Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nothing is Safe ...

... from my paintbrush !! 

I'll bet you're SHOCKED that I've been dipping in the paint/glaze/stain cans again, aren't ya'  ?!  The latest victims have been the dining room chairs that one of my sweet sisters, Mitch, gave to us when we moved into our home.   Her husband and she bought a new set for themselves and passed these on to us.

BEFORE ... traditional cherry:

AFTER ... French-y FUN:

I think distressing has become my favorite part:

I also recovered all of the cushions with a soft *taupe-y gold-ish* durable fabric.  Just a few more chairs to go, and I'll be ready to show you the dining room's *new* look!

I hope my sister approves of the change!

Well, I'm putting the paintbrush down (for now) to enjoy this soon-to-be gorgeous day with my fellas !!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love how nothing really is safe once you have the painting bug! x

  2. I love the new look, Becca! The more distressing it has, the more I like it! Can't wait to see the dining room. Hurry, hurry, so you can show us!

  3. They look great, Becca! I think people cringe a little bit when they hear you are going to paint furniture, but this proves just what a change it can make. I found a chair in the thrift store yesterday that I can't wait to crack the Heirloom White open for! I'm finding the white is great because it just works it so much better with other pieces {in my home anyway}.

  4. Fantastic change Becca! It is addicting. I am painting something today..well I think just staining. We shall see once I start what happens. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Becca! Oh, honey, you're good! Your chair looks wonderful. I've been thinking about doing this but I'm just skeert! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me. My new camera is a Canon Rebel T3i. I love her!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Gorgeous !!!! I love them way better... you did such an awesome Job..have a happy Sunday


  7. Gorgeous, Becca!! Everything you've done has turned out looking *so* good! Are you going for the "coastal" style throughout your home? I'm impressed! I wish I could paint and distress furniture like you, it looks fantastic! Enjoy this beautiful Sunday! XOXO ~Liz

  8. Hi Becca, I love the chairs in white!Gorgeous.


  9. WOWEE!!! Girl you are brave! And you weren't kidding about nothing being safe around you. LOL! I have an almost identical dining set and don't know if I would have the courage to paint it but it sure does get me to thinking about it seeing yours...hmmmm...maybe you could just pop over and do it for me? I would provide the wine! Although, my guess is that drinking wine while painting furniture is probably not a good combo! :-)

  10. Love all the painting you've been having fun with. Amazing what a couple coats of paint can do. I think it has a great French look, now.

  11. Ohh. I love it! The distressing just gives it that perfect look. You've done an amazing job with the new look.
    Be careful your sister might want her chair back!! *just kidding* =o)
    have a happy day~LC

  12. Beautiful chairs, I also really like the fabric. Can't wait to see the new room. Hugs, Marty

  13. Looks fab! I can't wait to see all of the chairs and the room. You're on a roll aren't you? :-)

    Hope you're having a great day! It's cold and cloudy here. At least there are no storms at the moment.


  14. You are really going to town with that paint brush of yours. Has hand started cramping up yet? I would have to say "Becca, step away from the paint brushes" But you are on a roll my friend!!! You have mastered the whole painting, glazing, distressing processes to a "T"! I can't wait to see the rest of the set.

    PS. Thanks for the inspiration. The little chair that I was thinkin' about slip covering is cherry wood legs and arms and I was wondering how it would look painted out in a creamy white. Your the best!

  15. Oh my friend!!! That is awesome! You are so brave! I think the hubs would kill me if I started painting our dining room set! I keep looking at it though thinking how can I lighten and brighten this room up? Now I see!!!! I still don't have the guts to do it though. I bought the set after my mom died with the little bit of life insurance she had so I could pass it down to my children from their grandmother. I will have to be creative in other ways! You are really doing a beautiful job on all the pieces we are working on!

  16. Becca, that looks much better and up to date. Oh, that paint brush won't be down long.

  17. Becca, they look fabulous!! I am loving them! They will look awesome with your decor! Great job, girl!

  18. It's fascinating how every furniture suddenly look ten times better with white paint! Good chair makeover!

    Nice blog, a new follower.


  19. I love the transformation-great job!


  20. Love the new look Becca! The white is soo pretty and love the fabric choice for the seat too. Distressing furniture is kind of therapeutic sometimes! lol! Can't wait to see the big reveal! :)

  21. They are so pretty! I love the new look!! btw, you may just want to come take a look at my blog post today.... ;)

  22. Hi Becca! I just found your blog and am loving it! I also am a victim of Attention Decorating Disorder lol!

    Your chairs look great! I'm on a painting rampage myself. Currently in the process of transforming a $10 coffee table I found at habitat for humanity into a new ottoman for my living room so check it out! Maybe you can give me some tips! I have to paint my bedroom furniture as well, going to look into glazing! I love the way the green/blue hutch in your family room turned out!

    Katrina :)

  23. Beautiful...I love every detail.

  24. Becca, I think these look superb! I love anything distressed, so I adore these. Your chairs really do look amazing. They looked great before, but they are even better now. I can't wait to see the entire dining room!

  25. The chair looks awesome! I can't wait to see the end result of the dining room!

    Where do you find the time??!!

  26. Hi Becca, I came over for some decorating inspiration. I love that zebra pillow...I want!! =) I just found one the other day and now I am kicking myself for not purchasing it! I must go back for it...

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. I have been so SLOW getting around to say thank you, so I apologize.

    Hey, did you ever do a post showing where you placed those gorgeous mirrored tables you got? I'll have to browse your blog and do some catch-up to see if I find them. =)

    Love ya, Liz

  27. WOW, what a difference. The chair looks great. Isn't paint a wonderful thing!
    Marianne :)

  28. Hi Becca, Wow! I love the chair...paint is amazing! It can really transform furniture. I am almost rested up from the kitchen, so maybe I'll look for something else to paint soon. lol...Thanks for your nice comments on my dining room table arrangement. I am eventually going to do something different...I've had the runner, candleholders and arrangement in the middle since we've been here, almost 7 years! About time for a change...I am trying to think of something really unique! hmmmm....Anyway, love all of the changes you have made to your house! It's looking beautiful! Kristen

  29. You know I love me some white painted chairs. Beautiful!

  30. Never fear. Someday your grand children will enjoy restoring all the pieces you've painted.
    I enjoy your blog.


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