Sunday, December 2, 2012

If Furniture Could Talk ...

I'm pretty sure if our furniture and accessories could talk, they'd have quite the stories to tell ... especially around the holidays.
They'd share how they watch in amusement each year at the *pained* look on my face as I stare at them (while pacing, stopping only to tilt my head back and forth and scratch my head), wondering how I'll decorate them *this* year:
An *every day* piece would share its delight as Mr. Reindeer moved on in for the holidays:
This small white pitcher would tell you how it laughed (and grimmaced, just a bit) as I gently *shoved* holiday greenery, berries and light up branches down into it:

Our otherwise plain lantern would tell you how it loves the new *hat* I concocted, made of greenery, ornaments and glittery garland:

A bowl once filled with seashells would share its excitement with you as it welcomed holiday ornaments, pinecones and snowflakes:
Annnnd, I'm positive our mirror would tell you it had *nooo* what was going on when I unexpectedly covered it in Christmas cards from years gone by (especially since I usually put them on one of our Christmas trees). 

"We Say Merry Christmas" and more greenery seemed only fitting to place above everyone sharing their holiday cheer!

But, before we know it, those pieces will be empty again after the holidays ... they'll see that same pained expression on my face as I wonder "what next?"  For now, I hope that they continue to enjoy the holiday merriment that has been added:
So, tell me ... what would *your* furniture and accessories say if they could talk?

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