Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Our New Breakfast Area Chairs ...


Sometimes, I'm slow to catch on ... like when it came to the French Tolix chairs that I've been seeing quite a bit lately.  I know that they've been around forever ... like starting in the 1930s ... BUT they seem to have made a serious come back in the last few years.

I love all of the fun colors they come in ... how vintage ... industrial ... and, simply cool chairs that these chairs are.

I also love mixing old with new ... look how pretty they are in this dining area paired with those awesome wicker chairs.

I knew I had to have a couple of these for our kitchen table.  So, after perusing the internet, I scooted up to Target and purchased two of their Carlisle chairs.  What a bargain at two for $99!

Unfortunately, when I get them home and put them together, the scale of them was a bit too small for what I wanted. Bummer!

Soooo, back to the drawing board I went.  After seeing many for $150+ a chair, I thought I'd have to wait awhile to purchase them.  And, just when I was about to give up, I stumbled onto Restoration Hardware's website.  Their version of the Tolix chair, the Remy, is on sale for only $79 a chair (originally $99).  It was the right height, the seat was a bit larger and the price was doable!  I added two to my shopping cart and anxiously waited for them to get here.

They arrived fast ... required no assembly ... and have wasted no time getting comfy in our breakfast area!

I love them so much that, on a whim, I painted our table top AS's Pure White (like the base) to allow them to take center stage a bit more!

Now, to add a bit more wax to the table ... enjoy our chairs ... and add a bit of Christmas to the newly painted table top!

Moral of my little story ... keep on clicking around the internet because, eventually, you'll find exactly what you want and can afford!

Have a great day!

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  1. Oh Becca... why are you doing this to me.... I have seen them around. BUT, the Mr saw the ones at Target and pointed them out as an option for our breakfast nook. I smiled and refrained from getting them. We went to a restaurant for lunch a few weeks ago, he pointed them out again. I smiled.... Now you are show casing them. I dare NOT mention this.. hahahaha... you are all ganging up on me.
    Shih... I kinda secretly want them.

  2. Becca,
    I have always been a fan of industrial style, I love the way it mixes in with most other styles! Your chairs look amazing with your table, what a deal from Restoration Hardware!

  3. I can't believe what I just read in your post - I also just painted my kitchen table white so it would look better with my new chairs - the same chairs as yours!!!!! My table is also sitting on top of my newly purchased sea grass rug. Aside from my table being oval, we have the same exact dining area!!! Oh, it is so nice to see that someone thinks the way I do, and I think your dining area is absolutely beautiful!!

  4. good for you! I love that new chairs= paint table too! Miss you!

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  6. I love those metal chairs too! I've mentioned them to my husband before but he thinks they wouldn't be comfortable. But I bet they are. I'm sure they're very practical for a kitchen too since they're metal and easy to keep clean. Glad that you were able to find just the right size for your table.

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