Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'll Miss You, Red ...

Happy Sunday. What's your weather doing?  We are preparing for a bit of winter weather here in Myrtle Beach.  Seeing as we don't even have a snow plow, per se, any snow or ice will, undoubtedly, shut our entire area down!

I've been meaning to share the new look our great room has.  Last Fall, I decided it was time to trade out our red sofa.  I loved it, but, again, we'd had it for awhile, and I just really wanted to lighten it up a bit.  Too, I thought it'd be nice to have the option of being able to add other colors in that might not work with the red.  Plus, we wanted to add a loveseat for additional seating.

Here is BEFORE (feel free to click on pics to enlarge):

And, here is AFTER:  

We found a wonderful sofa and love seat at a "pre-Labor Day" sale at La-Z-Boy.  I chose the fabric, and they were delivered four weeks later.  We're really pleased with their neutral color, and how well they work with our accent chairs.  You may notice that the love seat isn't pictured.  Well, surprise, suprise, I've already moved it to another spot.  lol

You might also notice the rug is different, as well.  I found a fun, shag rug at Lowe's for a great price.  I love throwing a little bit of contemporary in.

On the sofa are a few fun pillows from PB and World Market:

The coffee table (also from Pottery Barn) is quite a bit smaller than the other one, and I love the drawers where I can hide the remote, coasters, etc.

I found this handsome horse at Home Goods:

I also retired the window panels to the sitting room. BEFORE:

And, AFTER:  I went with the 108" panels in Classic Linin from PB.  I'm pretty pleased with them.  And, now they match the ones in the breakfast area.  We also added the bamboo shades, as well.

On over to the mantle ... here is what it looks like today.  And, while I'm not exactly crazy about this arrangement, it will do for now.

And, here is the vignette on the buffet table in the great room, as well (still tweaking):

As I mentioned, I've already moved the love seat which was sitting perpendicular to the new sofa, to a new spot.  I'll show you where I dropped it next time you stop by.

I'm off to work on my header, which is in desperate need of a "new do"!   Thanks again for stopping by.  I'm sure I'll crash a few parties at the following wonderful blogs.  Come and join the parties:

Have a great day,



  1. Very fresh and pretty Becca! Your entire home is getting a new neutral facelift these days. It is all looking gorgeous with your signature touch of whimsy and elegance. You have the designer touch girl. Show us more! :)

  2. I love your new room Becca! Everything looks gorgeous, but I wouldnt expect anything less from you. You have such great decorating skills. I wish I had your touch! Look forwarding to seeing more. Have a great day!!


  3. I love the neutral sofa. I had a red sofa too. I love all of your neutral decor, and I am really trying to become neutral lol. I love the horse, and have been seeing a lot of them. They had some huge ones at Hobby Lobby, I am waiting for them to go on sale. Ya'll stay warm, we are getting nothing but sleet here right now, and expect power outages before morning.

  4. Everything looks gorgeous! I'd love to have a more neutral couch one day. Mine is red too. For now I'm going to enjoy it though! LOVE all your changes!!

  5. Everything looks gorgeous! I'd love to have a more neutral couch one day. Mine is red too. For now I'm going to enjoy it though! LOVE all your changes!!

  6. So pretty, Becca. I love your new sofa and rug. I have seen others find great rugs at Lowes. May need to check those out. Stay warm.

  7. Your house is lovely! The new sofa makes the room. Looks very fresh!!

    Enjoying your blog.
    BTW...We visit Myrtle Beach every summer at the Island Vista...used to be The Sea Island. Love Myrtle Beach!! :)

  8. Becca, how do you find the time to re-vamp things the way you do? You are truly inspiring! The new neutral look is so serene and soft with such a touch of uptown sophistication. I like the new rug and it ties in well with your curtains. Your vignettes are wonderful, as always. Perfection, yet once again! You always amaze me! Keep the pictures coming...

    Stay warm! XOXO ~Liz

    P.S. The snow is heading our way tomorrow night on thru Wednesday! Brrr!

  9. Very pretty! I like how your red sofa looked but I like your new sofa too! I really, really love the change your new drapes made though! That looks fantastic! Everything is looking quite wonderful as usual. I am sure I will be back from time to time to check out more details!

  10. I love the neutral tones, very elegant and classic. You can also add so many different colors to it. Your coffee table is fabulous, I just found one at Pottery Barn that I really like and hope I can get the couch that looks so great with it, too. I'm looking forward to seeing where you placed the love seat!


  11. Where do I start? First, I love the couch with the chairs. I really love the curtains. I think that is the most dramatic thing that you did. The rug is nice and different than what you had.

    What did you do with your other one? Did you sale it? It looks like it would go in my house. We have to make a date to go to HG together. Do you go to the one right by Michaels?

    Let me know. Stay warm.

  12. Love your new sofa! The red was beautiful, but the neutral is fantastic and will allow you to change things and colors out so much more! Not that you would change anything!! Ha! The curtains are gorgeous and look so good raised up like that. I do that every chance I get! Starting off the New Year right with your beautiful home!

    We are supposed to have some ice and freezing rain in the morning. They have all ready called Jemma's school off! I love living in the south!!!

  13. love the new changes. I also have a neutral sofa, and love that I can change the look completely by changing the throw pillows.

  14. Becca, Your new room looks fabulous. Love the new sofa and drapes.

  15. The sofa is beautiful! I really like the panels you changed too. It all looks very fresh and light. I do have to say that the mantle doesn't look like you ~ even though it is quite attractive. I guess I'm used to seeing more glitz and whimsy. :-)

    You are a fabulous decorator! Wish you lived nearby ~


  16. Love the new look Becca - very soft and warm. I hope you keep it this way - it's just perfect the way it is, including the mantle!

  17. Becca, I love your vision! Although, I do love your before photos very much. I too have a lazy boy sofa! Love love love it! It's so well made. Even the puppy liked it when he decided to nibble on it (bad bad doggie!!)

    Don't you love this weather? Snow on Christmas, 60 on New Years, and now many many inches of snow again!!!

  18. Oh, I adore the curtains and new rod!!! The height makes them look so grand.

  19. Thanks for swinging by and leaving such a glowing comment on my crazy hutch top.
    You, on the other hand have a great eye for vignettes.
    I am a huge fan of camp red too and i love the colors you are working with. Happy, warm and homey.
    Have a great week.

  20. I love the new lighter look, and I really like your drapes and bamboo shades. I have lots of bamboo shades and they add so much texture to the neutral look I'm incorporating. I was a 'red' girl too but started getting rid of all the red a couple of years ago. The sun room is the only one still red and that will be going soon.

    Stay warm & safe!

  21. So beautiful!!! I really like what you have done! Great job!

  22. Very nice Becca! We are looking for a new sofa as well. I just can not decide what I want! Ha!:)

  23. Becca...It looks AWESOME! So crisp, light and FRESH! A perfect new Palate! Gorgeous! Be sure to link this up on Wednesday at my Whassup Liky!


  24. Becca, your family room looks great. I've spent the past several months transitioning from reds to neutrals (khaki/brown). Next is the red walls!!!

    I love the changes you've made and your mantel looks great with the tweaks. I could tweak my vignettes weekly :) It's an illness, but a fun one!

  25. You truly have an amazing eye for decorating. I love how the new sofa gives the room such a sophisticated touch! Happy Tuesday!

  26. The red was nice, but this room looks so fresh and open now. I love your couch! It is all very pretty Becca!


  27. Hello my friend! Just coming back by to thank you for linking this up to the party this week and for motivating me to think outside of the box when it comes to my mantel...I'm serious! I have spent the better part of this week trying to come up with a new arrangement on mine! I always take a step back and look at it and ask myself, "is this Becca worthy?" :-)
    I'm not sure its there yet but I'm going to keep trying!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  28. Ok so I missed a few posts here...I think I have been a lil busy focusing on the newbs is all:) Love your fresh changes. Of course the before was lovely too..but I love the couch change and the freshness of it all.

  29. You have a lovely home! Love the new look!

  30. Loving the curtain treatment over the french doors! We had french doors in our first home and a treatment like that would have been perfect.

  31. I totally relate to making the room lighter. I think it looks amazing. Love your blog.

  32. I know what you mean! I had a floral red couch and adored it. But, it started to fade and had to go! I love your new look!!! Now you can have fun with pillows!


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