Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We Wish You a Merry Christ"Mesh"

Yes, indeedy ... the mesh has taken over the our front alcove.  And, it's all my husband's fault!

You see, in our house ... we have a rule.  The inside of the house is mine, and the outside of the house is his (well, actually, that's really mine, too, but I just let him *think* that it's his, lol).

Every year, when one more box of net lights is purchased ... *one* more spiral tree is added, and reindeers with moving heads arrive, there's my husband, with a big grin on his face.  He loves Christmas!  And, when he told me that he wanted to add garland above the door and for me to "make it pretty" (*while waving his hands in circles*), I knew I had my marching orders.  So, here's what I did:

Our mesh wreath isn't alone this year:

Once my husband added the garland above the door, I added matching red mesh, striped mesh and various ornaments: 

I couldn't stop there, so I went ahead and doused our plain topiaries with mesh and ornaments, as well:

While I'm always fearful to get too close to all of it, as I just *know* a family of lizards is going to jump out at me, I'm really enjoying it (and actually looking forward to adding MANY more ornaments next year)!  Plus, okay, it doesn't look too bad all lit up at night:

While we're out here ... you can see how I spared the wreaths on our windows from the mesh and only added an oversized, classic red bows:

Remember the reindeers with the moving heads? 

Of course, it *never* snows here, BUT, according to PicMonkey, it's snowing here right this minute!  Yay ... Merry Christ*Mesh!*

Thanks for visiting!  I'm off to play here:

On Sutton Place/Homespun Christmas Party - Doors and Wreaths
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Savvy Seasons said... Reply To This Comment

Your home looks gorgeous from the inside out. You've done such an amazing job. Love. Love. Love.
xo ~Liz

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said... Reply To This Comment

Wow! It looks beautiful, Becca! Love the garland above the door and, of course, your beautiful wreath. Love your full shot with all the lights.

Debbiedoo's said... Reply To This Comment

Gorgeous Miss Becca. You truly are the queen of Mesh, and I ain't meshin around!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said... Reply To This Comment

Becca your home is beautiful inside and out!! My hubby's the same way, I'll take care of the inside and he does the outside (with my input of course LOL!)It's great when the hubbies love the holidays just as much as we do, isn't it!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said... Reply To This Comment

Well, this is just the icing on the cake! Not only did you make the inside gorgeous; you made the outside gorgeous, as well! I am thoroughly enjoying your holiday home!

Mary Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Looks beautiful, especially at night.

Maria Elena said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, it looks like Christmas Wonderland! Gorgeous!!! You guys did an amazing job on all you Holiday decor. Beautiful entrance!

Kristens Creations said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, Your house looks beautiful!!!!! I haven't had time to blog lately, but I have looked at your beautiful pictures and love everything you have done. The mantle is stunning! I'm just now decorating my house today...Hopefully I'll finish tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!! Kristen

Linda@Coastal Charm said... Reply To This Comment

The two of you have done a wonderful job decking the yard:) It all looks GREAT!!!


Bonnie@Creative Decorating said... Reply To This Comment

Everything looks wonderful, Becca! What a view at night. Great job as usual!

mishebe said... Reply To This Comment

looks wonderful!

NanaDiana said... Reply To This Comment

Becca! It looks beautiful! Inside and out-I really love all your lights outside and the entryway looks gorgeous. Now, seriously...you need to mesh up those poor baby one-bow wreaths on your windows!;>) Great job all the way around- xo Diana

Mari said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Becca, your home looks absolutely stunning, it have the woweeee factor....lol

Happy Holidays~

Pamela said... Reply To This Comment

Becca it ll looks so festive and inviting! Love it!

Designs By Pinky said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, your home looks GORGEOUS!!!!! I love all the lights, they are so special to me. I go out one night and drive around just to look at lights. Your home, inside and out is beautiful. XO, Pinky

Ann from On Sutton Place said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my gosh...this is awesome! Your wreath is to die for. :o) Thanks for linking up to our party!

Cricket said... Reply To This Comment

Soooooo Beautiful!! And I love the "waving his arms in circles" part...LOL

Merry Christmas Becca!!!

Sharing Shadymont said... Reply To This Comment

Looks so good!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said... Reply To This Comment

Picture perfect porch and home....the picture of the front of your home looks like a beautiful movie scene...My hubby loves Christmas as much as I do...I guess that is why he does not mind the total house decorating....he is currently putting our porch together too....just waiting for more garland to arrive....You have done an amazing job Becca....as always!

Maria Morley said... Reply To This Comment

Okay, HELLO gorgeous! Love! My mother-in-law enjoyed using mesh in her Christmas decor this year, and I can tell our love affair with the stuff is only going to grow as years continue! :-) I love the garland outside of your door, and the wreath is beautiful!

Jemsmom said... Reply To This Comment

I love it!!!! We have so many net lights! I should have left them for you! Our new house doesn't have hedges or big shrubs yet. We ended up putting the net lights around the base of the columns! I wasn't going to NOT use them! I love how you laid the lights on the ground. You have your own snow! Tom suggested we do that in our front beds and I told him it would be a waste. He looked at me like I was crazy and I said that as soon as it snowed, you would never see them. I was right!!! :-)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said... Reply To This Comment

Your home is stunning. I love your mesh, it looks so colorful and bright. Great decorations. Hugs, Marty

Patty said... Reply To This Comment

You have hands of gold Miss Becca!!! Hands of gold. Patty

thistlewoodfarm said... Reply To This Comment

I love your "Christ" mesh front door! Really pretty! What a fun way to welcome in the holidays. I have always admired your wreath....and now it has friends.


Carol said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, how fun and absolutely delightful, Becca! Looks like you and your hubby are two of kind, and you create great "magic!"

Renae said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful!!! Love all the mesh on your front porch area!!

jackie jade said... Reply To This Comment

wow your house is gorgeous - love how much both you and your husband get into the decorating!!

Lisa Tucker said... Reply To This Comment

Deer-u-ti-ful! Have a Meshy oops Merry Christmas!

ohiofarmgirl said... Reply To This Comment

It looks so pretty. I can't imagine living where it doesn't snow but honestly sometimes that would be ok with me! But we are suppose to have a white Christmas and that would be wonderful. Dianntha

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said... Reply To This Comment

It is so pretty, Becca. Please tell the hubby that I said so. They need their ego boost too, ya know :)