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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Little Gem Can Be Yours ...

As I'm sitting here, with the dismal views of rain, I find myself looking at pics of my parent's second home here in North Myrtle Beach.  It "takes me to a better place" as it reminds me of warmer temps and sunny days.  Seeing as most of you guys are dealing with the same kind of icky weather, I thought I'd share their humble abode with you, too!  The even better news is that this home is FOR SALE!  That's right folks ... if you, or anyone you know, has an extra $1,290,000 lying around, and would love a home at the beach, please let me know!

We all affectionately call this home "the creek house."  It sits on a deep water canal with spectacular views and some of the most beautiful sunsets you've ever seen!  You can't really see it in this picture, but it has a gorgeous green, tin roof, which helps to put you to sleep on a rainy day when the rains hits the roof (feel free to click on pics to enlarge):

Mom chose to decorate this house in pretty corals, various shades of green and touches of yellows, pinks and whites.  This is the great room on the second floor, which is the main living level of their home.  The most amazing views are right through those sliding glass doors:

One of the master bedrooms is in the background: 

We used to love to enjoy coffee in the morning and cocktails in the afternoon sitting right out here, while enjoying this view.  Close your eyes and listen closely, you can almost hear and feel the breeze blowing through your hair and ripping through the pages of your Star, People or Traditional Home magazine, can't you?  Careful, don't spill your Bahama Mama!

Here is one of two master bedrooms that is on the main level.

The kitchen has beautiful hardwoods and marble countertops.  The cabinets are a beautiful soft, glazed yellow. 

On the third floor is another great room where the kids usually hang out.  There is another balcony through the sliding doors ... I wish I had more pictures of the view to share.  On each side of the great room are bedrooms, each with a private bath.  Also, not pictured, is a large bonus room that could also be used as another bedroom:

One of the 3rd floor bedrooms:

Right down the street is a private wildlife reserve which serves for wonderful evening strolls:

Did I mention that their home is being sold furnished and has an elevator to conveniently bring in all of your flea market, Home Goods and Hobby Lobby purchases?  There is also a floating dock for your convenience AND they are including a boat, too, which currently sits parked in the *ginormous* garage!  All you need to bring is your bathing suit, sunscreen, toothbrush (and checkbook)!

Thanks for letting me share my parents' second home with you today.  As the temps get warmer, I'll take you over to their gorgeous home on the beach where they live full-time. 

For a few moments there, I almost forgot it's cold and raining outside!  Hope you felt a burst of sun and warmer temps, too!

Have a great day,


Monday, January 24, 2011

My Happy Place!

Welcome to little man's play room a/k/a my "happy place!"  At any time when Jax isn't at pre-school, you can find him in here creating, playing games, watching Nick, Jr., singing karaoke, jamming on his light up drums, *reading* books and knocking out puzzle after puzzle. 

And, while I LURVE this room ... I want to update it just a bit as my kiddo is turning 5 next month! ((*Heavy sigh*)) It doesn't really have a theme in here ... sports mixed in with beachy scenes ... mixed in with superheroes, etc. SOOO, I'm going to be making a few simple changes in here ... make it a bit more big boy-ish?? But, before I do, I thought I'd show you around a bit (click on pics to enlarge):

Above the sofa is a red bookshelf and honey stained shelf (both from PB Kids) and my most FAVORITE piece of art *ever* is sandwiched in between. I created and ordered Jax's "Warhol-like" print from a few years ago. He was about 1 1/2 when this picture was taken.  I'm going to be very sad when it comes time to *retire* it from this spot ... however, I'll find another place for it.

Like in our great room, I recently added a shag rug in here, too!  It's so soft on little piggies (and, not to mention ... hides all kinds of crumbled up cheez-its, goldfish, play-doh, etc., quite well)!  lol.

His bookcases are from Land of Nod.  They've taken a lot of wear and tear over the past few years, but have held up wonderfully.  I'd really like to wall mount a larger TV in here for him.  We'll see.

Spiderman got his backpack on and is trying to escape, leaving all of the other superheros behind in their designated blue bin:

Behind every sports lamp is the green Hulk, don'tcha know?:

Scribbled on part of the molding around the closet is a chart of Jax's growth ... he sure did "sprout" from October to January, wow!  I'm almost 5'3", and he comes up to my chest already.  Yikes ... he's going to be taller than me before he's 7:

A leggo creation:

Oversized wall pencil from PB Kids: 

And, while the changes I plan on making are quite minimal, there is one thing that not be removed as it will apply to him for years to come.  LOL:

Before you go, it's only fair that I share a funny picture of Jax ... he found the wig from my husband's Halloween costume ("The Situation" from Jersey Shore) and loved dancing around in it!  LOL.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm off to mingle.  Come on over to these talented and fabulous blogs!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Shopping We Will Go ...

(*Yawn*) ... if it rains or continues to be cold and gloomy much longer, I am going to turn into a bear and hybernate for the remainder of winter!  Please wake me up when Spring arrives!

During this stretch of icky weather we've had lately, I've been shopping!  However, admittedly, my favorite stops have been a bit disappointing as they're all doing inventory and s-l-o-w-l-y restocking with Spring goodies. 

Here are snippets of a few fun things I've found:

A collection of natural decorative balls ... the textures are fabulous:

A beautiful cream/glazed rooster:

A fun, french clock that I splashed with green, metallic paint:

Spring daisies promising me that warmer temps are around the corner:

Vinyl labels that I embellished with my chalkboard paint:

A beautiful wood and wrought iron piece:

Potpourri that has sea shells mixed in with beautiful reds, golds and creams pieces!

And, lastly, a beautiful brown and gold container:

I'm off to "tweak" so that I may share where I placed my fun, new finds!  And, while I'm playing, I'll join my fun and super talented friend, Kara, for Whassup Wednesday.

Have a great day and stay warm,


Monday, January 10, 2011

Mantle Tweaking

Okay, when I posted my great room yesterday, I was not "feeling" the mantle.  I attempted to tweak it a bit, but would love to layer it more.  Here's the start (feel free to enlarge by clicking on pic):

I love how Liz over at Savvy Seasons by Liz added a few birds to her mantle.  That inspired me to bring a few of my birds out, too!  Thanks, Liz! 

This cute birdhouse sat on my buffet during the Fall ... I thought I might bring it back for now:

I snatched these birds up from Michael's last Fall when they were on clearance.

Over on the right, I brought back my winter bird plate (from Home Goods):

The florals are made up of berries, greenery and feathers:

Love the battery operated candles that I forgot to turn on:

And, of course, this silly little nut is my BEST accessory ever.  We had fun today since his school was closed.

I'm joining Beth's winter mantle party at her blog, Stories of A to Z.  Come on over and join the fun.

Enjoy your day,


Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'll Miss You, Red ...

Happy Sunday. What's your weather doing?  We are preparing for a bit of winter weather here in Myrtle Beach.  Seeing as we don't even have a snow plow, per se, any snow or ice will, undoubtedly, shut our entire area down!

I've been meaning to share the new look our great room has.  Last Fall, I decided it was time to trade out our red sofa.  I loved it, but, again, we'd had it for awhile, and I just really wanted to lighten it up a bit.  Too, I thought it'd be nice to have the option of being able to add other colors in that might not work with the red.  Plus, we wanted to add a loveseat for additional seating.

Here is BEFORE (feel free to click on pics to enlarge):

And, here is AFTER:  

We found a wonderful sofa and love seat at a "pre-Labor Day" sale at La-Z-Boy.  I chose the fabric, and they were delivered four weeks later.  We're really pleased with their neutral color, and how well they work with our accent chairs.  You may notice that the love seat isn't pictured.  Well, surprise, suprise, I've already moved it to another spot.  lol

You might also notice the rug is different, as well.  I found a fun, shag rug at Lowe's for a great price.  I love throwing a little bit of contemporary in.

On the sofa are a few fun pillows from PB and World Market:

The coffee table (also from Pottery Barn) is quite a bit smaller than the other one, and I love the drawers where I can hide the remote, coasters, etc.

I found this handsome horse at Home Goods:

I also retired the window panels to the sitting room. BEFORE:

And, AFTER:  I went with the 108" panels in Classic Linin from PB.  I'm pretty pleased with them.  And, now they match the ones in the breakfast area.  We also added the bamboo shades, as well.

On over to the mantle ... here is what it looks like today.  And, while I'm not exactly crazy about this arrangement, it will do for now.

And, here is the vignette on the buffet table in the great room, as well (still tweaking):

As I mentioned, I've already moved the love seat which was sitting perpendicular to the new sofa, to a new spot.  I'll show you where I dropped it next time you stop by.

I'm off to work on my header, which is in desperate need of a "new do"!   Thanks again for stopping by.  I'm sure I'll crash a few parties at the following wonderful blogs.  Come and join the parties:

Have a great day,


Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Look Back at My Madness ...

***(Sorry I haven't changed out my Christmas header picture yet ... am working on that right now ... lol!)***

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their friends and families!  I certainly did ... just can't believe it's over already.  Now that Christmas has been packed away, everything in my home just looks empty and depressed!  Time to pull out my decorating magazines for inspiration, as well as checking out your new awesome decor projects ... all of which are such inspiration for me!

Before doing that, I thought I'd hop on the band wagon and show a few of my "before and afters" from last year. 

First off, le mantle.  It went from this:

To this:

I later attacked our master bath, which went from this:

To this:

I then, of course, had to hit the bedroom.  This little fella went from this:

To this.  I love how soothing it is in there now:

I slowly moved my way around the house, preying on the sitting room next! Out with the metallic chocolate brown walls, which I did love:

 And, in with the lighter and brighter wall color (BM Manchester Tan):

My poor dining room was next.  It cringed when I came in with a ladder, paint rollers, tape and plastic mat.  It knew what was about to happen!  So long dark walls and china hutch buffetr:

And, hello fun, new light, bright and somewhat shabby dining room.  PS:  I'm happy to report that neither the shelves, nor the humongous mirror, have come crashing down ... yet.  Yay!

Moving into the kitchen ... we removed the black granite island top:

And, replaced it with a larger butcher block piece, that I don't have to clean fingerprints off of *10000* times a day!  I love having more room there for parties (great spot for all the yummy appetizers), Jax's projects and place for him to eat at times:

We also retired the red accent wall in the kitchen, as well as the window treatments, chandie shades and rug.  Before:

After!  I love how the SW Ivoire looks in here ... the lighting makes it look as though the back wall is darker; however, it's all the same light and creamy shade.  The PB sisal rug works really well in here now, too.  I've already changed the panels ... again.  Shame.

Lastly, the mud room makeover was fun to work on!  While I loved the red, monkey/palm wallpaper, it was time to set them free back into the jungle!  Before:

After!  Yipee.  I LOVE the beadboard that we added!  And, the paint color (BM Manchester Tan) is fun in here, as well (although, it's more of a neutral tan than it's appearing to be in this picture):

And, I'm really pleased with how the picture wall and coat rack turned out.  (This pic also shows a *truer* color of the paint.  As most people enter/exit through our mudroom, it's fun for them to stop and take a peek:

Well, friends, sad to say that that I shared above has since changed (imagine that)!  Nothing big, just accessories and placement. We did purchase new furniture for our great room, which I'll soon share.  I look forward to seeing what decorating trouble I get into this year.  Might be time for an intervention!  Ugh.

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Take care,