Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick, Call the Exterminator!

That's right, friends, our mudroom has been taken over ... a-GAIN!

They're everywhere ...

*sniffing out* the family ...
making themselves right at home in their little houses ...
and, engaging in surprise attacks on us AND each other!

Apparently, they aren't our only unwanted guests!  This crow stands perched on the soffit, ready to swoop down on his next victim at any moment!
Even our "command central" has been taken over ...

we can't even go close to our candy corn (which, *per-abably* isn't a bad thing)!
And, don't let "Miss Ezmeralda's" endearing smile fool you ... she's just waiting to pick a spell out of her book and cast it on you while you're folding laundry!
Just look what she did to ME ... stitches, fangs and icky blood vessels, oh my!

And, we can forget about trying to escape ... just take a peek at what is out there waiting for us!

So, tell me ... has *your* house been taken over by unwanted Halloween creatures?
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