Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Around the Dining Room

Happy Monday!

I'm excited to be part of the "Fun Around the House" virtual tour where 11 other bloggers and I are sharing parts of our Fall homes over the next two days!  So, go grab a cup of "coy-fee," get comfy and start touring!

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WELCOME to our Fall dining room ... all decorated for a big fancy meal that we'll never eat in here.  Yes, admittedly, we don't dine in this room ... at all ... ever ... never.  Obviously, that needs to change.   

Maybe it's time I "ring the dinner bell" and have family and friends actually *break bread* at this table!  I'd be happy to pluck the faux pumpkins from the pretty bowls (that I recently purchased from Home Goods) and fill them with a yummy Fall soup.  The wine and water glasses are just asking to be filled, and the napkins are ready to get dirty:

And, as we all laugh and talk with our mouths full, maybe ... juuuust maybe that's when I'll point to the "1 second craft" I added to my centerpiece (from Kirkland's, filled with faux hydrangeas, pumpkins and burlap) and entice everyone to share their favorite "holiday traditions."

After we're done sharing traditions and family memories from years past, I just might have to turn everyone's attention to the chalkboard I pulled out and propped on our sideboard, where I attempted to add a simple saying of "thanks":

Hopefully, the soup bowl filled with chicken chili or the gold "blingy" candlesticks will distract our guests, and they won't pay too much attention to my "wonky" handwriting:

If not, no worries ... I'll just quickly point out these cute black and white plates (also from Home Goods) that I pulled out ... hoping to complement the chalkboard!  And, of course, mention how I love how the pops of orange work so well with these colors, too:

Then, I'll share with everyone that, besides being grateful for wonderful family and friends, I'm thankful that these floating shelves, filled with these seasonal plates, haven't come crashing to the floor!  

Yes, this just might be the year that we actually enjoy Fall harvest in here.  If not, maybe the pretty "HARVEST" garland from Home Goods that I hung in front of the window will make people "think" that we are!  

As we say here in the South ... "HAPPY FALL, Y'ALL!"

Thanks so much for visiting our Fall dining room!

Now it's time to tour the Fall spaces of these incredible bloggers whom I'm blessed to call my friends ... you'll be amazed by their talent!

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Thanks for your visit ... I'm off to start touring!

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  1. Gorgeous! You surely should break bread in this room, your Fall touches are perfect!
    Have a GREAT week...

  2. I am glad that I am not the only one who doesn't eat in the dining room. Your's is so pretty Becca! So pretty I think I am dragging the kids, aunts and uncles over to your place this year. Don't worry though we are a tad bit classier then the Griswalds.

  3. Looks beautiful Becca. Why I didn't know that we were supposed to eat in the Dining Room!! LOL!
    I'm in love with your rug and draperies.


  4. Beautiful, Becca and you really really need to break that room in. We use ours maybe once a year. Isn't it sad that these rooms are just decorated even though it is done beautifully.

  5. OH how pretty. I would want to sit and enjoy it every night Becca. Gorgeous~

  6. Your dining area is beautiful and the perfect touch is the cow rug, such an attention getter. Love the neutral whites with all the pumpkins. Perfect space to dine.

  7. Your dining room is so beautiful. I love it, and that rug just grabs me every time. Hugs, Marty

  8. Such wonderful fall touches in your beautiful dining room, whether you eat there or not! Your rug is a show stopper and I love your floating shelves!

  9. Love all the pretty plates! So gorgeous, Becca!! Lets work on breaking that room in... You do the cookin' and I will bring the wine =)

  10. Oh Becca we don't use our dining room either. I have seriously thought about turning it into something else but don't have the heart to get rid of the furniture. I remember the first time I saw your dining room. I thought it belonged in a magazine and still do. Has it been in a magazine? If not it should! All your "Becca" touches are perfect. The white pumpkins are amazing. I have never once clicked on your blog and been disappointed. Love it all!

  11. I would be in that dining room every night! Love your chalkboard - wonky handwriting and all!

  12. Looks beautiful, Becca!

    I love these sort of group tour ideas. I've enjoyed participating and I find them so easy to get around to.

  13. Becca, your dining room is so beautiful. You should use it from time to time. We don't use ours either, and, as you know, I just recently re-did the room. By the way, the curtains turned out great. Thanks for your help with the fabric and width suggestions.

  14. Becca,
    Your room looks outstanding!! Yes...y'all do need to use this beautiful room.


  15. Very pretty, Becca! I love those Fall dishes that add a seasonal look to your dining room. Love the pumpkins in the urns. In our old house we only used to use our dining room for holidays and special occasions, since we had an eat-in kitchen. If we hadn't moved, I was thinking of making it into a library/dining room so that at least we'd do more than walk through it!

  16. Oh Becca -- this room is so beautiful. I love the creamy colors and the beautiful bounce of orange around the room. Those dishes on your shelves (do they match the bowls on the table?) Are GORGEOUS! Of course, from Home Goods. I think I hear our local store calling my name! Thanks for loads of inspiration! Your room is just BEGGING to be eaten in! ;D Have a great Monday! ~Sally

  17. Becca, your dining room is stunning! Don't feel bad...we only use ours a few times a year. If mine looked like yours, maybe I'd use it more. Beautiful!

  18. Or..... I'll just bring a pizza and some beer over and we will use paper napkins and the plates to keep everything so darn pretty! You are good woman. You are GOOD!

  19. With a gorgeous dining room such as yours, I would be eating in that room every day!...You create perfection in every room and this room is no, love all of your beautiful Fall touches throughout the room!!!

  20. You are too funny. I adore your dining room and the crisp white decor. I would love to eat in this room.

  21. Oh you must break that beautiful room in Becca :-)
    Luv the Fall touches... and that rug... sigh.
    Hugs, Gee

  22. JUST STUNNING, Becca! You put together a fresh, updated fall room! LOVE the whites and touches of orange... and that rug...sigh!
    It would be such a shame not to use your festive dining room this fall.
    And happy fall to you to!

  23. I hope you DO use your gorgeous dining room this Fall!!! It is fun to entertain just BEING TOGETHER is what matters. It all looks just beautiful, Becca. Love the chalkboard AND your writing!!!!

  24. This room is jaw-droppingly beautiful. I mean, let's face it. We're all sad ours doesn't look like this. #ImKiddingButImNotKidding ;) I love everything about it - especially that you placed the hide underneath this table. Well done, Becca!!


  25. It is so beautiful, Becca! I'm glad you are so honest about not utilizing that room. In the two years we have lived in this home, we have eaten in the dining room twice. My excuse is that this entire area is carpeted -- very, very light carpet, so the kiddos were banished to the breakfast room and left up to their own devices! Well, we can't have that now can we? I still love having the dining room and it being the first thing you see when entering our home. I always get such great ideas from you on decorating, so whatever room you want to share is just fine with me. You truly never disappoint!

  26. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    It's my first time visiting you blog, and it's so beautiful.
    I love the light, airy feeling of your dining room (courtesy of the whites and bright lighting) . . . and simple, warm touches of Fall.
    Dreamy, just dreamy.
    Thanks for sharing,

  27. Very beautiful room and sentiments! I love the tureen nestled in the floral ring and the black and white plates flanking the chalkboard especially!

  28. Beautiful! I once had a dining room that I didn't use much - more as a buffet during parties than anything. I regret that - so I say - girl, use that dining room - have some dinner parties - life is so very much more than just decorating and lovely things. Enjoy what you have!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design.

  29. I love those plates you have displayed & the chalkboard. We don't use our dining room, either, but it sure is fun to have another surface to decorate!

  30. Becca, Your dining room is lovely. I do especially like the white floating shelves. Love all of the white and the touches of orange about the room. I hope you do use this room for dining some day. There is a feeling of "special" when you dine in a lovely room like this.

  31. Your dining room is gorgeous! What color are your walls?

  32. Your dining room is gorgeous! What color are your walls?


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