Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tic Tock ... it's a New Clock

Happy Tuesday!

When we first bought this secretary (you can see how I transformed it HERE) earlier this year, I added an iron piece I had on hand above it as a temporary filler.  For months, I couldn't decide between a piece of art OR a clock ... art ... clock; clock ... art. Po-tae-to ... po-tah-to.  I gave up.

Then, last week, as I ran into Big Lots to grab something totally unrelated, I spotted this pretty (and really inexpensive) clock.  Without debating with myself in aisle 3, I scooped it up thinking it.just.might.work. 

It looks a bit heavy and ornate, doesn't it?  Well, thankfully, it's not!  In fact, it's made of PLASTIC and light as a feather!  My clumsy self truly appreciated that as I tried to balance the "tiny" mounting hole onto the wall.

Once it was up, I then decided to add a bit of greenery on top of the secretary to give the clock a bit more presence:



*Yup,* it.just.might.work!

Now, I'm off to get my kitchen ready as I'm excited to be part of another series, featuring kitchen tours!  I hope you'll join us ... there's going to be an amazing giveaway!

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