Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adventures in a Magazine Feature!

Greetings, sweet friends!

The boxes are being unpacked and our house is finally beginning to feel like home!  Of course, we have a WAYS to go, but, at least I can see the finish line (well, sorta)!

Admittedly, I still miss our home in SC terribly, but was SOOO very excited to get copies of "Decorating Shortcuts" magazine today, a national publication, where our home has been featured ((*pinch me*))!  This is truly a dream come true for little ol' me and such a wonderful memento of our home in SC that we'll have forever!

I still can't believe that's our *former* humble abode splashed across 8 pages!

Thank you to Gridley + Graves Photographers for the beautiful pictures and Charlotte Safavi for the great article.  Annnnd, a huge thank you to my sweet husband and son for letting me decorate and redecorate our home ... again ... and again ... and a-GAIN, without too much fuss!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
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