Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our Dining Room Today ...

Happy Thursday, friends!

In a past post, I shared our dining room and mentioned how we never eat dinner in here, and that we needed to change that.  Well, guess what (?!) ... we still have yet to change that!  Poor room.

I "did," however, change a few things ... 

like the paint color.  We had it painted Sherwin Williams' Perfect Greige before we moved in ... but then, recently, I decided to lighten it up and paint it Ben Moore's Manchester Tan like the rest of the rooms on our main floor.

Over on our buffet, which used to have more of a cream distressed look, I added a couple of coats of Ben Moore's White Dove.  I then painted the top, too (which had a mahogany stain) White Dove, as well, and then added a dry brush coat of an almond color.  

Our "once gold" mirror felt the wrath of my paint brush, too!

Admittedly, it's only a matter of time before our dark stained dining table top gets painted, too.  For now, an oversized wicker tray, filled with a few white pieces, is guarding it from my paint brush.

Another little project in here included adding picture frame molding below the chair rail ...

Maybe one of these days, I'll actually finish that project over on this side of the room. 

Hopefully, our little plate wall and mirrored buffet distract from my lazy, unfinished job!

A few months ago, I scored this cute corner buffet on Craigslist.

I love the chicken wire the seller added.  And, well, no surprise that I painted it Ben Moore's White Dove, as well.

The only other change I'd love to add in here is a different chandelier ... hmmm, maybe "then" we'll start eating in here!

Thanks so much for stopping by,

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  1. Just found your blog today, your house is WONDERFUL!!!!! All of your rooms are so cozy and comfy, what an inviting home. Just beautiful!

  2. Love it, this is such a pretty room. You always add just the right finishing touches.

  3. Ooohhhh... Luv the changes Becca.
    We use ours multiple times a week. Yesterday was one of those nights :) The wrath of my paintbrush is about to collide with our hutch. It was my grandmother's but the finish is not the best so I have no qualms sorting it out with paint.
    This rainy weekend might just be the push I need!
    I look forward to your changes . You always inspire me .
    Happy weekend !

  4. Becca, your energy just amazes me! You always have the most beautiful projects going. Love the new molding below the chair rail; and your paint jobs are always so beautifully done.

  5. Just your changes along with the pops of greenery classic blue and white dishes.
    XO Barbara

  6. Love all of it Becca....I am sure your guys were staying away in fear of being painted!....I truly do love the table with the stained seems to anchor the room....and what a great find on CL...and of course you painted looks fabulous as does the entire room!

  7. Even if you don't eat in your dining room, it must give you such pleasure as you look at it as you go by the room. It is just lovely.

  8. Oh No, Becca! You painted the top of my sideboard! I love that piece of furniture! Please don't paint the top of the dining room table! I love the to tone effect! I know, you have a love affair with your paint brush! I noticed the picture frame molding. it looks awesome. I want to do this (well, my trim man will), in my dining room too. However, I have two windows that are quite low. The wall between the windowsill and the baseboard is only 21". Do I leave it, or do I do a long frame under both windows? Thanks for your input, my amazing decorator!

  9. Hi Becca, everything looks lovely! I agree with Shirley, the wood top anchors the room and with everything else painted it is a perfect contrast! Yeah you!

  10. You and paint brushes! LOL! Everything looks absolutely lovely my friend. :-)

  11. Such a beautiful room. I love it all.

  12. Love it all, Becca! Such a gorgeous room! Our kitchen/family room is Manchester Tan with White Dove cabinets in the kitchen so I obviously love your color combination as well! You did such a nice job styling your shelves too. So pretty!

  13. Lovely. Here's my idea. I don't have a dining room but I do have a bigger table and buffet with hutch in my kitchen eating area. So let's make a pact!!! Once a day, get out a crystal goblet or a pretty tea cup and enjoy tea or coffee or ice tea at your table. Relax. Bring a magazine you will read there. Really enjoy the room. It's our delight. No one really lives there in our unused space but we.
    So if you want an apricot along with it, get a little white plate, a cute little napkin, your goblet or tea cup and enjoy. Your beautiful room. Gotta go!! I'm going to do just that!!!
    I'll let you know how it goes😊

  14. It's a gorgeous room, Becca! We used to have a formal dining room and rarely ate in it but I would WANT to eat in here! So fresh and lovely. I like the table top dark too. Your house is lovely.
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal


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