Monday, February 4, 2013

*Bare* Can be Good!

As much as I love bringing new life to an older piece, sometimes it's fun to bring life to a brand new *bare* piece!

For awhile, I've wanted to retire our two wrought iron barstools from our breakfast bar and add four matching wood ones in their place but, the ones I found were either the wrong style or too expensive.  It was then that I remembered a sweet reader of mine mentioning "Bear Naked Furniture," an online store that sells unassembled, bare furniture for an extremely reasonable price!

Here are two of the barstools being introduced to Annie Sloane's Pure White:

After the "Pure White" dried, I then decided to add "Chateaux Grey" so that they would tie in with our island and dry bar (which are painted the same color).  And, then, out came my paint pen and sanding blocks:

My sweet hubby then mounted the rush seats:

And, voila!

I love, LOVE having four stools here now and thank our friends for breaking them in last night at our Superbowl gathering!

Did I mention that chairs weren't the only thing I ordered?  I'm *almost* done with my other purchase and hope to share it soon!

What about you?  Have you ever purchased bare furniture?

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