Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gold and Glass ... Who Knew?

Happy Saturday, friends.

My husband often jokes with me by saying that he's glad that my taste in men doesn't change as much as my taste in decorating styles does!  Ha!  Poor man ... the things he has to put up with being married to me ... mainly, my decorating addiction, especially how often things change around here!

The latest tweaks taking place in our great room have revealed that, apparently, out of nowhere, I'm now a big fan of gold and glass coffee tables!  Who knew?!  Annnd, that's when I decided we simply had to move our heavy, dark coffee table out and make room for a gold and glass beauty!  Alas, the search began ....

I fell in love with this one from Ethan Allen, but, for over $700, sadly, I had to pass:

This one from Uttermost is gorgeous (especially the gallery shelf below)  but, again ... with a price tag of over $500, that's still a bit too high.

I scoured Craiglist for days ... no luck!  Goodness, this was becoming a bit of a challenge ....

THAT'S when I came across this *pretty* from Wal-Mart for only $99 (free shipping, too, when you "site to store")!  

But, wait ... I know you're thinking "um, Becca ... it's not gold!"  You're absolutely right!  Alas, nooooo worries ... that's where a can of *this* from Lowe's saved the day: 

A few coats later, and here's a peek at what it looks like now!

Wooo Hooo ... JUST what I had hoped for!  Don't you just love it when you can get the look you want, without paying the hefty price?! 

I'll be back soon to share more of the little changes in here, including our "coastal" mantel:

Have a great day ... thanks for stopping by,
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