Monday, September 28, 2015

Our 2015 Fall Kitchen

Greetings, friends!

What room of yours is your favorite to decorate for Fall?  For me, I think I'd have to say that it's our kitchen.

I guess it's because we spend a lot of time in here ... or maybe it's because countertops give you lots of space to scatter your love for the season.

Having said that, now I laugh because I kept it pretty simple on those surrounding countertops. 

This year, I went with more neutral tones, too ...

with white pumpkins and pine cones taking over, with only a little added color, like in our roo prints.

It's nice how nature can "dress up" the simplest of utensils.

I did sneak in a little orange though.

I mean, after all, what is Fall without orange, right? 

And then back to simple and neutral on the other side, as well.

The main reason I did this is because I had fun on the island, playing with the oversized tray I found last month at Home Goods.


I wanted this to be the focal point, without competing for your attention ... making this our "go big or go home" vignette, where no color was off limits!

Of course, I had to add a colorful roo to stand guard.

In our little breakfast area, again, I kept the kitchen table pretty plain ... that's because of our annual Fall family tree in the background.

I've been adding this tree for several years, and I never tire of decorating it ...

Even though it's not a big tree, it takes me awhile to decorate because I find myself getting distracted with the pictures and sayings I add to the tree ... walking down memory lane takes a little time!  

So does greeting some of the cute ornaments (like Mr. Owl) who have been hibernating in a bin since last Fall.

Of course, you know I love adding lots and LOTS of "stuff" to my tree toppers, with our Fall family tree being no exception.  

And, yet, if you turn around from the tree, you're greeted with simple, yet again.

Even though I'm a "more is more" kinda gal when it comes to seasonal decorating, sometimes, it's fun to keep things a little understated, with one big vignette or display right in the middle to say "ta da!"

I hope you're having fun adding a bit of seasonal "ta da" to *your* homes right now!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Becca, it's perfect as usual. Love the subtle counters and the spectacular island vignettes, but that Fall Tree is definitely a show stopper and definitely a TA-DA.

  2. Your fall kitchen looks amazing. I love the basket on your island and how you styled it.

  3. GORGEOUS!!...all of it...I too am sticking to the neutrals in my holiday decor....I LOVE your pretty and inviting...well done...:)....come on by and visit...put up a few new "Autumn" posts...have a great day, Mariaelena

  4. Becca,
    your kitchen is gorgeous, and the fall touches you added are just right, simple and classic! Love it!

  5. I love all the white and the touch of orange! Very pretty!

  6. Been waiting for this!! :) LUV!
    Neutral with pops of bright. Perfect. You know I had that big tray in my hand in HomeGoods a few weeks ago, and I left it. Grrrrr!
    Another beautiful room !

  7. Becca, you know I love anything you decorate! I look forward to seeing your posts and seeing all your wonderful ideas! I love your Fall kitchen! The island vignette is stunning and adds just the right amount of color to your kitchen! Your family tree is fabulous! You are creating such great memories for your son! I remember my Mother's seasonal and appreciate the time she took to make everything special for us. Love it all!

  8. Your Fall tree is so unique, Becca. Your kitchen looks so pretty and I especially like the arrangement on the island combined with the pretty chandy above. Hoping you have a great week.

  9. Hi Becca! Oh, honey! Your kitchen is just beautiful and I love all of your Fallen touches especially your Rooster display! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Becca, it is beautiful as always! Love the vignette on the island and your tree gets better and better! Happy Fall!!!!

  11. I love the Fall touches in your kitchen! I like the little owl! Also noticed the pumpkins stacked in that clear can on the counter, so cute!

  12. Everything looks perfect, Becca! So pretty! Love the little pumpkins in the glass canister.

  13. Thank you so much, Angelia! And, thank you, too, Suzy!

  14. Well, as always, the Becca-treatment is outstanding! Your kitchen is gorgeous, anyway, but adding just the right touches & pops of color does take it to the "ta-da" stage. I always enjoy your Family Tree, and it has inspired me over the years to create my own version on a much smaller scale. Thank you so much, Becca, for sharing your lovely Fall Kitchen!

  15. Such a beautiful kitchen and living room. All the throw's and pillows and little "roo's" are so cozy. Thanks for inviting us into your home. Happy Fall!

  16. So great to see your beautiful kitchen dressed for Fall....I always look forward to your most creative seasonal decor Becca!

  17. I love how you decorated your beautiful kitchen for fall. Just adore the fall tree.

  18. So pretty! You always have that perfect touch. Love the throws...they scream tea, cocoa, red wine...!

    Jane xxx

  19. Such a pretty kitchen it is, too, Becca! : ) I love how you decorated your big tray on the island. Such a perfect Fall vignette and I like that you could move the whole thing out of the way easily if you needed to.

  20. I always look forward to and love to see how you decorate your home throughout the seasons. You make everything look so pretty and know just how to add the perfect touches throughout your home. Your fall family tree is my favorite!

  21. everything in your home is always so gorgeous. you certainly have a special talent when it comes to decorating for the seasons and holidays.

  22. You did it again my friend! Love the beautiful arrangement on your island and I've always loved your family tree!

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  25. I have been looking everywhere for a farmhouse/cottage style dining room set. May I ask where you got yours? It's gorgeous!


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