Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Bathroom Gets a Little Facelift ...

Greetings friends!

Some of you may be surprised to know that our son's bathroom (which doubles as one of our guest baths) has had the *same* shower curtain for the last 6 years ... the *same* paint color ... AND, the *same* accessories.  The only thing that has changed in here over the years has been the rolls of toilet paper (ha)!  

That was until recently ... BEFORE:

AFTER!  It was time for the monkeys to return to the wild and give this little space more of a "neutrally-boyish" look for our 7 year old ... 

The method to my madness involved several things.  FIRST ... we had board and batten installed to brighten up this small space, which was then painted Ben Moore's basic white (semi-gloss).  

Then, our formerly Laura Ashley Olive 4 green walls became Ben Moore's White Sand.  I then chose this striped fabric to frame the shower (which my neighbor sewed into two panels):

When I spotted this fella at Home Goods, I knew he'd be a fun addition to the long wall:

And, in place of a towel bar (that my kiddo could never quite seem to hang a towel on ... the floor was easier!), we added these simple hooks:

Now, towels don't end up on the floor anymore!

A wall that was once filled with a big ol' floral ...

now has handsome nautical prints from Home Goods on it:

Up close and in person, you can spy subtle flecks of blues and reds in the sailors' jackets:  

On the "toilette," I placed this simple box topped with shells:

And, rather than buying a new mirror, I simply spray painted our oil rubbed bronze one that was already in here with blue spray paint for a bit of a pop (and to tie in with the shower curtain and towels):

Of course, that wasn't the only thing that was painted ... the light fixture went from oil rubbed bronze to Annie Sloane's "Pure White":

Mr. Monkey has gone back to the jungle ...

And, in his place now sits a textured vase filled with decorative sticks:

I still have one more piece of art to find ... and, I might just might paint the cabinets (imagine that)!  But, for now, I'm enjoying seeing this space with a lighter and brighter facelift!

Thanks for stopping by!

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