Friday, December 23, 2011

Honorable Mentions ...

Okay ... Christmas is day after tomorrow, which reminds me of ALLL of the things I have yet to cross off my list!  Who's with me?

I almost forgot to share a few other trees in our home ... so, here's a little shout out to them:

This simple one is in our master bedroom, done in soft blues, golds and whites.  I can't show you the rest of our bedroom, because, well, it would make you want to sign me up for the "Hoarders" show:

Crazy topper (everything came from Wal-Mart last year):

Jackson's tree in his playroom, which he decorated mostly by himself ... Mommy and Daddy stepped in to fill in just a bit and add the topper:

It's filled with sports, superheroes ...

and his handmade ornaments:

"Little Bit" sits in Jax's bedroom on his dresser ... done in just sports to go with the theme in his room:

Annnnd, out in the "man cave" (a/k/a, our garage), sits our (I mean, John's) NY Yankee tree:

I filled it with all things "Yankee" ... from candy canes and coasters ...

pops of red and jersey ornaments ...

to these cute, little nutcrackers:

I hope you all have a great day, finishing up your shopping, preparing yummy treats or just enjoying the season quietly at home!  Just be sure and watch out for the crazed lady today ... it's just me, and an I apologize in advance if I happen to knock you over while on my mission of last minute shopping!  LOL

Happy Holidays,