Monday, June 3, 2013

A Little Playroom Grows Up Just a Bit ...

Once upon a time, a precious little boy used to have fun in this space ... banging on his little drums ... playing at his little table ... pretending he could read his little picture books.  

And, theeen, without our approval, he started to grow up!  Sadly, it was time to let go of his "little, little" boy playroom.  *Sniff, sniff.*

As much as I wasn't ready ... it was time for a change for our then 6 year old.


AFTER!  Here's his "big, little boy" hang out room today!  

One thing I didn't want to let go of was the primary color scheme ... wanted this space to still feel "alive."

We traded his light blue sofa for a brown microfiber one and threw on a couple of pillows from Pottery Barn that used to be in our great room.

The British flag pillow is from a local fabric shop (Fabric Showcase) and adds a great punch of color.  The blue lamps are from a local furniture shop, and the side tables are from none other than Home Goods.

I then ordered this piece of art from ""  I loved it the minute I spotted it because it's a bit vintage, full of great colors, annnnd my husband is from "Joisey":

It was then on to the curtains!  I wanted something "vintagey-nautical," full of primary colors.  When I spotted the below fabric at Fabric Showcase, I knew it just might work!  I chose to do only the upper 1/4 of the panels in the patterned fabric and opted for a solid navy blue fabric below ....

Simple cording that resembles nautical rope seperates the two:

BEFORE: Bye bye cubicles that housed bins full of trains, dinosaurs and little characters (sigh):

AFTER:  We traded the open cubicles for a console that hides his electronics, along with his video games and DVDs.

Simple colorful canvases from Bed, Bath and Beyond were added to the wall on one side of the TV ...

And, fun subway art from Hobby Lobby was added to the other:

And, for those who are wondering where we store all of his toys ... let's just say the closet full of shelves and clear bins hides a LOT ... here's a peek at one side of it.

ONE day, we'll add "regular" accent chairs in here.  For now, these "Big Joe" bean bag chairs fit the bill.  They're pretty comfy ... 

AND great for kids to jump into ... see?!  My airborne "Ninja Turtle" landed safely in the chair!  LOL

Here's hoping he enjoys his playroom like this for a few years ... NOT ready for "tween" room decorating anytime soon!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

Come play here:

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Debbiedoo's said... Reply To This Comment

Love it, love the last shot of your Ninja how cute. Love the curtains too Becca, great job!

At The Picket Fence said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my goodness Becca it looks so fantastic!!! You are motivating me to finish working on our playroom which currently is having an identity crisis as it's trying to grow up too. That shot of your boy at the end is priceless! :-)

Andrea said... Reply To This Comment

While I love the new room, I can sympathize with not wanting your little guy to grow up. Just yesterday while I was in the toy room, avoiding a maze of Barbies and other girls toys, I realized I'll actually miss it when it's all gone :(

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said... Reply To This Comment

What a fabulous room. I love all the nautical decor, and your Ninja is priceless. Hugs Marty

Betsy@ coastal-colors said... Reply To This Comment

What a great transformation, Becca! I love it! I love the nautical choices you added!

Nicole @ Mendez Manor said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my gosh! I love the new look! The curtain panels are my favorite. When I was working, I specialized in custom drapery so I really love cute stuff like that. Turned out great. Have a wonderful week!

Jemsmom said... Reply To This Comment

So so cute!!!! I love it all! Why do they have to grow up? We didn't give permission either! Is he out of school yet? We are done on Wednesday! Hallelujah!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said... Reply To This Comment

OMG, Becca, it is so well done, girl. I know he loves it. Heck I would hang out in there.

Jen said... Reply To This Comment


Junkchiccottage said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Becca,
What a great play room. It is so colorful and grown up yet fun and free to play in. Heck I want to play in there too!!!!! Great job. Love it all.

Maria Elena said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful job, Becca! I know your "flying Ninja" is enjoying his "big boy" space! :) Too cute!

Judy said... Reply To This Comment

my daughter is wanting to update her jackson's room too...we've both pinned a lot of ideas but just haven't started anything yet. of course, if we do jackson's room we HAVE to do taylor's too! i'm hoping we can hold them off until next year when they turn 10 (!) and get a room re-do then. 10!!! how did that happen?

Angela Ryder said... Reply To This Comment

Great job, Becca! Love the curtains!! Now, I have to ask....what do you do with the old couch and cubicles?? Wish I lived closer so I could buy em! LOL!!~~Angela

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said... Reply To This Comment

Oh how I love this room....brings back lots of memories for me...Loved the "action pic" of your son...You did an incredible job Becca!! always...So many great details...and creative touches!

Michele Smith said... Reply To This Comment

Love it, I would so hang out in there! Cute union jack pillow, I'm thinking of adding one to my son's teenage bedroom I just started working on.

Christy James said... Reply To This Comment

As always, your room redo does not disappoint! I'm with you on not wanting your baby to grow oldest is almost eleven and starting middle school in the hoo! This room is fantastic and will add him for many years to come!

NanaDiana said... Reply To This Comment

Becca- It looks great. You did a really nice makeover and it looks like it can "grow with him". Love the shot of him jumping-typical boy!!! xo Diana

Tardevil said... Reply To This Comment

I am so impressed that you made your own window treatments. I just braved BB Weekend and went to Fabric Showcase over Memorial Day weekend. Love the place & Kirkland's beside it. You are so fortunate to live there full time! Love the changes....especially the art. It's hard to go wrong with coastal style.

Cynthia said... Reply To This Comment

This outstanding....I love it!! He must be beyond thrilled. By the way the curtains are killer.


Shelia said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Becca! Oh, I love the transformation! Your little Ninja is so cute and he can fly! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kelly said... Reply To This Comment

Your son's playroom is so cute! It looks like it belongs in a model home. I love the wall color and that British flag pillow. That's a great extra room to have for him.

Suzy Handgraaf said... Reply To This Comment

The new room looks so great, Becca. You really did a good job of "aging" it, but still keeping it looking wonderful! I need to go thru the same process in the playroom that I have for my grands.

Carol Stebner said... Reply To This Comment

The transformation is fantastic, Becca! The red, white and blue looks so great for a boys room (of any age) and giving it a vintage feel keeps it from being too cutesy-Americana. Boys and nautical just seem to go together. Try to keep that kid a kid for as long as you can. That future "tween to teen" room will probably be covered in posters of all kinds -- cars, Rock Stars & life-size swimsuit models!

Cricket said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, You know it didn't have a think to do with him growing have been on a beach kick and were just wanting to do that nautical;)

It is really usual!!

Haddock said... Reply To This Comment

Like that idea of cording with the nautical cable. It looks so good.

Shannon Fox said... Reply To This Comment

What an awesome update Becca! Looks great. Love the curtains. They SO pull everything together. What a beautiful room. Makes me want to have curtains in every room.

Linda@Coastal Charm said... Reply To This Comment

What a darn cute room makeover...luv those drapes and all the nautical décor.


Lil said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, this is a beautiful "new" room. I am also feeling the pangs of boys growing up: we just moved our middle teen son into a bigger bed and used his old twin to give my first grader a bunkbed. Sniff. The rooms aren't finished yet, but I am leaning toward the fresh nautical look of your playroom for the bunkbed room. It's so inviting!

saeed ahmed thanvi said... Reply To This Comment
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