Monday, February 11, 2013

Because My Dad Said So!

Meet my dad, Sam ... devoted husband to my sweet and beautiful Mama ... retired dentist ... golf enthusiast ... and, now, apparently, decorator extraordinaire.

For the past few years, whenever Dad has come over ... more often than not, he would look up at our dining room ceiling and say, in his deep southern, instructional voice, "Becca, *when* are you gonna paint that ceiling(?)," OR "you *need* to paint that ceiling ... it's too dark and brings your room down," OR "I see you *still* haven't painted that ceiling!"  Time after time, I've humbly answered (as I'd roll my eyes and nod my head) "I know ... I know, Dad."

Well, this 43 year old gal finally listened!

Before (from last Fall):

AFTER: (Sorry that I'm only showing a snippet for now ... will share more once I replace our ceiling medallion!)

Admittedly, Dad was right!  A lighter ceiling (BM's Maritime White) IS better in here!  I never realized what an effect the gold, metallic ceiling had on the Manchester Tan walls, and how it would cast the darker color down onto the walls.  It seems brighter now ...

In fact, Mr. Roo just might break out in song!

I'm pretty sure that our *faux* orchid has even started to grow:

And, because I just KNOW that Dad is going to want to bring his friends over and show them the influence he has, I added extra seating by bringing in slip covered parsons chairs (that were in our bedroom) to the heads of the table:

Thanks, Dad, for the suggestion (or was that an order) ... I *finally* did as I was told!

Thankfully, Dad approves of the new ceiling and will now enjoy saying "Aren't you glad you *finally* painted that ceiling(?)" over ... and, over again!  And, admittedly, I wonder what he's going to say I need to do next!  LOL

By the way, if you need someone to tell it like it is (or give you advice or instruction that you didn't realize you wanted or needed), I'm sure "Sammie" will be happy to zip on over in my (I mean, HIS) Corvette and share his thoughts!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

I'm off to party here:

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