Monday, December 21, 2015

Our 2015 Christmas Sunroom

Happy Monday!  

I can't believe Christmas is this week ... it's "crunch time!"

Before I get into "panic mode," I wanted to share our little Christmas sunroom.

Since I had to find a temporary new home for our Ektorp chairs (which are usually in the great room), I thought they might be comfy in here.  Red and white outdoor pillows (from Lowe's) help give them a bit of holiday color.

Behind the chairs, I hung these cute pieces from Home Goods ... love their reflective mirrored backs!

A little bar area greets you ... juuuuuust in case you need a little "toddy."  A pretty star (from IKEA) shines above.

With our walls now being Palladian Blue, I knew I needed to mix blue into our tree, annnnd red and white ornaments seem to be a fun complement to it.  I'm really enjoying this color scheme!

These sweet "vintage-y" ornaments are usually on our "main" tree, but they had the right colors for this tree, so I had to "steal" them for this one.

I love the star lit up at night ... think I could just keep this up all winter?!

I've taken quite a few holiday naps in here ... is that bad?

As always, thank you for visiting ... I'll be back to share our Christmas kitchen before the big day on Friday!

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  1. So pretty, Becca! I'd keep the star up forever - if that's what pleases you. I know I certainly would! :)

  2. So beautiful Becca!, I love the way your home look all the time you did a good job for Christmas
    have a wonderful CHRISTMAS full of Joy and blessing for you and yours!!!
    merry Christmas!!!!

  3. Love seeing your rooms for Christmas. I love your style. The tree is beautiful with some blue mixed in. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. Merry Christmas!

  4. Beautiful home. Merry Christmas.

  5. I'm coming over and it looks like the bar livations need to be restocked. :)

  6. So beautiful! Love the star in the window and the tree is gorgeous. Such a warm and cozy looking sunroom.

  7. You know where you can find Christmas your home!!!....Becca, the sunroom is so fabulous!....Love that amazing tree...Looking forward to the kitchen!....Have a Merry!

  8. Your sunroom looks lovely, Becca! That star is so pretty. The room looks perfect for naps, and I should know....I've taken napping to a whole new! I look forward to seeing your kitchen.

    Warm hugs,

  9. Becca, I enjoy seeing your creativity! Merry Christmas blessings to you and your family. Enjoy your special time together.


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