Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Domino Effect

Isn't it funny how one little purchase can catapult you into a full blown decorating frenzy?  When we bought this secretary (which I transformed from Mahogany stained secretary to "Pure White" - transformation here) ...

(to which I then just added a coat of "Duck Egg" on the back of the inside), I never realized that that little purchase would cause me to go into ADD (Attention *Decorating* Disorder) overload!

You see, because of where we placed the new secretary, that meant I had to find a new home for the buffet that had lived there for a few years.  Glancing around, the only logical place to put it seemed to be in the alcove beside our fireplace.

Once we placed it there, my husband then decided that we needed a larger TV to balance better with the newly added buffet (LOL ... love how he actually tried to use that for his argument).  Actually, we had been planning on replacing it, anyway.

But, because of the new TV, I thought it'd be nice to have more seating in here  ... so, in came the love seat from the sitting room:

Of course, a few pillows *had* to be added:

And, then, as I was sitting at our breakfast table, peering into the great room with its new arrangement, I thought to myself "if only there were enough room to add a sofa table behind the sofa.  I've always wanted to try that, but just never have ... that was, until now!

I grabbed the table that I had recently added to the sitting room and placed it in its new spot.  I then added a basket underneath, which serves as a great place to hide the *not-so-pretty* woofer to the TV's surround bar system:

I kept one of the accent chairs in here ... brought the blue lamp back in (the beautiful lamp my Mom bought me is now in the office) and added another garden seat (from TJMaxx):

This sweet pillow from Home Goods was a fun, inexpensive addition, too!

While I wish our great room was a bit wider, I'm enjoying the cozy feel that this new *decorating frenzy* arrangement brings:

What decorating frenzies have been going on in your house, lately?!

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Courtney said... Reply To This Comment

Looks absolutely gorgeous...all of it!

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said... Reply To This Comment

The {Decorating} Domino Effect is the story of MY LIFE!! Lovely post, and all of your tweaking looks marvelously divine.

Sherry said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful Becca! I love changing things around- it does cause a domino effect though, causing all kinds of things to happen ;-) Love how your room looks!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said... Reply To This Comment

It all looks so pretty, Becca! Your great room looks like a very comfortable room to hang out in. I just love that secretary! I wish I had room for a piece like that here.

Gee Singh Newbanks said... Reply To This Comment

Looks wonderful Becca. The room looks great. Luv the 'tv' logic :-)
I just changed my living room accessories as well.
Laughing because my husband just said last weekend that moving or getting one thing always makes me move multiples...
Hugs. Gee

Jemsmom said... Reply To This Comment

You are so funny! I love how the bigger t.v. came to play! Such a man thing!!! I love how cozy it all feels and envy your ability to just move things around and change it up! You rock!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said... Reply To This Comment

It's gorgeous, Becca! You're right one change can cause a domino effect! You did an amazing job!

chateau chic said... Reply To This Comment

You must feel like you have a whole new room. Love when that happens!!
Mary Alice

Designs By Pinky said... Reply To This Comment

I had a real decorating frenzy last week. I got one of my favorite shelf units out of storage and to the house but then couldn't find the right spot for it!!!! I wanted so bad to have it in the great rom but there was NO WAY. Tried it in 2 spots, even blogged about it but everyone said NOOOOO. So, it is here in my office. I like it here cause I get to enjoy it. I love ALL that you did in your great room. The secretary looks beautiful. Love that pillow too. XO, Pinky

The Rusty Heart said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, everything looks so nice! You really do such a great job. It is so cozy, love it!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said... Reply To This Comment

The room looks great like that. I like the furniture closer together in an open area to make if feel cozy and not so spread out.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said... Reply To This Comment

The new furniture arrangement looks great Becca!! I love how you added the duck egg blue to the inside of the secretary, very pretty!

Vintage Street Designs said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my looks beautiful!!! LOVE your new little pillow from Home Goods, mind if I copy you? That's such a great store, I'll have to go see what ours has to offer! :)

Cheryl Thornton said... Reply To This Comment

It looks great! I love the domino effect to the time you are done the whole house looks like new!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said... Reply To This Comment

Your room looks great, Becca. I love the soft colours and I'm smiling at the TV logic of men.

Linda@Coastal Charm said... Reply To This Comment

I love everything about this room..I know you had a ball decorating it. The new t.v. and buffet are a perfect match.


Between Blue and Yellow said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely room. The sunshine you get in there is beautiful.

Nicole @ Mendez Manor said... Reply To This Comment

One thing always leads to another when it comes to decorating! Great job!

Ange said... Reply To This Comment

If you give a decorator anything, chances are......Totally happens to me all the time. Love that secretary, gorgeous! Enjoy your new room!

Pamela said... Reply To This Comment

Everything so so sunny and bright Becca! Makes you smile. Just beautiful.

Stacey said... Reply To This Comment

It looks fantastic! The bigger TV does look have to admit. :)

I love the way you situated the furniture. All the new goodies are beautiful!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said... Reply To This Comment

Oh and what a beautiful "domino effect" is was!!...It is so nice to be able to add a piece and still keep the one you replaced it with and make more gorgeous areas! Fantastic job Becca...glad your hubby benefitted from this "domino effect" too!!!

Maria Elena said... Reply To This Comment

LOL Becca, all I have to do is buy a new pillow for my husband to ask
"Do this means you have to change everything else in the room?" :) Love, love all the changes! Your great room looks gorgeous and you are an amazing decorator.

Rooms by Ann said... Reply To This Comment

And that why my home is never finished. Your room looks great.Very fresh and beautiful.

Calypso In The Country said... Reply To This Comment

I love how it all turned out. Yes, it is impossible to change just one thing without it snowballing into a bunch of others. My laundry room clock just broke and now instead of just buying another, I may repaint and do a few more things in there. It's such a sickness...

Gypsy Heart said... Reply To This Comment

I love it all! The tall blue lamp is gorgeous...I honestly don't recall seeing it before. Love the pillows ~ all of it.

You know, you do such a wonderful job of decorating your home but I think it's very fortunate that no one has sight problems...they would be bumping into furniture all the time! :) I so hope you know I'm j/king.

P.S. If you tire of any of your lamps, I'll be waiting! :)

At The Picket Fence said... Reply To This Comment

Everything looks so beautiful Becca!! :-)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said... Reply To This Comment

Your room is gorgeous and everything looks perfect. I do the domino effect all the time. lol I think your changes looks perfect. Hugs, marty

Ann from On Sutton Place said... Reply To This Comment

Good job Becca! The textures and tones are so inviting and cozy. Love your rug. :o) I loved seeing the secretary again. Perfection!

Cricket said... Reply To This Comment

So beautiful!! Every time I go into Home Goods I think of you!! I think...."Oh I bet Becca would love this ot that"

Okie Chic said... Reply To This Comment

very Pretty I love!

karenanita said... Reply To This Comment

Wow! What an amazing eye you must have for furniture! I absolutely love all the white stained items and cute ornaments. You've done a great job :)

Ira Morse said... Reply To This Comment

I really love to pay a visit at your house Becca; everything was so elegant and comfortable. I will give you thumbs up :)

brittany said... Reply To This Comment

I definitely get the Domino Effect. Where did you get your curtains (or the fabric for them)? Love them!

Laurel Stephens said... Reply To This Comment

This room is just gorgeous. I'm sitting here looking around me transposing your ideas on my sad tired family room. You've really inspired me to make some changes.

Laura Janning said... Reply To This Comment

I am always in a frenzy around here. Always love seeing your beautiful home and changes. Happy Weekend!!

Sandy said... Reply To This Comment

Love your style! Yes, one new piece of furniture or change in color scheme always leads to new lamps, new art work and eventually new look. Since I retired with no income, I'll really have to temper my spending. I'll have to grab hubbies pick-up truck and scour the roadside for cast away furniture to paint! Where there is a will.......there is a way. Your rooms are definitely eye candy and inspiring!

Jason Murphy said... Reply To This Comment

Appears gorgeous and inspiring such as Etched Glass and frosted glass.

Carla Stewart said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome! Looks beautiful.I liked the decoration that you have made.Really cool,thanks for sharing this post.
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Lisa W said... Reply To This Comment

Love it. Can you please tell me who makes the "Duck Egg" paint that you used to paint the inside of the secretary?

Thank you.

kristina Love said... Reply To This Comment

I've been looking for these type of curtains exactly, can you tell me where you got them? Thanks!

Kristin McElhinney said... Reply To This Comment

Could you tell me what color/brand your wall color is? I've been searching for the right shade, and LOVE yours! Thank you!

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish said... Reply To This Comment

Everything looks gorgeous!

Melissa Agrelius said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful room! Just wondering where you got the sofa and curtains from? Thanks

Tara Iannantuono said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful! Exceeded your goal!!! I'm having a difficult time finding short crutain rods. Love the thickness and style of the rods you selected. Where did you find them or where can I purchase something simaliar? Thank you :-)