Monday, January 11, 2010

Step into the *Pah-lah* ...

Happy Monday, everyone !!  So, it's a balmy 80 degrees here in Myrtle Beach, and I'm on my way out the door for a day of fun in the sand and surf.  NOT, but oh how I wish!  Actually, we're still being poisoned by these fer-eeeezing temps that just don't want to leave us.  I really shouldn't complain though as the arctic weather has forced me to stay inside and decorate.  The shame !! 

And, since there are a few "before and after" (and winter decorating) parties,  going on again in blogland this week, I thought I'd, once again, crash the get togethers and subject you to more of my recent ADD. See my sidebar for a link to Susan's BNOTP and also join Melissa over at the The Inspired Room.

So, welcome to our sitting room (the room that seems to have no purpose and no activity, except when I walk by and move something around).

BEFORE: This room has had many different looks since we moved here.  This was the most recent ... it was *okay,* but I didn't care for the "principal's office" feel to it ... seemed off balance ... the rug was too small ... the paint was the same as the other common areas ... blah blah blah. 

So, I went with Ralph Lauren Metallics Paint/Lush Brown for the walls:

Painted the ceiling Ralph Lauren Metallics/Golden Candlesticks:

Added panels to the existing valance; a large, rich rug (Lowes + clearance = score!) and a small, leather ottoman (thank you, HomeGoods):

Found an accent table from good ol' Kirklands, hoping it'd work in that spot, along with a super soft and cozy animal print blanket to warm the room up for the winter:  

Added more "knick knacks" to the bookshelf, which I'll never be satisfied with:
And, finally, had to complete the room with a gift to my son from my parents ... a baby (literally) grand piano.  Here's Linus (a/k/a my sweet dinosaur covered Jax) banging away on it.  Oh how I wish we had room for a real one !!  

Okay, lemme have it ... how'd I do?  Even though it will, unfortunately, still remain an unused and unappreciated room (except by our cat, Eden), does the (hopefully) cozy feel make you want to retire to one of the wing chairs after dinner with a classic novel in one hand and perhaps a brandy in the other, while dawning your favorite Snuggie?  Or, maybe engage in a sophisticated game of chess?  If so, FANTASTIC !!  If not, where did I fail?  As for John, me and our gang, we're heading out to the man cave (a/k/a garage dedicated to all things NY Yankees) to act like the unsophisticated crazies that we truly are !!  I'll take you there soon.

Thanks again for stopping by !!