Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Boring Halloween Mudroom!

If you were to ask my son what is second favorite holiday is, he'll quickly tell you it's Halloween!  He's at that age (7) where he wants things scary and spooky, not cute and childlike.

Sooooo, when I finished decorating our mudroom for Halloween (admittedly, the only room I splash a bit of spook around), needless to say, he wasn't as impressed as he has been in years past.

When I asked if he liked the new "BOO" garland, he said, "sure, it's cute, but, it's not scary ... at all."  Okay, fine.

What about the mice running here and there?!  Nope, boring.

Surely, the spider taking over our family wall and turning frames crooked with its huge web takes you "aback," right?  "Sorry, Mommy, but, no."

Yup, apparently, spiders aren't scary one little bit, especially when they're sparkly!  Who knew?  

Neither are the birds who are ready to attack.

Well, at least he approves of the candy,

especially since the eyeballs are edible!

Sounds like I've got my work cut out for me next year.  For now, our "cute and childlike" Halloween mudroom will have to do!

Thanks for stopping by our boring and "non-scary" Halloween mudroom!

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