Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Winter Mantel

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Well, according to our forecast, we might ... just might ... be getting our first real snowfall this weekend!  So, I think it's only fitting that I share our Winter mantel.  

After all, it's dedicated to snow!

There's something about snow in the forecast that gets me excited! 

I guess it's the anticipation of it ... the frenzy at the grocery store ... putting a warm meal on your menu ... and waiting for the snowflakes to start falling!

Yes, the uncomfortable snow pants and boots are ready to go ...

and our sleds, discs and inter tubes are ready to fly down snow-covered neighborhood hills!

Let's not forget a good ol' snowball fight and building a snowman.  And, after we're all just about frostbitten, we'll come back inside and plop ourselves right here by the fire for awhile ... only to go back outside and do it all over again!

**Fingers crossed** that snow is on the way! 

As always, thanks so much for stopping by,

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  1. Oh how I miss those days.... As I sit and sip coffee watching the sunnrise on a North Central Florida 36* morning.

  2. Such a pretty mantelscape for winter, Becca! Hoping you get the snow you're dreaming of! xo!

  3. You can have some of ours. We would love some sunshine and warm weather here in Utah. Beautiful Mantel. It is always hard to take down the Christmas stuff then try and figure out what to put up for the winter months. Love yours. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Becca! I love the simplicity of your winter décor (at least its what I consider simple!lol)You always come up with such beautiful décor and it is always different from the last. My mantel looks so boring right now that you've inspired me yet again to go fix it. The snow, however, I can do without but I guess we are in it's path too up here in WV. I anticipate the grocery lines so I went to Walmart this morning to find many people and one register open!lol Stay warm and cozy - Jeannette

  5. Gorgeous. Your mantel looks so fresh and so pretty.

  6. Becca, you mantel is fantastic! I love the neutral colors with the your Mercury Glass candlesticks! The stag horn is a great focal point too. You always inspire us with your great ideas! I would love to see some snow too: I hope you get your's!

  7. I love your winter mantle, Becca. I did one too. We are also waiting for the snowfall. They kep changing their minds abiut if or when.....we'll see!

  8. Gorgeous winter mantel, Becca. Im dreaming of snow too, but of course we won't be getting any. I'm loving the winter weather we're having though on the east coast of Florida. I can finally put away my summer attire and bring out my winter clothes I've been dying to wear! 40* this morning! I'm sipping some hot chocolate while I'm writing this comment! Stay warm & cozy!

  9. Oh I love this mantel Becca...well I love ALL of your mantelscapes...Your mantel just sparkles...just like when the sun is shining on snow...Hope you get snow and would love to see the snowman you build!....Only possible light snow here....not enough for snowman building....I am so thrilled that you are so enjoying your new home and new state...your home speaks of that...a very happy home!

  10. Really happy that i found you.
    Nice greetings from the romantic shabby girl from austria
    Your new follower
    PS: i think you would also like my home

  11. Your mantel is lovely, Becca! I'll let you enjoy the prospect of snow while I look forward to a glass of wine on the patio later today!

    Warm hugs,

  12. Becca,
    your "winter" mantle is lovely! It feels fresh and clean with elements that perfectly depict winter! Enjoyed browsing back over posts I missed, your Christmas décor was gorgeous, love everything you do!

  13. HI Becca,
    I love your mantel, it looks fresh and relaxed at the same time. timeless!! could I please what colour your wall is painted as that would perfectly match my interior. Thanks


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