Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Into the Night"

Anyone who knows *Mr. Adventures* and I will tell that we love to entertain!  Whether it's Fall Gatherings ... Christmas parties ... or surprise birthday parties, we love having friends over to share good laughs, spirts and food!  
This past weekend was no exception, as we hosted a *cheezy* 80's "Into the Night" Prom!  We hosted about 60 of our friends and what a blast we all had!  You wouldn't have recognized our home ... out went the the birds' nests, glass cloches and slipcovered furniture, and in came glitter curtains, stars and balloon arch!

I thought I'd share a few (no, a LOT) of pictures with you all ... so, sit back and laugh with me! 

As soon as our guests arrived, they could tell by the lack of furniture that we expected to dance the night away:

I added metallic blue curtains and stars over my cream curtains, as well as fun, nighttime "scene setter" vinyl to the windows in keeping with the "Into the Night" theme.  I had the fun sign made, with "Club 313" being a nickname given to our home a few years ago by our friends:

Of course, it's not a prom without a bit of tulle, streamers and Christmas lights!

To the right, the photo shoot area awaited you! 

Of course, my hubs and I had to be one of the first to try it out!  I almost suffocated in my rockin' 80's prom dress with poofy rosette sleeves! And, my husband looked "ohsocool" in his mullet!

In this space, I also placed a cork board where folks could display their old prom photos!  We also had fun prom props on hand, which you'll see in action later in this post:

The mantel dripped of stars and, of course, a mandatory disco ball!

Over in the breakfast area, I splashed more stars around, along with 80s prom food.  And, we also added "stars" to the ceiling with a green laser star show:

Over on the dry bar, I created a dessert area, complete with moon and star cupcakes ...

and, fun 80's candy!

More mandatory munchies could be found on the kitchen island:

And, let's not forget the nominations of a Prom King and Queen!

For fun, in the bathrooms, on the back of each door, I mounted thick posterboard so that folks could "write on the wall" like they would in our bathrooms when we were crazy kids in high school!

And, of course, I had to add goodie baskets in each bathroom (one for the guys and one for the girls).  The guys basket was full of 80's items, including Sure spray deodorant, acne cream, a pick, "Polo" cologne, Rave hairspray (they liked to spray their hair, too, lol) and a few other prank items):

The true fun began when our guests arrived all decked out in crazy, 80's fashions! ... whether by car, such as this fun vintageTrans Am (that, my friend's husband actually drove to his prom "back in the day"):

Or, even in a big ol' limo ... did I mention my friends are fun and crazy ?!

And, now, I'll just let these speak for themselves:

And, LOL ... look who won "King and Queen!"

What a great night ... (my sweet friend even created an album where she gave us all "superlatives," like the one below):

I can't wait to plan our next "theme" gathering!

Thanks so much for stopping by, friends!!




  1. I love it! Looks like so much fun! LOL

  2. Oh my! This looks like something we would do too. LOL!!!!

  3. Aaaaah I love it! LOL It looks like you had a blast!

  4. I soooo love it. Wish I was there...looked like a BLAST!

  5. I am dying over here!! LOVE IT!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!! Major flashbacks!!!

  6. Becca-That looks like so much fun. I used to have theme parties all the time but haven't had one in several years. Maybe it's time to pull out all the stops again! Hmmm...don't think many of us could wear our old prom gowns though!;>)

    What a perfect night! xo Diana

  7. LOL!!!! I LOVE it! Wow, you did good girl! I was class of 83' so boy did this bring back some good memories. :)

  8. LOL!!!! I LOVE it! Wow, you did good girl! I was class of 83' so boy did this bring back some good memories. :)

  9. good grief girl you should be an event planner if you ever stop decorating! what a lot of work you put into the party but it looks like it turned out fabulous.

    btw, you looked smokin' hot in your prom dress!


  10. This looks like so much FUN!!! Love the idea and all of the details you put in tot it! Yay!!! :)

  11. What a blast, Becca!! Wow, you guys are so much fun! Love the decor, the photo booth and the bathroom board. What a cool party!

  12. Becca,
    Oh my gosh that is AWESOME!! I love this idea, what a hoot!! I love the hair, the decorations, the posed prom photos, really, it's like going back in time, and who doesn't like to do that? Umm, and the 80's R O C K E D!

    You are ADORABLE and I love the big hair. Thanks a bunch for sharing, such a darling idea! xo ~Liz

  13. Oh, Becca, this is a darling idea for a party! You and your hubby are so cute. Actually, you're one beautiful young woman. I'm sure your friends all had a ball! Look at all of the decorating you've done. What a fun gal you are.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  14. And a great time was had by all! Looks like a lot of fun!

  15. Love it - were there wine coolers and people sneaking smokes outside?

    You threw a party that won't soon be forgotten!

    Now, bring those cloches and birds nest back in - asap!

  16. You guys looks like you have a ton of fun. I love that your friends all join in. Great times. Hugs, Marty

  17. omg HOW FUN!!! OK ummmm...someone lost their pants infront of the car. you crack me up.

  18. Wow , I love it, You guys did a great job bringing back the 80s. Thankw for sharing.

  19. That looks like so much fun!!!! I hope our new neighbors are super cool and want to have fun like that. Now I just have to be brave enough to host!!!

  20. Awesome! Totally rad ! ;) I love how into it everyone was. The cars, the outfits... Too funny. You should share your playlist for the evening!!! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Now you are my kind of party people. The limo the dance floor loaded, so fun.

  22. Becca, what a fun couple!
    It looks like a great time was had by all of your friends at "Club 313". That hot pink dress is perfect! Love all of the little details for your decor. How cool that your friend came in the original Trans Am he drove to his real prom!
    Thanks so much for sharing, and bringing back memories of my prom! haha

  23. Wow! That was a great party! I wish we were neighbors!!! Thanks for sharing photos! Loved your dress!!!!

  24. Looks like you had a blast. What a great party and wonderful friends!

  25. I know I told you on FB how much I loved this idea but let me just say it again....so fun! These are great photos. I love all your prom decor and the outfits too. I mostly love that you have so many friends who also wanted to join in on all the fun!

  26. Love it! What a great and fun idea! Oh, the big hair days! LOL! Great decorations!

  27. Oh my gosh.. what fun. You have an eye for detail.. I'm sure you all rocked the walls.. hugs ~lynne~

  28. Can I come next time??? That looks so totally awesome...like for sure...oh my gosh! :-) How much aqua net did you end up using?? Love it my friend!

  29. LOOKS LIKE SOOO MUCH FUN! Dina {housewives of jersey}, watch you!! Becca's Party on HGTV instead of Dina's Party.

  30. Hi pretty Becca! Your party post is still causing me to smile and think how much fun everyone must have had.
    Hope you're having a great weekend and thanks for popping in to see my olden bowl.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. It looks like you had a fabulous time! what a great theme and you pulled it off. Super job.

    Come visit and learn of my give away.

    - The Tablescaper

  32. Becca,
    FUN...FUN...FUN!!! What an awesome idea for a party...congrtsa on being named KING and Queen! Love all the decor.


  33. Becca, How fun!! You really know how to throw a fun party.
    xo, Sherry

  34. Would have loved to have been there Becca. That dress you wore was very similar to one I wore to my prom. Hilarious!! I'm proud to be a child of the 80's!

  35. I love it!!! Looks like some crazy fun! I still have my prom dress from 1984. Lord, I was skinny...but, I thought I was fat back then. Crazy. Anyhoo, thanks for sharing your fun party pics. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  36. That party looks like it was a blast! This 80's girl would have loved it!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  37. OMGoodness, Becca, what a great party! You are certainly one wild & crazy lady (& fun, too)!

  38. Wow Becca, over the moon and some. I see star everywhere....LOL
    You really pulled out all of the stops. Great job. It looks fantastic and I am sure your friends really appreciate your efforts. Thanks for sharing such a fun party. Linda

  39. What a great party. Sounds like so much fun.

  40. Wow, this looks like the most fantastic time, ever.

  41. oh.my.word.
    I am stealing this idea for our next neighborhood party. This is fabulous - especially since most of my hood graduated between 85 and 88. LOVE LOVE LOVE It.

  42. That is like, totally cool!!! I wish I lived near you. I have never heard of this and I would love to do this myself. What a great idea to have them bring their own prom pics too. I haven't been on my blog or checking it since summer and I am excited to see all your posts I've missed over the winter. This is definitely one of the funnest things I've seen. tfs!

  43. What fun! Love seeing all you ladies in your fabulous prom dresses and the guys look handsome, too! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

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