Sunday, March 7, 2010

Serenity in the Master Bath !!

Happy March, everyone (gosh, wasn't it just Christmas) ?!  For the one and a half people who read my blog, I'm sorry I haven't posted recently ... between my son turning four (bittersweet, indeed!), myself turning 41 (eee gads!), where we had a big ol' adult birthday bash at our house last night, complete with DJ and disco lights (what FUN), and adding new touches to our master bedroom and bath, time has gotten away from me !!
 Speaking of the bathrooms ... okay, admittedly, I LOVE seeing baths that say "calming," "relaxing," and a "touch" of coastal.  These rooms tend to be done in soft blues, creams, taupes, etc.  I've imagined waking up and walking into such a serene space to start my day, face my wrinkles and apply gobs of makeup.  So, I finally bit the bullet and made a few changes to our master bath to attempt this look.

BEFORE: Once again, it was done in my "go to" colors ... red/gold/green.  (As always, feel free to click on the pic to enlarge it.)

AND, AFTER:  We painted the walls Duron Millet.  The whimsical animal print rug use to live in another room ... it was a bit too big for the main part of our bath, so I cut it down a bit, which gave me a bonus runner ... yippee !!

We also added new lighting, took down the builder's basic huge mirror and opted for two matching ones instead.  I'm enjoying being greeted by the whimsical wall words that took me forEVER to put up on the wall (LOVE wall words, but 9 times out of 10, they end up crooked ... ugh)!!

I finally found a fabric that I liked !!  And, yes, I know my mis-treatment is in need of serious help, as it's pinned together ... still need to sew the poor things and add a tassle trim on the bottom:

Same with the shower curtain ... in need of sewing (and addition of a tassle trim) as well (oops):

I wanted "something" with color to go in between the mirrors to fill the gap.  So, I bought three 8x10 canvases on sale at Michaels and covered them with the same fabric as my window mis-treatments and shower curtain (adding a starfish to the middle canvas just for fun).  I like how it ties all the fabric pieces together. 

Love having the bowl of shells on the vanity ... they serve as a fun reminder that we live by the ocean.

And, of course, I was SOOO excited to find this accent chest at Kirkland's ... it matches the blue in my fabric to a "T" !!  I want to add a different piece of art above the chest, eventually, but this one will do for now:

Well, that's what I've done so far.  Still need finishing touches and to complete my "toilet" room.  I'm going for beadboard wallpaper and chair molding.  I'm also painting the upper portion SW Stratton Blue.  I'll post that (and my bedroom revamp) soon !!  I'm off to catch up on everyone else's projects !!

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Denise said... Reply To This Comment

I was wondering when you would come out to 'play' again ;-) I love seeing your pretty rooms. I have to admit I loved your bathroom 'before' too but love what you've done to it, the blue splashes of color really accent the place.

Nancy said... Reply To This Comment

Girlfriend, I love these colors and so love what you've done!!! Just a few minute changes and it looks like a totally different room! Hope you don't mind, but I intend to 'steal' this look :) and am thrilled you listed the wall color as well! Again, you rock, Becca!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said... Reply To This Comment

Your bathroom looks just gorgeous. I love your blue chest. It is stunning. The two mirrors and lights look fabulous. Everything is just beautiful. Hugs, Marty

Debbie said... Reply To This Comment

What a fantastic job you did Becca!!~ Happy Birthday, your party sounds like my kind of party!~

Chari at Happy To Design said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Becca...

My friend, it's soooo good to see you! Life gets busy and it's difficult to blog at times...understandable, my friend! Sweet birthday wishes to your little one! Also...Happy...Happy Birthday, dear Becca! Sounds like you had a fabulous much fun!!! Sending you my very best birthday wishes and blessings!

Well Darlin', what a sweet treat to get to see your fabulous bath redo! It's gorgeous, Becca! I love the blues and browns paired together! It's what I have my master bed and bath done in. Love the beautiful fabric that you've used for all the curtains...gorgeous! It's a pattern that I would have picked for sure! Girl, I love how you used that pretty fabric on the canvas art between the mirrors! Aren't you the creative one! They're really pretty...what a great idea! Ohh...and I love, love, LOVE your new mirrors and light fixtures...they really, really add to that space! Ohhh...and I just adore that beautiful blue chest's sooo perfect in your bath! It's the first thing that caught my eye when looking at your photos! I also love the fun, unexpected whimsy of the animal print rugs...great addition, my friend! You really did such an outstanding job here in this fabulous bath!!! I love your's sooo beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing your new bath redo with us...such a sweet treat!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Teri said... Reply To This Comment


Happy Belated Birthday to you and your son! It sounds like you both had an incredible time celebrating.

Your powder room is so calming and relaxing. Mission accomplished. I love all your special little embellishments. Great usual!

I finally have my blog up and running. Be sure to stop by now that I've finished painting my master bedroom in those rich, beautiful Ralph Lauren colors you shared with us a while back.
My hubby was a little nervous at first, but he loves it now. I still have some finishing touches to tackle when time allows.

Have a blessed week!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said... Reply To This Comment

Very pretty, Becca! Love the individual mirrors over the one big one. Love the fabric you brought in and those tub prints in the tub area are great.

Nalamienea said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, what a gorgeous master bath you have! I'm totally envious!!

Jennifer@3sonsandadaughter said... Reply To This Comment

It looks great! Glad to see you back. I enjoy your decorating style and following your blog.
Welcome back and Happy Birthday!

Pam @ Design Fanatic said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, your bathroom makeover looks great. I love, love love that blue chest. It's beautiful!
And, Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Honey, I always love your decorating. Your bathroom looks fabulous. I completely understand how time gets away while we are busy raising our children. We miss you when you don't have time to come out and play. Hugs, Marla

Teri said... Reply To This Comment

Blogger can be strange that way, especially if you lose your connection before the comment gets posted. That has happened to me.

I'm glad you came back for a visit. =)

Melanie said... Reply To This Comment

The chest is great. I am not a 'blue' person but I always love it in everyone elses house. Our home is new and it is just a basic bathroom and I am in dire need of some inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Maybe it will jumpstart me.

Linda said... Reply To This Comment

Luv the blue chest and the coastal touch! Hope you have a FUN Monday:)


Becolorful said... Reply To This Comment

I am a red green yellow girl too but I like that you switched it up. Hard for us to do, I know. I am curious about the rug. You cut it? Did you have to do anything then to keep it from unraveling or fraying?

Grandma Nina said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Birthday! I'm like you, I always go for the green/gold/burgundy. I stretched a bit and went with blue in hubby's office and blue and green in the guest room. I love to see blue in other's homes but just can't bring myself to do it very much. Your bathroom is looking great, but I also like the before picture, too.

Melissa Miller said... Reply To This Comment

Becca your master bathroom is gorgeous! I just adore all of your new changes. The blue chest is simply stunning. ~WOW! I'm heading back to Kirklands soon just to take a look at it. I wish I could update our master bathroom with tile and granite counters but it's just not worth it. We will most likely move in the summer of 2011. Sigh...I sure do have some ideas for our next home though. Thanks to you and your decorating talents.

Happy Birthday to you and your son!!!! I'm glad you had a blast! Woohoo!

Have a wonderful week. ~Melissa :)

PS I had been missing you around blog land.

Jemsmom said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you and your baby!!!! Mine turned 4 in December and it is just killing me, because I realized that next Christmas, she will be 5!!!! How does it happen?!?

Your bathroom is FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC!!!!! Love how you have it all. Love the bathtub prints, love the canvases you did, and really love the two mirrors. I have been telling my hubby we need to do that and this is just going to show him how good it will look!!! You are awesome!!!

kim said... Reply To This Comment

Great bathroom. I just love that blue chest. Such a pretty blue. Your bathroom is a lot like mine. I would love to get rid of the big mirror, but for now it stays. At least it is framed in mirror framing.

Pamela said... Reply To This Comment

Becca it is soo pretty! Where did you get your new light fixtures?? I love those!

The Persimmon Perch said... Reply To This Comment

Really really cute! Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

Kathy :) said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely that chest :)

Happy Birthday...

Kathy :)

Hootin' Anni said... Reply To This Comment

I love the window treatment. I think I'd be havin' bubble baths for ever!!

My Show n Tell is just Springtime Flowers in our Yard A nice treat after a long, cold winter!! Stop over and 'smell the roses' with me if you can! I'd love your company!!

Marianne@Songbird said... Reply To This Comment

Your bathroom looks wonderful! Like a true spa retreat.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said... Reply To This Comment

It looks did a wonderful job...Happy Belated Birthday

tales from an oc cottage said... Reply To This Comment

Soooooooooooooo very nice!!!!!

m ^..^

Mari said... Reply To This Comment


Liz said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, Becca, never cease to amaze me. Your master bathroom is so pretty, calming, and relaxing. I think it lends itself to a look of sophistication. You always know how to accessorize so beautifully. I am *very* impressed.

Happy belated Birthday to you and your son. Birthday ((Hugs)) Thanks for sharing, as I have gathered a ton of ideas for my bathrooms.


Rhonda said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Becca,
I just found your blog from Melissa's Heart & have a lovely home, and I see lots of treasures from my favorite store, Kirklands! You have wonderful taste!

Melissa Miller said... Reply To This Comment

HeHe! Check out my post sweet friend. Thank you!!!! *Smiles*

Melissa Miller said... Reply To This Comment

You were definitely my inspiration sweet friend! Thank you soooo much! Even my hubby likes the new cabinet. It takes alot for him to say anything about decorating stuff much less even notice I bought something new. Men...HeHe! LOL!!!! :)

Pat said... Reply To This Comment

I love the bathroom ~ both the before and after. You are very creative and the fabric you've used is really pretty. I lean toward the reds & golds & black, however, I'm thinking of doing my bath in other colors once I'm next week. (I'm so tired!)

A belated Happy Birthday to you and your son. I'm so glad you had a fun party! We need to celebrate BIG ~ :-)

K.V. Writes said... Reply To This Comment

I've just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! Your bathroom (and the older post of your kitchen) are simply inspiring. I'm so glad to see people using colour in their homes - there's so much white out there!!
Thanks for the great read!

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said... Reply To This Comment

I love the new color scheme. And the fabric covered canvases~ very pretty!

Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours Day at My Backyard Eden!

Kendall said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, it's just beautiful! I love those rugs and that blue chest, oh my! I featured your bath makeover in my Week in Review post. Go check it out!

Sherry said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Becca,
Your bathroom is all the soft colors and the accessories you used.

Thanks for dropping by and your sweet comment on my beach house. We now live on the south side of Richmond in Moseley. Most people that live in Richmond don't even know where Moseley is. We are a couple of miles from Midlothian.

Rose H (UK) said... Reply To This Comment

No rushing in and out of your bathroom - it's far too nice! Love the fabrics you've used and the blue chest.

Stephanie Lynn said... Reply To This Comment

This turned out gorgeous! I love the zebra rugs and fabric print. You did a fabulous job! Your new header looks great!

Jemsmom said... Reply To This Comment

Just wanted to drop by and say "Hi!" Can't wait to see what you are up to next! Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a great week!

Liz said... Reply To This Comment

~Hi Becca~

I miss you! I hope you are enjoying nice spring weather in your neck of the woods. I just wanted to drop by and take another peek at your gorgeous bathroom and kitchen. You sure do inspire a lot of us. =)

Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Easter.


Liz said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Again!

I figured you must be busy with a new project. =) I can't wait to see your great room changes. I am seriously considering painting my two front rooms with that gorgeous Ralph Lauren metallic paint color you used. =) I love the warmth it added to your rooms.

Enjoy the day! ~Liz

JDaniel4's Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Every detail is so elegant and well placed!

Viki said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, your redo looks amazing. Good job.

Christy said... Reply To This Comment

Great redo, love the colors!

VKT said... Reply To This Comment

Wow....I love both the before and after. Where did you find the animal print rug. You are a wonderful decorator....I am so glad you chose this for your M post. Happy Alphabet Thursday!

Amanda said... Reply To This Comment

Such a pretty bathroom! Very relaxing. And we all have a few of those "mistreatments" in our lives!

Jenny said... Reply To This Comment

You're silly. You definitely have more than one and a half people...silly girl.

What a wonderful Master Bath redo.

You are quite talented and clever. I really like the color you used and I would never, ever have thought of cutting a rug down..but it worked perfectly.

Thanks for the inspiration and the lovely photos.

And thanks for a fun stop on Alphabe-Thursday's little journey through the letter "M"!


Betty (picture circa 1951) said... Reply To This Comment

Very nicely done!