Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Fall Entry ...

Greetings, everyone!

Is it beginning to feel more like Fall where you are ?!  It's beautiful here in the mornings, but it has still been pretty h.o.t. here in the afternoons.  Not for much longer, I'm sure! 

This year, I opted for the "less is more" theme for our entry alcove!  As much as I LOVE including bales of hay, corn/sugarcane stalks, lanterns and scattered faux pumpkins in our alcove, I thought I'd give our blower, broom and my nerves a break this year from constantly having to: sweep up/blow the *bazillion* strands of hay that wind up ALL over the entry ... clean up melted candles from inside the lanterns ... and run (while screaming LOUDLY) from scary little HUGE lizards that like to hide in the corn stalks and jump out at me while I'm cleaning up said *bazillion* strands of hay and melted candles!  LOL.

Anyhoooo ... here it is ... simplicity (please exuse the tacky orange cord):

One thing I *did* do again were pumpkin topiaries ... except, this time, I placed a white pumpkins in the middle for a bit of contrast and fun.  Grapevine wreaths, Dollar Tree garland and strands of raffia sit at the base of them:

Making an encore appearance (from when I recently shared the custom wreaths I've been making for others), here's our Jax's "Mr. Boo" wreath that I made ... love how the glittery silver polka dots sparkle in the afternoon sun:

To add a splash of Fall to our fountain, I placed natural guords and pumpkins in it (can you say "paint me" please):

LOVE the different textures of the guords:

A Fall flag blows in the wind behind one of the beautiful Mums I picked up at Lowes:

Annnnnd, a few "faux" pumpkins rest on the mulch (which we desperately need to "top off"): 

Well, folks, that's our humble entry ... here's to an easy cleanup and NOOOO scary lizards! 

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  1. Very warm and welcoming Becca! I am on my way! Ahhh...the weather is beautiful here too.

  2. Looks great to me. We are having wonderful fall weather.

  3. It looks very nice, Becca. Love the wreath!
    There is a cold front moving in here today. Windy and cooler.
    have a nice evening~ Lu

  4. All your decorations look so pretty, Becca! I think my hubby put my Fall stuff in the attic already and we've only been here a week! I went looking for a black urn planter to use for my white pumpkin topiary and visited Hobby Lobby for the first time. They didn't have one though, so I'm still on the look out. Love yours!

  5. Your front looks so welcoming Becca! I really need to get on the ball and make me some pumpkin topiaries, I love them! Love how you added the little pumpkins and gourds to your fountain too, nice touch! Have a great weekend friend, Martina

  6. Beautiful entrance, Becca! Love the wreath and topiaries! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and becoming a follower!


  7. Looks great! I love your topiaries.
    We are having beautiful weather here! I love it :)

  8. Love your entry, so warm and inviting.. hadn't thought about the little lizards that would sneak in.. so glad I didn't do that. lol.. funny I just purchased some small pumpkins for the birdbath today, I'll be sharing in the next couple of posts.. hugs ~lynne~

  9. I love your porch Becca! I'm dying to try my hand at making one of those wreaths, maybe by this time next year!

    Your "humble" porch is my favorite of any others I've seen...of course, it has your special touch. You made me laugh picturing you running from lizards, I hate those "animals". I was sitting on my rocking chair on my front porch one day this summer and one ran across my lap, I wonder what the neighbors thought when they heard that scream!

    Headed to the beach tomorrow, can't wait!


  10. Gorgeous Becca! I didn't do nearly as much as I usually do outside for fall this year. I was tired of always having to pick up the corn because the wind was always blowing it down and always sweeping. It was too much work! Now, I'm glad I got that off my chest....LOL!

    Have a wonderful evening,

  11. Don't know where you live but we've had lots of those darn lizards and couple even made their way into our house this Summer. They make me CRAZY!! I've opted for no hay this year too! . . .Beautiful curb appel at your house!!

  12. Love the wreath and the pumpkin topiary!!! Where did you get your pumpkins? Tell Jax he did a fantastic job on the wreath! It is soooo cute! Are you on etsy yet?

  13. Very cute Becca! Simple is good. That is my motto these days.

  14. Very pretty entrance, Becca! Love the wreath and pumpkins in the urn!
    Do you live in the upstate? I see we are both in SC.

  15. Very pretty Becca. I'm really liking the "less is more" idea this year. I think I am going to stick by that at Christmas time too. Great job as always!

  16. I am a big fan of "SIMPLE" - it has many unsung virtues! The topiaries look fabulous, but I have my eye on that wreath. Just love it!!! Nice job all around!

  17. I think your entry looks very pretty & very inviting. Simple can be great.

    Lizards? Really? When I hear stuff like this, makes me happy I live in the North with the snow! lol

  18. Hi Becca~looks gorgeous!!!
    loving your wreath :)


  19. Hi Becca, Your porch looks wonderful! Love the pumpkin topiaries and of course the wreath is adorable!! I don't blame you for not wanting to pick up all the hay sprigs! I was thinking about putting a bail of hay out front, but don't think I will now. Mine is pretty simple too...I did more in the back.

    I was laughing about those lizards...I would probably try to catch I've always been into catching critters. I would love to catch the darn little mole that is tearing up our yard (but not as a Ugg...We are going to put out some poison tomorrow...he has to go!

  20. Becca- It looks beautiful! I love those pumpkin topiaries and everything else for that matter. I'd say you did just enough! It is perfect- xo Diana

  21. Looks great, Becca! I love the pumpkin topiaries. I need to get my butt moving and make some before the pumpkins are all gone!!

  22. Meravigliosa l'entrata di casa.....

  23. Everything looks so pretty, Becca! I don't blame you for not wanting lizards in your house. With my luck, one would crawl into the bed with me!

  24. Becca looks very nice very inviting and warm....Love fall

  25. Becca,
    your entry is so inviting and welcoming! Love that you used my favorite wreath for your door, beautiful! It's perfect with your black door. Everything looks amazing!

  26. So welcoming and pretty! Wonderful job and amen to no lizards. Visiting from Kristen's Creations. Toodles, Kathryn

  27. Your entry looks just MA-VA-LUS my friend! :-) I love the topiaries and the wreath is super fun. I wanted to do some gourds in my foutain too but with the rain we get I was afraid they would just float away! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous home with us at Inspiration Friday!

  28. Beautiful outdoor space! I feel so welcome to come on in and chat for a bit :D I adore your creative wreath and I just think the white pumpkin sandwiched between the two orange pumpkins is a fabulous!!! Have a great weekend, friend.

  29. Happy Fall! You're entry looks great!

  30. Sooo pretty! It's hot again here...90' today with wind and humidity. :-( We're supposed to have some rain this weekend...keeping everything crossed!

    I don't blame you for avoiding the lizards and the upkeep. My daughter has lots of geckos around their deck and she is traumatized by them.


  31. It is simply beautiful!! :) Nice job!!

  32. So pretty! I'm also opting for the less is more option this year. When I say less I mean nothing! HA! I plan to do a little something but so far I haven't been motivated!!!

  33. This is fabulous and I love your photos on your header,too! andrea@townandprairie

  34. You're entry is just gorgeous - so welcoming! I just adore those topiaries!

  35. hey the orange cord is just fine. It's the right color anyway :) Just beautifl. I love the wreath!

  36. Love the contrast with the faux pumpkins!

    Laura @ {freshly squeezed: life}


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