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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Into the Night"

Anyone who knows *Mr. Adventures* and I will tell that we love to entertain!  Whether it's Fall Gatherings ... Christmas parties ... or surprise birthday parties, we love having friends over to share good laughs, spirts and food!  
This past weekend was no exception, as we hosted a *cheezy* 80's "Into the Night" Prom!  We hosted about 60 of our friends and what a blast we all had!  You wouldn't have recognized our home ... out went the the birds' nests, glass cloches and slipcovered furniture, and in came glitter curtains, stars and balloon arch!

I thought I'd share a few (no, a LOT) of pictures with you all ... so, sit back and laugh with me! 

As soon as our guests arrived, they could tell by the lack of furniture that we expected to dance the night away:

I added metallic blue curtains and stars over my cream curtains, as well as fun, nighttime "scene setter" vinyl to the windows in keeping with the "Into the Night" theme.  I had the fun sign made, with "Club 313" being a nickname given to our home a few years ago by our friends:

Of course, it's not a prom without a bit of tulle, streamers and Christmas lights!

To the right, the photo shoot area awaited you! 

Of course, my hubs and I had to be one of the first to try it out!  I almost suffocated in my rockin' 80's prom dress with poofy rosette sleeves! And, my husband looked "ohsocool" in his mullet!

In this space, I also placed a cork board where folks could display their old prom photos!  We also had fun prom props on hand, which you'll see in action later in this post:

The mantel dripped of stars and, of course, a mandatory disco ball!

Over in the breakfast area, I splashed more stars around, along with 80s prom food.  And, we also added "stars" to the ceiling with a green laser star show:

Over on the dry bar, I created a dessert area, complete with moon and star cupcakes ...

and, fun 80's candy!

More mandatory munchies could be found on the kitchen island:

And, let's not forget the nominations of a Prom King and Queen!

For fun, in the bathrooms, on the back of each door, I mounted thick posterboard so that folks could "write on the wall" like they would in our bathrooms when we were crazy kids in high school!

And, of course, I had to add goodie baskets in each bathroom (one for the guys and one for the girls).  The guys basket was full of 80's items, including Sure spray deodorant, acne cream, a pick, "Polo" cologne, Rave hairspray (they liked to spray their hair, too, lol) and a few other prank items):

The true fun began when our guests arrived all decked out in crazy, 80's fashions! ... whether by car, such as this fun vintageTrans Am (that, my friend's husband actually drove to his prom "back in the day"):

Or, even in a big ol' limo ... did I mention my friends are fun and crazy ?!

And, now, I'll just let these speak for themselves:

And, LOL ... look who won "King and Queen!"

What a great night ... (my sweet friend even created an album where she gave us all "superlatives," like the one below):

I can't wait to plan our next "theme" gathering!

Thanks so much for stopping by, friends!!



Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Buffet ....

As IF I haven't shared our buffet with you enough, I'm sharing it a-GAIN (sorry).  Gone are the reds that were splashed around for Winter and in are more soft colors for Spring!

I added a few, inexpensive "newbies" here, too ... can you spot them?

Of course, I kept my fleur-de-lis vase from Willow Tree.  I love that it can work with any season and is large enough to hold nice, fat bunches of faux florals!

And, what did we do before glass cloches?  My little bird's nest, robins eggs and shredded paper feel quite fancy being showcased like this:

Goodbye pinecones and hello seashells, cream orbs and beach wood:

I thought it'd be fun to layer a touch of black in the mix ... this whimsical Subway art (Home Goods ... surprise, surprise) is just the ticket!

And, unfortunately, my paintbrush skipped on over to my birdhouse and gave it a coat of Old White.

To balance the robins eggs on the right side (under the cloche), my OCD-self had to add a splash of blue on the left side, as well.  Although, I did break my cardinal odd rule by not adding a third pop of blue.  Ugh ... might have to fix that before I convince myself that bad things will happen if I don't!

And, to finish it off, I added a new lamp (yes, *hangs head low* ... Home Goods):

And, there ya' have it ... simple and welcoming Spring (annnnd, now that I look at this again, I'm surprised I haven't painted the frame yet.  Hmmmmm ...)

I love seeing how all of you are *Springifying,* too!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by,


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Somethings ...

Recently, I've been messin' around in the sitting room ... trying to add a bit of "newness."  Nothing too exciting though ... just "little somethings" here and there.

With the cold temps officially being *ova,* it was time to retire the red and bring Spring-like colors back!

You may remember that I lined the back of the bookcase with brown craft paper last Fall.  That's gone now and back is the map wallpaper that I lined it with last Spring.  Admittedly, it was nice to welcome back the soft colors and fun map images.

I also switched things up just a tad on a few of the shelves ... like by adding these new pots from Marshall's ... yes, they're similar to the ones from IKEA that used to be there, but I love the metal number "tags" that these have:

I added a nest full of robin's eggs to this twine wrapped plate for a splash of *Spring-y* blue.  I also covered the books in craft paper (just need to add something to the spine):

Back are the pops of coral:

A new fleur-de-lis dish from Home Goods:

And, an inexpensive wine carafe, also from Home Goods ... love the texture that the wicker adds:

I pulled the ol' *switch-a-roo* by replacing the mirrored chest that used to be in here with the blue chest (that was in our bedroom) ... isn't it fun to shop in your own home?  I know that my hubby LOVES when I do that!  I'm thinking about painting the mirror AS Linen:

A black and white nautical print (Home Goods) is a fun pairing with inexpensive coral (from one guess ... that's right, Home Goods)!

Our family picture received a little embellishment by hot gluing Scrabble tiles onto the frame!  Fast, easy and free ... MY kind of project!

And, nooooo, these aren't ET's fingers:

Har har ... it's actually a great piece of beach wood that I found at "let's say it alllll together" ... Home Goods!  It's sitting comfortably on the bench that *used* to be in our mudroom, which has replaced the ottoman that used to be in here.  There was so much fabric going on in here between the slipcovers, pillows, panels, etc., that it was time to phase out a bit, thus, time for the ottoman to go:

Off in the background, is one of the fun, new pillow covers from Pottery Barn that I recently purchased.

Here's another peek at it, along with the new fabric that I bought.  While I LOVE the zebra print panels that I've had in here for awhile, I thought I'd trade them out ... but, I'm sure they'll be back.  For now, I'm enjoying the colors that are in this fabulous fabric ... it truly ties the corals, blues, white and tans together that I've used in here:

Here's the other pillow cover from Pottery Barn.  Of course, I had to bring back my coral throw:

I'm not done in here ... yet!  I'd LOVE to hang an oversized lantern in here and have found many that I'd scoop up in a heartbeat, if not for the *oversized* price tag!  If no sucess, I may end up painting the chandelier.  Stay tuned ...

As always, thanks for stopping by, sweet friends!

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