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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Boring Halloween Mudroom!

If you were to ask my son what is second favorite holiday is, he'll quickly tell you it's Halloween!  He's at that age (7) where he wants things scary and spooky, not cute and childlike.

Sooooo, when I finished decorating our mudroom for Halloween (admittedly, the only room I splash a bit of spook around), needless to say, he wasn't as impressed as he has been in years past.

When I asked if he liked the new "BOO" garland, he said, "sure, it's cute, but, it's not scary ... at all."  Okay, fine.

What about the mice running here and there?!  Nope, boring.

Surely, the spider taking over our family wall and turning frames crooked with its huge web takes you "aback," right?  "Sorry, Mommy, but, no."

Yup, apparently, spiders aren't scary one little bit, especially when they're sparkly!  Who knew?  

Neither are the birds who are ready to attack.

Well, at least he approves of the candy,

especially since the eyeballs are edible!

Sounds like I've got my work cut out for me next year.  For now, our "cute and childlike" Halloween mudroom will have to do!

Thanks for stopping by our boring and "non-scary" Halloween mudroom!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tiny Changes in our Master Bedroom

I owe our bedroom an apology, as I always tend to forget to share little goodies in here ...

whether it's orange pillows added for the season,

a pretty mirror that came home with me earlier this summer from Home Goods (that used to be white, but quickly turned gold, thanks to a quick paint job),

or, even a pretty new comforter set from Tuesday Morning and cute pillow from Home Goods.

When the gash on my "pleather" top flea market find ottoman got larger, I forgot to share how our faux animal rug came to rescue in covering said gash up!

And, when I added an orange runner to our painted bench, I walked right by it time and time again without my camera.

Remember when I added my World Market wing chairs to our dining room ... well, somehow they found their way in here earlier this summer ... they like playing musical chairs, I suppose.

Well, at least I can't feel badly about this piece, as it hasn't changed with the swipe of my paint brush ... YET, anyway.

The matching armoire has somehow also been spared from my paint brush ...

too bad I can't say the same for what "used" to be a square, white plate.  Yup, there aren't many things that I won't paint!  I'm sure you can relate.

Well, I hope that our bedroom forgives me for neglecting it.  I'll try to be better about that.

Please tell me you have a room that you tend to neglect, too!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Fall Front Porch

Don't you just love when you open a seasonal bin full of Fall "stuff," only to find a forgotten bag from "Michael's" containing garland that you scooped up after the season last year for 75% off?!  I sure do!

Thanks to that forgotten purchase, our front entry got a colorful Fall addition this year!  Of course, I couldn't stop there ...

I had to add in our pumpkin topiaries (that take less than 10 minutes to make) ... they've become part of our Fall family, as I keep bringing them back year after year.  

It wouldn't be Fall with a few mums and scattered pumpkins now would it?  And, since this wobbly $8 ladderback chair would undoubtedly collapse if I tried to sit on it, I decided to bring it out here to be part of this simple Fall vignette:

Soon, little trick-or-treaters will be ringing the doorbell (hope they don't attempt to sit on the wobbly chair ... the trick will be on them ... oops)!

And, while I love real pumpkins, I'm liking our faux ones, since they'll last all season (annnd, can't get squished in the road if a Halloween prankster decides to try and be funny)! 

Of course, I had to add one of my crazy mesh wreaths for the season ...

which, for a few weeks, has been replaced with a Halloween wreath I made ... gotta have mesh ... and LOTS of it!

Love the garland lit up in the evening!

Oh, and my apologies to our corn stalks ... I had every intention of adding Fall bows to them, BUT, when I went to do so, two large lizards (which, to me, translates to huge dinosaurs) jumped out of one of them, thus, preventing me from wanting to get too close to them ever again (ha).  Maybe next year! 

Thanks so much for visiting our Fall front porch!  

And, thanks to the gals who invited me to be part of a fun "Fall Porch" tour, where 24 other bloggers and I  are sharing our seasonal entries!

Be sure and visit the other gals ... you're sure to be inspired!!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Fall Kitchen ...

Greetings, friends!

Okay, so if I don't do any other decorating for Fall in our kitchen, the one thing that I'll always incorporate is our Fall family tree!

In years' past, we've pulled out one of our big ol' Christmas trees for the Fall family tree, but, last year and again this year, I've opted for a simple tree on our island, full of faux branches with lights and real branches that I snagged from the woods:

This is one of my favorite "trees" because I love adding pictures of years gone by (such as this one of my younger sister modeling a new purse for my grandparents and great aunts (all but one who have since passed) ...

a few glittery ornaments and familial sayings ...

and, moments that I'll never forget ... such as the moment I met my son for the first time (please pass the tissues)!  

I love being surrounded by family and friends this time of year!

And, because of the saying the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree," I thought it only fitting (and corny at the same time) to add a few faux apples beside our tree (har har)!  But, because I've had these faux apples a few years, the acrylic overlay was starting to crack a bit ... thanks to Ruthie's fun and easy project at Sugarpie Farmhouse, my plain, cracking apples got a new look!  I fancied them up by following her tutorial of dipping them in mod podge, mixed with cinnamon paint (to resemble caramel) and then coating them with corn cob liner (to resemble sweet nuts)!


On the other counters, I chose to keep it pretty simple ... just adding faux pumpkins to one of our canisters ... tying seasonal ribbons around the tops of the canisters ... and, layering a cute Roo tray behind them:

A cute "cow" print (from Home Goods), leaf plate and pumpkin nestled in raffia help out this little vignette:

Annnd, to add a bit of color to our plain lampshade, I wrapped leaf garland (that I had on hand) around the top of the shade!

And, with leftover orange ribbon, I added a bit of it to our shelves to give them a little punch of Fall, too!

Pretty pumpkin platters (from Home Goods), faux pumpkins, leaf garland and wheat help to "Fallify" the soffit a bit:

Of course I had to add string lights into the garland, too, for a little bit o' Fall glooow:

Did you happen to notice the cute Roo rug?  I spotted it at Tuesday Morning and just had to grab it!

And, thanks to a yummy "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" candle (from Bath and Body Works), our kitchen "smells" like Fall, too!

Thanks so much for visiting our Fall kitchen!

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