery Barn wasn't quite the same after Mom and I went there the other week!  Yes, folks, you *know* you've had a little too much fun when you block the staff in behind the counter with all of the purchases; the manager asks if she can take your picture so she can send it to corporate; and, despite having an SUV, it takes TWO trips home and back to load up everything!  LOL

As of today, the painting is almost done, and the new window panels will be hung this week!  Here's a little sneek peak of the sunroom right after furniture and accessories were delivered the other day.  I can't wait to play!

Stay tuned ....

Thanks for stopping by, friends,