Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Feeling "Blue" in our Summer Great Room


Isn't it funny how our tastes change?  Admittedly, I feel as though mine changes more than the average gal.  One minute, I love red, the next ... not so much.  One day, I tell myself I'll never use navy blue in our main rooms again, and then ... this.

I'm just going to blame it on our white sofa.  It just calls out to play with different colors since it's such the perfect backdrop ... for me, anyway.

I'm also going to blame it on Home Goods.  It seems as though they've been overloaded this season (or year) with blue, blue, blue.  And, I found myself drawn to it.

Like this pillow ... how could I resist it (?) since the blue ties in with the solid blue pillows; the burlap ties in with our white with burlap trimmed pillows; and the black lettering ties in with our black frames ... and, most importantly, the price tied in with my budget!

And, then there was pretty vase calling out to me on "aisle 9" of Home Goods ... of course, I was bummed it didn't have a twin because you must "know" how addicted to symmetry I am.  I decided to scoop it up, anyway and am glad I did!

How have I forgotten how pretty and crisp blue and white are mixed together?!

Of course, I have to always dress our mantel up for the season, and, somehow, a little blue and white found its way over there, too.

Wanna guess where I found the cute matching vases?

I'll give you a hint ... it's the "same" place I found this awesome blanket!

Feel free to come "GATHER" with me while you figure out the answer!

Shame on you Home Goods ... shaaaame!  

I love how these colors all play so well together and can't believe it took me almost 15 years to incorporate navy back into our great room decor!  I might have to keep around for awhile ...

and figure out where "else" can I add it?  Just please don't let me go back to Home Goods for awhile!

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