Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Fall Vignette that Didn't Cost a Penny!

While I absolutely love holiday decorating ... thanks to a minimal budget, I love *free* holiday decorating even more!  That's why I was happy to have created a vignette on our sofa table in the great room with things I already had on hand.

Whether it's with a bowl of *seasonal* autumnal goodies, filled with faux pumpkins I've gathered over the years ...

or an inexpensive plate from Wal-Mart's BHG line that I scooped up last year (and, happy to say that they're at Wal-Mart again this year, too).

After spending time perched on the bookcase in our sitting room last Fall, this fella (from Michael's) came back for a return appearance ...

and, a lantern, once filled with nautical rope during the Summer months, now has faux leaves in its place ...

with a Fall *crown* made out of picks and leftover ribbon from last year.

Sparkly, little crows, complete with witches' hats, flew on out of our Fall bins and over to branches I recently snatched from the woods, 

annnd, a metal hammered bucket, filled with holiday pillows last year, became a comfy resting spot for a few faux pumpkins this year!  

All of these things came together to create this:


Now let's see if I can get away with spending zero dollars finishing the mantel on our porch!  Wish me luck!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Lovely vignette! Love each item; you've given me some ideas.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Great design! I have that beautiful plate as well... Don't you just love BHG? I always love your ideas =) Have a good weekend!

  3. Looks fabulous. I love it. What a great vignette and isn't it fun to just shop the house and our stash to find a whole new vignette. Hugs, Marty

  4. Great job, Becca! That's my kind of decorating! Love what you did on the table!

  5. sooo pretty becca! i had the husband get all my "stuff" out of the attic this afternoon b/c he's working this weekend....but Ms. Taylor is spending the night tomorrow night and we're going to "decorate" and season my chalkboard wall. i thought i had only 2 bins of fall decor but he kept handing me bins and bags...where did all this crap come from?!?! Oh, that would be me! every year i say i'm going to go through everything and get rid of stuff but apparently i never do.

    have a great weekend sweet friend!

  6. So beautiful Becca. I love how you embellished those mirrors too!

  7. Becca- Everything is looking absolutely beautiful. I love how you put everything together. Good job- I always love coming here-xo Diana

  8. So pretty and I see those leaf place mats made a reappearance! You are so darn clever!!

  9. Oh, Becca...this is just perfect! I loved every bit of it and then when I saw how it looked on your sofa table all together...well hurray!! Love it! :)


  10. Your table looks so lovely and I adore tha owl.

  11. Your Fall decor looks beautiful Becca...especially against your neutral paint. It really stands out! Have a great weekend.

  12. Becca, I just love your fall décor so much and I love when it doesn't cost anything!!! Your home is always perfection.


  13. It all looks so pretty, Becca! It's amazing how different some of the old "tried and true" things can look when simply placed in a new location or combined with different elements. I haven't purchased much of anything this year. I think The Man might have a coronary if I added one more box of anything to my already burgeoning collection of Fall bins!

  14. It looks so pretty ~ I love the lantern!! The touches of white are great too :-)

  15. It is all so lovely! You have a wonderful eye for what works together.

  16. This is so pretty, Becca! I love the BHG decor at Wally World, too; and, I love free stuff even! Nothing like using things that you already have; and you truly have the knack for making it all look fabulous!

  17. Becca love your home all decked out for fall! Just popped over from Kelly's at Eclectically Vintage! Love your style. Your home is gorgeous.


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