Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Greetings and Happy Holidays from South Carolina !! I'm excited to finally be dipping my toe into the world of blogging and sharing my addiction to decorating !!  I've enjoyed visiting so many creative blogs (Kristen's, Nesting Place, Between Naps on the Porch, Melissa's... the list goes on and on) filled with wonderful decorating ideas, recipes and witty (and often poignant) thoughts on life. I decided it was time to lose my blogger *virginity* and join the party, despite the fact that I have no.idea.what.I'm.doing. when it comes to creating a festive and fun blog. So, please bear with me, and forgive me that I don't know how to add a pretty Christmas background, Christmas music or a lovely, cursive signature ... I'm still learning (lol). (And, a special thank you to my friend, Beth (at momx2) for answering my many blogging setup questions!)

With this being my most favorite time of the year, I thought my first post should, of course, be about the wonderful holiday season. My husband and I were thrilled to have been asked to put our home on the local Christmas Tour of Homes, which was this past weekend. I jumped at the invitation because, not only do the proceeds benefit various worthy organizations, but give me an excuse to put my decorating obsession on overload and I'm ALLL over it !! Below are a few pics around the house ... I'd love to share more later on. Hope you enjoy, and I look forward to getting to know you all !!


I decided to make our kitchen fun and whimsical for our three year old son ... I love how childlike it makes me feel (however, I *don't* like having to avoid the temptation to attack the sweets that are scattered around). The tree is dripping in elves, candy and other whimsical ornaments.\

The great room mantle is carefully being guarded by our nutcrackers; however, I don't know how protective they'll be when the 50 lb. garland comes crashing down (fingers and toes crossed that doesn't happen) !!

The sitting room towards the front of the house I decided to decorate in a musical theme. Please come sit in a wing chair with your brandy, hot cocoa, tequila (or whatever it takes) to make you want to pick up an instrument and start singing "Joy to the World" ... the carolers are carefully perched in the bookcase under the street lamp, ready to sing along with you.

I chose to dress the dining room in traditional pieces ... the tree is full of Christopher Radko ornaments, birds and gold, glittery (which equals messy!) ornaments. I love the Lenox Winter Greetings bird plates. As we're from Virginia, I wanted to have the cardinals surrounding us this time of year.

I hope you enjoyed the pics ... I'd love to post more later on.

Best wishes,



  1. Hi Becca,

    Nice to meet you! WOW, what a beautiful home you have and your holiday decorating is *so* beautiful! I love Christopher Radko ornaments and your trees are absolutely gorgeous. You have really been busy. Your pictures could be out of a holiday decorating magazine...just wonderful!

    Happy Holidays,


    P.S. Your mantle is PHENOMENAL!! I had to go back and look at again. =)

  2. Hi, Becca beautiful Home and Christmas Decoration, wonderful trees.
    Have a nice Christmas time with your Family.
    XOX Isora.

  3. Thank you ladies for your thoughtful comments!! I'm so glad you stopped by and were my first comments on my new blog !! I will be posting more pictures soon and I look forward to your future posts as well !! Thanks again, Becca

  4. Hi Becca, thanks for your visit to my blog! Your decorating is outstanding...I love your mantle! I look forward to more visits! Kristen

  5. Hello Becca, ~Welcome to Blogging!~
    I just found you over at Kristen's blog and thought I would stop by.

    ~Wow! I'm so happy I did. Your home is just gorgeous! I'm loving everything I see here. I adore your mantle and Christmas tree. Just simply stunning home decor'! Sigh....:)
    I'll be back often I can tell already.

    I do hope you will come by and visit me and follow my blog as well. You are always welcome anytime my friend.

    Enjoy this joyous season and blogging too!
    ~Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  6. Thanks, Kristen !! I'm so glad you stopped by !! I promise to post more pics soon, and I look forward to your future posts showcasing your gorgeous home and enviable talents !! Thanks again, Becca

  7. Hi Melissa, nice to *meet* you. Thanks for your kind words !! You don't know this, but I've been a "silent" follower of yours for quite some time now (first seeing you on Rate My Space some time ago) !! And, girl, no need for you to sigh ... have you looked at your fabulous home lately ?! (Maybe I need to remind you of the 5 stars you'd constantly receive on RMS) ... I especially love your warm and inviting kitchen !! We have more than decorating in common as my husband is a *young* retired Marine ... I hope your husband continues to stay out of harm's way. I look forward to getting to know you better and sharing our love of decorating !!

  8. Hi Becca,
    Thank you so much for coming by and your sweet comment! I really appreciate it. I do see the note you left me here on your blog now as well. Oh my goodness did I know you on RMS? Did you have your lovely home posted because I feel sure I would have remembered it. It's so stunning!

    Your hubby was a Marine too! How awesome! You never now we may cross paths one day since we live pretty close to each other as well.

    Come by anytime and visit and leave me a comment so I know you came by. I always answer mine! It's easier than leaving one on your own blog so people know you have visited with them. Just click on my name. To *Follow* just click on the box on the side of my blog and then click done. It's a really useful tool and a great way to meet other bloggers so they can also find you.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better!
    Many Blessings. ~Melissa :)

    PS I'm going to post our Christmas trees tonight finally! Yay! ;)


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