Sunday, April 3, 2011

Come Gather at Our Table ...

The breakfast area ... a/k/a my *office* ... the spot where I pay the bills for my brothers' surf shop ... the spot where I blog ... and, the spot where I'm inspired by all of you creative peeps!

An old silver platter, pitchers, Wedgewood/Florentine china (from my sweet Mom), flowers and antique silver serve as the centerpiece: 

While at PB the other week, I spotted their antique silver line, which are all etched ... beautiful!  I wanted to buy every single piece!  However, the prices quickly ended that love affair.  I did manage, however, to grab these pretty cheese knives (that I mixed in with other flatware): 

I love the vintage detail:

And, okay, the matching salt and pepper shakers jumped in my basket, too.  *Hate* when that happens ...

The metal/wood piece mounted above the window is from HomeGoods, and the window treatments are from PB. In order to save moola, I bought two panels and cut them up the middle, making four narrower panels!

On to the dry bar, which we added to our breakfast area two years ago ...

A vintage wine barrel "lazy susan" serves as a backdrop to my Southern Living tray (recently spray painted white), filled with wine bottles and corks:

A fun *bling-bling* wine stopper from a great friend:

And, nothing says French like fake cheeses, grapes and a "Bordeaux" cheese knife, right?  (lol)

And, a mercury votive illuminates an apothecary jar filled with corks:

I love seeing the sunlight stream in again!  We've had *enough* of the rain!

Have a great day!  I'm off to continue another project that I look forward to sharing with you ...

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm off to play at fun parties ... please join me!

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  1. Everything looks so pretty, Becca! Great minds think alike I am doing the same thing with some panels cutting them up the middle to make more!! I have been looking for a wine lazy susan where did you get yours?

  2. I love those sunlight pictures, Becca! Don't you just love seeing that? Yes, I hate rogue merchandise that just jumps into my shopping cart! : ) Luckily, everything looks so nice in your cozy breakfast area.

  3. Random things jump in my cart all the time too!!! It's a beautiful space. Love the wine/cork vignette.

  4. Hi Becca! Oh, how pretty everything looks! Love your silver and your recent finds! You really have to watch the merchandise. Those things happen to me - the stuff I look at seem to float into my cart with I'm not looking! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. It all looks so pretty Becca. Love the stream of sunlight coming in for the photos too.

  6. Everything looks beautiful Becca!! I LOVE the centerpiece you created on your table. I haven't seen those vintage silver pieces at PB, guess I'm making a trip there this week LOL! Martina

  7. Beautiful as always Becca! I love the white pitcher that you have the flowers in. I am going to have to be on the look out for one, I am seeing them on a lot of blogs. I am sooo sorry bout that salt/pepper shaker thing. Imagine something like this happening to such a sweetie? LOL Have a great week!!

  8. Your breakfast room is stunning. Love the drapes and the centerpiece is fabulous. Love the cheese knives and the salt and papper. Gorgeous. Your dry bar is fabulous. What a great thing to have and your vignettes are just unreal. Love them all. Hugs, Marty

  9. I would love to have you link this to Table Top Tuesday tomorrow. Perfect for the party. Hugs, Marty

  10. I have been in love with those salt and pepper shakers forever!!! I told my husband that's all I wanted for Christmas and they was out of stock I need to see if they still have them!!!! I just love your house!!! It's gorgeous!!


  11. It looks adorable! I love your centerpiece on the table. It's fresh looking and the pitcher is the best!

    Have a good week.

  12. I just love the way you combine simple elements & make them look spectacular. You rock, Becca!

  13. Your breakfast room is do pretty and I don't blame you for buying those cheese knives and salt and pepper. I love the way they look.

  14. Becca, your very lucky that you don't live close that lazy Susan would be missing , didn't you make that? Very thing looks beautiful


  15. Very pretty, Becca. I love the way you dressed your windows with texture and layers! Love the salt and pepper shakers - I have been on the look out for some...maybe I can walk through Pottery Barn and they will jump in my basket as well - lol!

  16. Beautiful. Love your centerpiece. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  17. It's all so pretty, I'm so jelous!

  18. Hi Becca, What a pretty table and breakfast bar and sitting area you have and decorated so pretty!I have been given silver and can I borrow your idea ? I love the pieces in the white pitcher and the table. I am glad those items jumped into your cart! LOL.They will have a great home! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home with us, Emelia.

  19. You know I adore you and your home! I was scrolling quickly through Carrie's page and saw a lovely room. Nice soft shades of neutral color. I wasn't clicking on anyone's but had to come back to that lovely room. Well guess whose it was? YOURS!!!! I should have known immediately! Hope you have a great week! I am off to see my parents in Tennessee!

  20. Becca, I love your breakfast room and all your vignettes you created are gorgeous!

    Enjoy your day,

  21. Hey friend! I'm coming over to hang out at the dry bar for awhile! We could just sip and chat till the cows come home ok? :-) I love all of your lovely touches and getting to see more of your gorgeous home is always such a treat. Hope you have a great week lady!

  22. Its BEAUTIFUL as always! I have that same tray...Southern living at home..LOL...except it looks like you took a can of paint to it :)....LOVE IT! You are BEYOND talented!


  23. Your breakfast area is lovely. That is a good idea to cut the panels in half to save money. i am going to keep that in mind.

    I have that same tray...and I love it. (It looks good white too)

    I love white ware and I have several pitures like that one, in different sizes. I love putting flowers in them too.

    Decorating IS an adventure.
    I LOVE your blog.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  24. Very pretty, Becca. I adore those little spreaders from PB. The corks in the tray..everything is so nicely put together. As always!=o)

    have a happy Monday~ L

  25. Oh, Becca. Your house always looks so grown-up and together. I love it. I really like your vintage touches too.

    Yes, gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous is my verdict!


  26. Your kitchen is so lovely! I love all your moo-la saving ideas :D I hope you get a chance to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine we're having.... however, I wish there was a little less wind.

  27. Every thing is so nice!
    I love that pitcher with all the daisies!!
    And I too hate it when at PB stuff jumps in your cart you didn't want to.......ha

  28. Love it all! The antique silver you purchased at PB is so neat. The dry bar is great ~ lots of extra space...which I need desperately. Thanks so much for sharing!


  29. Joining you from the Dittle Dattle blog hop.

    Be still my beating heart... this is lovely! Your photos make me feel like i'm sitting at your table with a lovely glass of wine just breathing in the atmosphere. Love it!

    Please follow me at:

  30. What a tease! I am intrigued by your new project...

    Until the reveal, I'll just hang out here in your welcoming "office."

    P.S. Love the PB silver. Can totally understand how it followed you home!

  31. I love the PB silver. I may just need to pick some up for myself =)
    I too inherited the same Florentine china from my Grandmother and I love it!

  32. Oooh la la! Very french and very fresh and pretty kitchen Becca. The changes are all simply spectacular! Love what you did with the curtains to make four panels. Great idea!

  33. Oh, I just love these photos so much! What a lovely home :)

  34. Becca, Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I just found your and absolutely LOVE IT!! I am a follower and grabbed your button :) I am guilty of a PB splurge now and again too!

    Before Meets After

  35. Everything looks really beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing at my Swing into Spring party.

  36. Okay I am in love with your house and I'm a new follower!!

  37. Love your breakfast area...I blog in mine too...except I don't have a table...I opted for 2 comfy chairs and an ottoman. Oh and I especially love your jar with the wine corks...great idea. I am always trying to think of new things to put in my jars!!!

  38. hiya , what a beautiful collection , i love those salt and pepper shakers
    tfs am visiting from amaze me monday and your newest follower , hope you pop by mine and follow me too

  39. Becca, I've been stalking you for a while, but have not left any comments. I did send you a message once re metallic paint and you were so kind and supportive! I have my own blog now!! ;) By the way, I love all your decorating!

  40. You have beautiful house!!! The silver tray and the white porcelain add a lovely charm to your table!! Also like the way you have decorated your dry breakfast nook.. Lovely!! If you have time drop by my place too;)

  41. Hi Becca! Oh just loving that flatware from PB- how charming!! I haven't seen that before - I would have wanted it all too- and of course the S& P shakers are darling. Your bar area is fantastic- what a great spot!! :)

  42. Hi Becca, everything looks beautiful! Your new curtains look perfect too...I bet they are not hotglued like mine! lol...Love the butter knives too...I love going in the pottery barn, but they are a little pricy. I found a rug in there that I loved for my dining room, I was actually surprised at the price, not as bad as I thought...I'm keeping in mind for sure. Have a great day! Kristen

  43. Your kitchen area looks great....we have lots in common...silver displayed in a mug/jar, southern living tray (that I'm now going to paint white) AND looks like a love for Barefoot Pinot Grigio? :)


I appreciate your comments!