Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dining Room ... take 10 !!

Okay, so if the good ol' folks at Merriam Webster (or whoever sits on the word creation committee) ever decided to add "ADD" (Attention Decorating Disorder) to the dictionary, there would be my pitiful picture, staring you in the face, with a glazed over look in my eye from changing things around in my home over.and over.and over.again!  I seriously have to laugh at myself sometimes when that uncontrollable urge kicks in to paint SOMEthing ... shift SOMEthing ... or change SOMEthing in a room that I've just recently redone.  Someone, please explain!

Case in point ... our dining room.  When we moved here just a few short years ago, the dining room was LA Gold 3.  Well, of COURSE I had to add a red accent wall (Ralph Lauren Stadium Red), along with tropical accents.  Great ... loved it ... but did I?!

... obviously, not.  Because, I then painted the red wall back to LA Gold 3 and traded the palm prints for floral/traditional ones. (Oh, and changed out the china in the cabinet.)  Then, oops, decided all of the walls needed to be a richer, deeper gold (don't even remember the name of the paint).  That didn't last more than two months.  Are you kidding me? 

This brings me to its current look ... since we painted our sitting room the Ralph Lauren Metallics Lush Brown, I decided that the dining room should be the same color since the rooms are across from each other.  I also bought another rug from Lowes JUST like the one in the sitting room annnnnd painted the ceiling the same RL Metallics Golden Candlesticks that is also in the sitting room. (Yes, I'm also admitting my obsession with symmetry, too ... folks, I'se got *issuezzz*!)  I also rearranged the seating to simplify a bit and open the space up: (feel free to click on pics to enlarge them)

I bought some new greenery from Kirklands and added some red/green/gold flowers to "poof" it up.

Annnnnd, found some pretty floral plates at my beloved HomeGoods, too!

Oh, and we added a new chandie, too.  Again, I know you're starting to see a trend here with me, aren't ya?

So, I'm truly enjoying our metallic lush chocolate brown dining room for now.  Anyone care to share when they think my love affair with it will end? LOL

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