Friday, October 7, 2011

Guest Post at A Stroll Thru Life ...

Some of you may know the lovely Marty from her wonderful blog, A Stroll Thru Life.

Marty is not only kind, she's extremely talented ... is the queen of fabulous vignettes ... and hosts a fun linky party each week called "Tabletop Tuesday!"  You simply must participate ... it's a fun and inspiring gathering! 

Well, it appears that Marty has been taken against her will to this *horribly* gorgeous tropical island!  ((*Gasp*))  Whomever took her will be making her enjoy long walks on fabulous beaches ... sip fruity drinks by amazing pools, AND, I think there might be hula dancing involved!  And, to top it off, someone forced her to ask little old ME to share a guest post on her blog while she's away ... poor, POOR, Marty!  LOL.

So, come on over to A Stroll Thru Life, where I'll be sharing my Fall dining room!

Have a great day,