Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Simply Spring Gathering ...

That's right, friends ... even though it still feels like Winter lots of places,  according to our mantel, the warmer temps have arrived ... the bunnies are hopping ... the *faux* florals are blooming ... annnnnd, the fake eggs are out in full force!  

And, because I'm joining some of my blogging buddies and sharing Spring inspiration, I just know that our combined forces will chase Winter away once and for all!

Yes, certainly our Spring touches will grab Mother Nature's attention and encourage her to move the season along!

I mean, after all ... pretty, faux plants from IKEA should help scare the cold temps away, right?!

And, this sweet "bunny in a basket" ornament and faux flowers from Michael's should make old man winter go into hiding! 

And, naturally, these seasonal pastel malted milk balls will entice Spring to come closer, right?!

Look ... even our little bunnies have had enough by showing that they "shalt" not "hear, see or speak" of winter ANY more!

If that still doesn't send the cold away, hopefully, our egg wreath (from Home Goods) will help to do the trick!

If not, our banner (from Target) announcing SPRING will certainly let Mother Nature know that enough is enough!

I say that you join forces with us by pulling out your eggs, bunnies, florals and anything SPRING to help make winter disappear(!) ... whaddaya think?  No way will it want to stick around if we all ban together.  I'll be eagerly waiting to see all that you do!

Until then, I'll just stare at our mantel a bit longer and see what happens!  LOL

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