Thursday, March 20, 2014

Styling our Spring Mantel

Happy first day of SPRING!

Thank you ALL so very much for your thoughtful comments about our recent photo shoot with Gridley + Graves!  

Because Anne and Gary wanted a more "neutral" decor for the shoot, I wasn't able to splash bunnies and eggs around until after they left.  And, since I get quite a few emails asking about the method to my madness when it comes to decorating our mantel and other vignettes, I thought I'd drag you guys along for the ride as I dress our fireplace for Spring.

Sooo, here's where I start ... with one big ol' boring, blank slate:

Admittedly, when I'm styling, I like to start in the middle first.  That's when I dug out this iron piece from under my son's bed!  After blowing off the dust, I decided to paint the dark wood frame AS Duck Egg Blue and paint the interior iron pieces AS Pure White to fit in better with the lighter look I'm going for!  I then added our poor, "beat up" egg wreath (from HomeGoods) for a fun and seasonal centerpiece:

Next, I like to balance my focal point with "neighbors" (usually, twins)!  Ha.  Yes, those who know me best understand how sickeningly symmetrical I am.  My feng shui just feels better this way ...

Now, it's time to add a centerpiece to sit on the mantel ... that's when this cute, little bunny family hopped on over.  And, since my OCD tendencies for odd numbers is always present, I decided to prop Father Bunny on a yellow stand to tie in with the pretty yellow flowers:

Next, it's time to fill in a bit of the "dead space" on either side of the bunnies ... that's where my silver candlesticks (from IKEA and HomeGoods) come into play ... twins, again (surprise, surprise)!  

Hmmmm ... our bunnies need a few eggs scattered around!

Almost done!  We're just missing one, last, whimsical element.  

THERE we go ... that's a little better (thanks to our cute "SPRING" banner from Target, which is making a return appearance for the 3rd year).

If our mantel could sing right now, I think it just might be belting out my favorite song "HAPPY," by Pharrell!

And, there ya' have it ... from sad to SPRING!

Our little ol' fireplace is a bit happier now that it's dressed for the season, although, admittedly, I need to add a pop of yellow on the hearth to make it "just right!"  Come back soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by ... 



Melody said... Reply To This Comment

I love symmetry too. Just popped up off chaise to re-style my spring mantel. Thanks for the ideas. Blessings.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said... Reply To This Comment

Very pretty, Becca! Love the light colors you used. That piece you used in the middle looks great with the Duck Egg and White.

Gee Singh Newbanks said... Reply To This Comment

Hmmm... and I thought I was done with mine. You do realize I will be tweaking it now :)
Luv your whimsical touches Becca.
Happy today.
hugs, Gee

Stacey said... Reply To This Comment

Gorgeous and so springy. :)

I'm having a little give away. Come by if you can.

Shannon said... Reply To This Comment

Oh I LOVE this! I'm the same with with the symmetry. Try as hard as I can to get away from it I get so twitchy - just like a bunny's nose! I really liked the yellow cake stand under the bunny to tie in three pops of yellow.

Ron said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Spring! I love the Target banner. said... Reply To This Comment

Oh Becca I Love it!!!

my fireplace/mantel is almost exactly the same as yours. ( apart from mine had a stinking tv in the top part).. don't even get me started!!!

Anyways, I love symmetry too, I totally have the OCD gene from my Dad!

anyways, it looks darling and I love it!

NanaDiana said... Reply To This Comment

Spring looks gorgeous at your house, Becca. I am so like you when it comes to symmetry. I like evenly balanced and have to fight myself to do it any other way. Your mantle is beautiful and that wreath on the iron piece is the perfect starting point- xoDiana

gibbygoo56 said... Reply To This Comment

I LOVE EvErYtHiNg! Sweet like candy! I love Easter decor. This is a very nice tutorial on decorating a mantel. Thank you.

Sue Jones said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks SO much for posting this, Becca. Your gorgeous mantel was the inspiration for my own Ostara (Spring Equinox) mantel and, I suspect, will become a well-thumbed article for future makeovers. Now that I've seen it done properly, I can even return to my preferred symmetrical roots, without feeling like I crawled out of the dark ages! :-) Sue

Mary Keels said... Reply To This Comment

Love it! I am a symmetry gal myself when it comes to the mantel. I love all the color bouncing off of yours!

Judy said... Reply To This Comment

it's always good to see how the experts get "the look"! i think i need to get my "spring on" soon!

Carol said... Reply To This Comment

Very, very sweet and so pretty, Becca! How is the house sale going? The real estate market here is a lot better than it was a couple of years ago, so I'm hoping that's true in your area, too.

Becca said... Reply To This Comment

Aw, thank you so very much, Sue ... celebrate your symmetry with me!! LOL Have a wonderful weekend.

Becca said... Reply To This Comment

LOL ... thank you so much "gibbygoo!" You're much too kind! :)

Becca said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you, Shannon! And, LOL ... I get twitchy, too, if I stray away from the symmetrical look "too" much!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said... Reply To This Comment

You rock the world with your gorgeous mantels!!!...and I love how you also use symmetry. Gorgeous as always Becca!...Have a beautiful weekend!

Sheila said... Reply To This Comment

So cute! BTW, I am hopelessly symmetrical too.

Cynthia said... Reply To This Comment

Becca this is so GORGEOUS!!! You always do such a great job with your mantle. PINNING!!!


Jaclyn Marie said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful and festive :)

Laura Dowden said... Reply To This Comment

Love your pretty Spring mantel!

Jan Tanis said... Reply To This Comment

Good job's beautiful. I loved the way you showed the building of your mantel showcase!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, I love your mantel. Painting the iron piece was a great idea! It is a fabulous anchor for your mantel! Thanks for the tutorial on styling a mantel. Your mantels are always wonderful! I love the pastel colors!

Brooke Kroeger said... Reply To This Comment

This is so pretty! I hope you will share it at my NEW 'Home Sweet Garden' link up party every Tuesday starting April 1st! Love your shares... Happy Spring! Brooke

At The Picket Fence said... Reply To This Comment

I LOVE it Becca! Once again I bow to the Queen of mantels! :-)

Pippi21 said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, I've been following your blog for years and you never disappoint me with your creativity but today you had me first reaction was the wreath was too small for that space, then you kept adding this and that and somehow it all blends and compliments each other. I love it! I like synmetry too..What do you have your forsythia and apple blossom silks in? It is hard to tell from the pictures or I need new eyes! Are they small urns?

Yvonne @ StoneGable said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, I think you are a seasonal decorator extraordinaire! LOVE this mantel... but I love everything you do! Are you going to Haven? Hope so!

Shahid Saleem said... Reply To This Comment

its wonderful decorating. color combination is so nice.

Emma Willson said... Reply To This Comment

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